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The Best WordPress Directory Plugins

The Best WordPress Directory Plugins

wordpress directory pluginWe list the best WordPress directory plugins in the following article, from which readers can find the best suitable one to build up a fully featured listing directory coming with ratings, reviews, payments, and more.

The directory plugin easily turns a simple WordPress website into a listing directory, offering clear navigation and great interaction on the site. In the following, we just list out some of the most useful ones, based on the customer ratings and our real experience.

Connections Business Directory


Connections is an easy to use directory manager that is widely used to create address books, business directories, staff directories, or church directories. It is simple in design and function, but comes with unique features and versatility which attracts a large number of fans. With the seamless integration with the WordPress admin, you can keep up to date with connections related news or the upcoming themes at first when log into your website.

best WordPress directory plugins - Connections

Business Directory Plugin


Business directory plugin is a fantastic plugin that allows users to create business provider listings, local directories, Yellow pages style business Yelp like review, directories, and so on. It is even recognized as the most welcomed and widely used plugin designed for WordPress platform. By improving the interaction of your website, you can easily increase customer retention and your revenue.

best WordPress directory plugins - Business directory plugin

Gravity Forms Directory


Gravity Forms was the easiest form plugin before, but the Gravity Forms directory and adds on turns it into a great directory plugin at present. It is completely shortcode based, includes built-in search and allows logged-in users to edit their directory listings. Besides, it also allows users to choose to show entries according to the user rights. It also allows displaying directory and entries as a table, list, or definition list.

best WordPress directory plugins - Gravity Forms directory

Active Directory Integration


Active Directory is a simple but powerful plugin that allows WordPress to authorize, create and update users based on itself. It authenticate against more than one AD Server, authorize users by Active directory group, use TLS for secure communication to AD servers, and even protect against brute force attacks. Moreover, it is now having multi-language support, including English, German, Norwegian and Belorussian.

best WordPress directory plugins - Active Directory Integration

Article Directory


Article Directory is a helpful plugin that shows the list of categories like in article directory and enables users to publish articles and modify their profiles bypassing the admin area. In addition, it also displays an amount of articles in parent and child categories, category description in the link title, the empty categories, etc. it even use hierarchy for subcategories and excludes the specified categories.

best WordPress directory plugins - Article Directory

Open Directory Links


Designed for WordPress websites, Open Directory Links helps users build website directory and allows visitors to submit links by themselves and enable visitors to search for websites. With frequent updates, this plugin is still under active development. Besides, the plugin can be well compatible with all the WordPress directory themes.

best WordPress directory plugins - Open Directory Links

Simple Intranet Directory


Being the most popular and efficient directory plugin available for WordPress, Simple Intranet Directory accelerates the rate of customer retention and interaction on a website running on WordPress. It facilitates the developers in creating business directories, local directories and business listings.

  • The plugin consists of form fields which can be completely customized as per the preferences of the developer. The possibility of spam listings is negligible, due to the support for reCAPTCHA.
  • It has a scope for creating multiple free plans and accepting payments systematically. The plugin allows the website to accept payment using Stripe Gateway Module and PayFast Gateway Module.
  • When it comes to location, Simple Intranet Directory has much to offer. It features a ZIP code radius search, location based filtration of results, in addition to the display of the business location.
  • Lastly, the plugin is safe to use because it meets the latest SEO guidelines.

Simple Intranet Directory



WP-Classified is a simplified WordPress tool that allows the users to attach information and advertisement blackboards on their WordPress website. It is a free tool offered by WordPress to simplify the function of adding information to the site.

This classified plugin is compatible with all WordPress versions higher than WordPress version 3.1. Also, there is a possibility that it might work with earlier versions with some necessary alterations. As WP-Classified is a free plugin with the basic settings, it is recommended to check the plugin with the applied theme before making changes to the website.




Classyfrieds is a WordPress classified plugin that builds a simplified version of expandable classifications by using WP custom posts. It is an efficient plugin that facilitates the creation of CSS stylesheets and layouts.

It is an SEO friendly WordPress tool offering several features to the developers. There is a scope of setting subtitle options and expiration times on the list. Adding to it, there are tremendous support features such as website URL field, pricing field, keyword support, admin notification and user notification.

The Classyfrieds plugin is compatible with all versions of WordPress and blends well with other plugins, themes and layouts. It offers some customizations to facilitate the simplification of operations.


Another WordPress Classified Plugin


It is one of the best classified plugins for WordPress for years. The plugin offers a classified advertisement section to the website.

Another WordPress Classified Plugin is easy to set up and use. There are various customization options that facilitate efficient display of ads. Presented in this plugin are several social media icons such as the “Tweet This” button and “Share on Facebook” button. Advertisements can be controlled and managed by the developer. Options are available for admin to approve ads and images before posting.

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

BePro Listings


This classified plugin for WordPress offers customization facilities. It offers modifications and alterations of themes, add-ons and layouts to create innovative directories. When it comes to features, BePro Listings allows the developers to search, configure and filter information in several ways. This assists in highlighting the documents, images and other media efficiently.

Besides, it consists of 5 themes and 18 add-ons in addition to its primary features. This makes it a perfect classified plugin for WordPress.

BePro Listings

Simple Schools Staff Directory


It is an easy-to-use classified plugin for WordPress with a set of attractive features. Presenting highly customizable options, it is one of the most popular plugins.

Simple Schools Staff Directory offers a shortcut based classification which can be handled with ease by the developers. The plugin consists of a built-in searching, customized styles and lightbox support for uploaded images. Additionally, it is compatible with all versions of WordPress and blends well with other plugins and themes.

Simple Schools Staff Directory


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