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Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins Help You Know Where Visitors are Clicking

Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins Help You Know Where Visitors are Clicking

With the advancements and alterations in the SEO optimization techniques, driving traffic is a huge concern for website owners. One of the effective ways of bringing in more traffic is by offering readers what they desire. This can be achieved when you are familiar the things presented in your website that attracts the visitors. To keep track of it, WordPress allows the installation of several plugins that report the tabs where the visitors click. The WordPress Heatmap plugin is a highly effective tool for the website owners because it provides a proper base to the website by letting the webmasters know about the primary attractions of the website.

Listed here are several WordPress Heatmap plugins that are used by tons of websites to keep track of the areas where the visitors’ clicked while exploring.

ExtraWatch Pro- Live Stats, Heatmap, Click tracking, Download Monitor and more

This plugin makes the websites run on WordPress with the unique solution by monitoring the activities of every visitor. You can check the most searched or visited spots on your website and customize it to enhance traffic, conversion rate and sales.

It is a powerful version of Heatmap plugin that enables you to analyze from where your traffic come, what they like in your website and how they use their accounts on your website. It shows the statistics of traffic directed by search engines, social media and flow of traffic between the webpages.

extrawatch pro

Heatmaps and Analytics by SeeVolution

It is a simplified plugin that provides the Heatmap and analytics of your website in a couple of simple steps. By using this plugin, you can check the real-time traffic breakdown and the most-heated place on your website, i.e. the area that receives highest clicks from the visitors.

The features of SeeVolution can be availed by executing a simple task. The thing requiring you to do is to install this plugin to your website and enable it through the admin panel.

wp seevolution

ExtraWatch Free- Live Stats, Heatmap, Click Tracking, Download Monitor and More

If you want a free version of ExtraWatch Pro without bargaining with the majority of its features, then ExtraWatch Free is the best solution for you. With features like live stats, nightly email reports, graphs, anti-spam and available customizations, this plugin for WordPress is a compact package of the premium Heatmap plugin.

You can check the statistics of your visitor’s activities on your website, and receive the reports of your website’s performance through nightly email reports along with the analyze graphs.


Inspectlet- User Session Recording and Heatmaps

This is a complete package of the investigation plugin for WordPress sites that allow you to focus on the activities of the visitors. It records every move of the visitors, what is confusing them and attracting them. Apart from it, it analyzes the movement, scrolling and typing in the website.

Hence, you can use the Heatmap to check their activities by using this plugin. You can also keep track of their vision or attention on the basis of movement of the mouse.


Lucky Orange

This plugin is a versatile tool that allows you to check the movements of every visitor in the site. There are options to interact with the visitors and check their activities in real time through the movements of their mouse. The plugin for WordPress sites offers Heatmap of clicks and scroll depth so that you can make the website easier for your visitors.

The availability of chat is one of the unique features of this plugin. It allows the visitors to interact with you and clarify their doubts, if any.

lucky orange

Hotspots Analytics- Heatmaps, User Activity & Custom Event Tracking

It is a responsive plugin for WordPress that allows you to keep track of the actions of visitors on a website. It highlights the activities and movements of every visitor in the form of Heatmap that later provides a base for making alterations to the site. Hotspots Analytics allows you to customize settings for achieving suitable results. Overall, it is an integrated solution for tracking the actions of every visitor who visit your website for several purposes.


Crazyegg Heatmap Tracking

Being a free version of Heatmap tracking plugin, Crazyegg is the most-simplified tools available to check the activities of the visitors. This plugin can be installed in some simple steps and used easily for tracking what is being liked by visitors and which pages require more attention. It is compatible with many versions of WordPress and renders a simplified platform with the least customizations. If you are looking for some basic tracking and Heatmap tool, this is a suitable plugin for your site.



All the above-mentioned WordPress Heatmap plugins are powerful tools and render accurate information to the administrator. The plugins are not only reliable but also very flexible and customizable. Hence, the Heatmap plugins allow the administrator of the website to keep track on the visitors’ clicks effectively.


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