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Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites

Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites

We introduce some best WordPress Themes for personal resume website. All the recommended resume themes are picked out after our editors has reviewed hundreds of live demos.

Have you gotten an online vCard yet? Compared with sending resumes just on a piece of paper to find jobs, nowadays, more and more people prefer to start a personal resume site with WordPress, which is as concise as paper resume but more convenient and eco-friendly than it. So if you have not gotten anyone yet, you can quickly start with BlueHost WordPress hosting to build a powerful personal resume website.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

After having a website, you can build a beautiful and unique personal resume by utilizing the professional WordPress resume theme. After reviewing hundreds of live demos, we conclude the following best ones for your consideration.


Website: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/sky/


  • Beautiful and Impressive Interface
  • Ajax Loading
  • 4 Fresh Colors
  • Complete Localization

The Style of Sky definitely leaves your visitors an unforgettable impression, not only because of its beautiful interface but also its unique colors. Along with its name, the 4 different colors provided all gives people a bright feeling.

Its homepage also operates in an excellent way that it loads all of the content seamlessly with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). That makes each page loaded only when it is displayed so that your initial page can always loads at a very fast speed no matter how many pages totally you have opened.

Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites - Sky


Website: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/memoir/


  • Beautifully Simple Design
  • 4 Unique Colors
  • User Friendly Theme Control Panel
  • Complete Localization

Memoir provides a very simple and concise design. The visitors can easily find the information they want in the shortest time. At the meantime, it looks also beautiful. With the 4 kinds of colors offered, you can design a wonderful personally resume in your own way. Memoir also has been localized to get easy translation, and it includes the .po and .mo Files. So it saves a lot of time which is spent to editing PHP files for you.

Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites - Memoir


Website: http://wpcasa.com/theme/penthouse/


  • Extremely Clear Interface
  • 5 Different Colors
  • User Friendly Theme Control Panel

Just as its name implies, Penthouse is a really good choice for personal resume website. Just as the paper resume, it lists all your main information on the homepage, such as your self-introduction, connect information, education experience, work experience, personal picture, and more. Along with its concise interface and 5 simple colors, it makes the visitor get your main information at the first time.

Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites - penthouse


Website: http://wpcasa.com/theme/ushuaia/


  • Complete Hand-draw
  • Fresh and Interesting Design
  • 4 Unique Colors
  • User Friendly Theme Control Panel

You would get really surprised when opening the interface of Ushuaia because it is really special and impressive. The most outstanding point is that Ushuaia is completely a hand-draw theme. The interesting design surely makes your website stand out among the throng. If you want to find a work as a painter or designer, Ushuaia can show your excellent tastes and aesthetic sense.

Ushuaia has a very user friendly control panel; you can find yourself really relaxed while operating it. The information presented is also clear and in orderliness. Ushuaia can give your visitors both visual and operated enjoyment.

Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites - ushuaia


Website; https://www.wphub.com/themes/fable/category/personal/


  • Simple Jquery-powers
  • One-page Theme
  • 5 Unique Colors

If you still prefer the conventional resume style, Fable can totally fulfill your requirements. The interface of it is just like its name – a business card. It only has one page but represents all the important information. At the meantime, it makes your blog an easily customizable website with strong JavaScript effects and a functional gallery. If you are a business man, this theme can be a good choice to show your crisp and brisk personality.

Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites - fable


Website; https://www.wphub.com/themes/bloggy/category/personal/


  • Full screen Gallery
  • Custom BG Images
  • Ajax Loading
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel

Bloggy knows the secret of how to grab people’s eyes. Its full screen gallery dazzles the visitors at the first time when they open your website. What’s more, Bloggy also allows you to add your own background images just follow your heart. Besides its impressive interface, Bloggy also loads pages with Ajax, which makes a really smooth browsing experience for your visitors. All these features make your website a superior with no doubts.

Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites - bloggy

Personal Page

Website: http://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/48979.html


  • Responsive Design
  • Complete Localization
  • Unlimited Colors

Personal Page has a very impressive interface. It saturates the screen with many beautiful photos that can be chosen freely, and turns out to be a really engaging experience. The color provided is also unlimited, so you can choose whatever you like. If you are looking for jobs as an artist, Personal Page can be a wonderful choice. You can put your own paints on the homepage so that visitors can enjoy your works in an original and impressive way.

Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites - personal page

Online CV

Website: http://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/51241.html


  • Theme Options Panel
  • Custom Widgets
  • Clean Coded and Well Documented
  • Translation Ready

Online CV is really a good WordPress theme for personal resume website, especially if you want to put some photos on it to show your personalities. The main colors of its interface are white and black, so it makes the personal information looks really clear.

It has lots of user friendly features. For example, it supports one click demo import to help you have an easy operation. It also has been translation ready and has already included the .po and .mo Files. Their customer support is also technical and excellent. With Online CV, you can get a really worry free start.

Best WordPress Themes for Personal Resume Websites - online cv


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