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Best WordPress Forum Plugins

Best WordPress Forum Plugins

WordPress forum pluginForum is an efficient media to build online communities. By gathering a large number of visitors and encouraging discussion between members, it links visitors and webmasters to be more closely and improves reader loyalty.

Integrating forum with WordPress is a nice way to keep the conversation going and the community involved. So, how to make it? Indeed, WordPress forum plugins can help you much on this. Below we have compiled the top WordPress forum plugins. In no specific order, all of them are well-known for the ease, stability and nice support.



The bbPress is a simple and elegant forum plugin for the creators of WordPress so that it is fully compatible with WordPress. It is one of the most welcomed WordPress forums worldwide. As its interface is similar to WordPress panel, it is quite easy to use. You can just log into WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins to search, install and activate it. Then you will see a Forums menu, in which you can manage your forum easily.

In addition, this plugin has many features. It supports custom themes and plugins. You can easily customize your forum with beautiful templates, and extend its functionality with the professional forum plugins. As well, it also features with Multisite forums so that you can divide your site into sections and allow your users to create content.




ForumPress, also well-known as WP Forum Server, is a complete forum system for WordPress site. As a plugin for WordPress, it has the biggest advantage of ease that there is no additional task is needed to integrate it into a WordPress site.

It has two plans as the free version and Pro package. In addition to the following advanced features, the pro package also comes with the quick reply, simple reputation system and support forum.

  • Unlimited categories & forums
  • Extremely easy to get started
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Move, edit, delete topics and posts
  • Various topic statuses




Simple:Press is one of the most easy-to-use WordPress forum plugins. It is fully integrated with WordPress registration and login so that users can simply manage the WordPress account with forums. Moreover, it is full-featured. In addition to the normal features as comprehensive admin panel, powerful user group and permission system, spam prevention, public and private forums, it also supports to create seo friendly permalinks, custom descriptions and keywords, and more.

As test, it is compatible with the latest WordPress 3.6 version and most of the major browsers. Note that, you can download this plugin on it’s official site, not available on WordPress.org.




Mingle is a welcomed WordPress forum plugin with the purpose of keeping it simple. It struggles to make the setup process under 5 minutes and comes with a user friendly interface which can be well handled by WordPress users. You create a corresponding forum post when you create a WordPress post.

Besides, along with a lightweight frame, it won’t influence the WordPress performance. It limits the spams by setting a time interval users must wait between posts. It is also seamlessly integrates with Mingle social networking plugins so that you can promote it easily.


Vanilla Forums


Vanilla Forums is an open source software that provides a powerful community solution. It allows users to create a community to reward positive participation and automatically curate content. In addition to the regular features such as easy installation, embedding forum right in WordPress, adding forum widgets to WordPress and managing in WordPress, Vanilla comes with a new feature as Blog Comment.

The blog commenting system can replace the traditional comment of WordPress, but start a community forum to help quickly build an engaged community of readers. With this, Vanilla improves the readers’ activity and brings new pageviews to your site.



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