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The Best WordPress Importer Plugins for Migration

The Best WordPress Importer Plugins for Migration

Just suppose you have published 150 posts on your blog, along with a huge image gallery, comments, tags, links and other customized settings. And, now you have decided to move on to another site. WordPress gives you the option to do so. You can import your content and settings easily.

Importing your content is not an easy job. You may have to face technical problems including server overloading, unknown errors and faulty imported files. WordPress import plugins, however, are designed to assist you in this regard. It is a complied list of some of the best WordPress importer plugins.

WordPress Importer

wordpress importer pluginThis plugin helps you import all of your posts, pages, comments, tags, categories and other necessary settings from the export file. It can also import custom filed, post-Meta, customs taxonomies terms, and author profiles.

It is a multi-language plugin and can support more than 17 different languages. It has certain filters to import only the selected content. If you are importing a very large amount of data, it is a safe option to consult your hosting service providers.

Installation is easy. Just go to the tools section in you WordPress admin panel. Select “import” option. If you have installed the WordPress Importer, you may not be prompted to install the plugin. You have to authorize the plugin to import content from other sites. It is done.

Make sure that the exported file is uploaded successfully before processing. Read the guidelines carefully to avoid incorrect messages and to save your server from the extra load.

wordpress importer

WP Advanced Importer Plugin

It is an advance WordPress importer plugin designed to make migration a great experience for you. Content, images, videos, comments and other things can be imported in an advanced and great way. It does not involve any technical information, and it is best for newbies.

When you decide to import files, you may face different kinds of errors and messages. Like comments are not mapped accurately, files are not uploaded in the right directory, and broken images are imported. This plugin, however, can resolve all these issues perfectly.

It is fully a customizable plugin, with which you can import a small size of content to check the working, and you can have full control over your content. You can also reset the setup with one simple click.

The tool is also working on the backup feature to help you take back-up of all exporting files. This plugin makes the content migration procedure much easier for you.

wp advanced importer

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin

It is a multi-purpose plugin that can be used to import and export site categories, comments, tags, posts, pages and other settings. You can move custom posts and custom fields. All of this can be done with just a few clicks.

It has advanced features for importing CSV files. You do not have to be a WordPress professional for this purpose. You can simply use mapping features with a user-friendly interface. You can change all settings through your admin panel. You can easily create, edit, change, and import different posts types for your WordPress site.

This plugin is compatible with WordPress themes and famous WordPress plugins such as the All-in-one-SEO. It offers drag and drop importer system. You can import products from your E-shop.

Besides, duplicate content can be checked carefully with the great and powerful features offered by this plugin. It also supports different modules for themes custom posts, users, and custom post types. Try this plugin for some great features.

wp ultimate csv importer

Blogger Importer

This tool is designed to import content from non-WordPress sites i.e. Blogger. If you are planning to join WordPress blogging platform and you want to import your content here then, this plugin is for you. This plugin can import all content, comments and customs fields from your BlogSpot blog and publish it on your new WordPress site. It imports non-spam comments, all types of posts, images and categories.

However, Blogger Importer does not import author avatars, themes, widgets, and pages. You may remove your blogger profile and make a new one at WordPress.

This plugin supports more than eight languages. And the installation is easy. Just go to the tool section in your WordPress admin panel. Click on import and select “blogger.” You can be prompted to install this plugin and activate it.

Once installed, authorize it to do the job. Rest is done automatically. Note that you can install different WordPress themes and plugins to customize your newly created site.

blogger importer

WP All Import

This plugin allows you to import anything in the XML or CSV format. It is a powerful WordPress importer plugin with awesome features. The easy to use interface and drag and drop facility make it very easy to import all settings. Also, it does not matter whether you want to import the E-shop or you want to import settings to create a real estate portal.

The clean documentation and a premium version help you enjoy the importing procedure. Besides, WP All import does not require a specific layout for your site. It can automatically handle any kind of file format.

Its premium version comes with good customer support and some extended features, allowing you to import files from a URL or external website. It can handle server load problems as it divides your data in smaller chunks, and they can be imported in the form of those chunks.

wp all import


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