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Best WordPress Contest Plugins to Run Contest on Your Site

Best WordPress Contest Plugins to Run Contest on Your Site

Is your website in dire need of quick exposure? Do you want to make it more interesting? Then here is a quick and easy solution for you. Just install WordPress contest plugins that can do everything for you including starting surveys, polls, quizzes and other online tests. You just have to install them and do a little customization, and then, you are ready to go.

Contests plugins help you create an excited awareness of websites. You can store results, statistics, click through rates, and attempting time for each question and ending time for each contest as well as analyzing user behavior with the contest. Although there are many plugins available, we have sorted out the top options to help you get the most interactive website, increasing the traffic and eventually your popularity.

Comment Contest


This plugin helps you divert all comments in a specific post when you build up a contest on your website. It is very good plugin for organizing all the comments of the contest. Specifically build for comments, you can select some comments, set some features and selects the champion.

Works in PHP version 5, it comes integrated with many languages like Deutsch, Spanish, French, English and Belorussian. It is simple to install. Just upload the directory-comment-contest to the/ wp- content/ plugins/ directory. Trigger the plugin using the “Plugins” menu, visit “Posts” and choose “Launch contest” on post and you are set to go.

Comment contest

Social Contests


This is a great WordPress plugin through which you can run promotional campaigns and create social contests on your website that spread rapidly on Twitter and Facebook, attracting new customers effectively. The plugin gathers new email addresses and new “Followers” and “Likes”.

With many contest and promotion apps included in the Social Contests such as Sweepstakes, photo contest, instragram contest, referral promotion and many more, you can run them on your mobile, WordPress site, Facebook page or Twitter Profile page.

It also enables sharing and vote drives sharing on Facebook and Twitter on every contest entry. Each app has a built-in voting button to increase sharing and engagement. As each app comes with customization, you can run the contest the way you want.

Social Contests

ContestHopper for WordPress


You can run social sweepstakes, contests and giveaways effectively on your website using ContestHopper. It offers the easiest ways to run all contests, to boost your email list and to augment your network. It is fully customizable and is integrated with Google Fonts. It even comprises social sharing buttons like Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. It comes integrated with AWeber, MailChip, GetResponse and CampaignMonitor, etc. You can out unlimited entries and contests and add your own set of rules and disclaimer.

It comes with a fully responsive design, and it is easy to sort, filter and export the list of emails to Excel. It is also equipped with weighted entry system that rewards users for sharing. For all the creative people, this is the perfect plugin that helps you create your own reality quiz show, and the rules and regulations can be yours.

ContestHopper for WordPress

Easy Facebook Contest


With the help of this plugin, you can easily build Facebook contests in WordPress. Through this wonderful way, you can encourage people to visit, share and promote your website. You can run unlimited Facebook contests.

Using this plugin, it is easy to share in Tumblr, Google+ and Facebook, and set up bonuses and reward that readers can get for referring to friends. With Page Builder integrated, it is easy to create and design the contests. You can further customize it by limiting contest only to your fans via Fan Gate and quickly share a message on the wall of participant that all friends can take a look at.

You can also enable social sharing, through which people can get additional bonuses for sharing your page on social networks like Google+, Facebook or Twitter. Through so many features and sharing options available, you can make your page go and drive traffic. It improves SEO, and you can attract new clients by your promo campaigns, special deals, services, products and events.

Easy Facebook Contest

Photo Contest


With this plugin, you can easily manage a photo contest for your site. It engages the readers and attracts others who might get interested in registering with you. This plugin can be easily installed. It gives an option to check pictures before they are displayed in the contest, and you can decide who should be allowed to vote – just the registered users or visitors.

You can even decide the number of pictures that can be entered by the reader and how many rows and columns your gallery can consist of. You can easily enrich your contest with other options like login via Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Easy to reset and re-launch the contest, you can customize it the way you want.

Photo Contest

WP Survey and Quiz Tool


It is a perfect tool for survey and quiz requirements. You can set an unlimited number of questions with an unlimited number of answers. You can create any number of polls, quizzes, surveys and tests by installing this plugin. You can also set limitations for quiz taking options for WordPress users and IP addresses.

For instance, a specific WordPress user can be able to take the quiz only one time. There can be no retake option. This facility is very good for online tests.

You can also send customized notifications via emails, send multiple emails to multiple users via this plugin, limit the quiz display to registered users only, add customized contact forms in your webpages and many more.

Your visitors can take tests without providing their contact details. Results can easily be exported, and you can announce results freely. You can provide online certifications that can be prepared in the form of PDF files by the use of DocRaptor.

WP Survey and Quiz Tool

mTouch Quiz


This plugin is organized to add quizzes to your website. The basic goal is to provide a user-friendly interface that is designed for learning, creativity, versatility and new ideas. You can easily create multiple choice questions and quizzes for online exams or exam preparation. You can also give hints to your users.

The designed interface is touch-friendly for site users. Detailed descriptions can be provided for the right answer. With the plugin, you can set multiple correct values for a specific question. Right answers can be highlighted after quiz is taken. You can also warn your user about solving a question several times or give a notification if a certain question is not attempted.

Each quiz question can be assigned specific point values or marks. It is a fully customizable plugin. Questions and answers can be displayed randomly or in a specific order.

mTouch Quiz

Easy Quiz


You can guess by the name that the goal behind this plugin is to provide an easy user interface and an easy quiz taking system. You can set multiple questions for your readers, allowing them to answer the questions or to have the facility to answer these questions.

This plugin is designed to entertain the site visitors. You cannot store results, statistics and announce the results, but your readers can automatically be able to check the answers. This plugin is not designed to collect serious marketing data for businesses, but is easy-to-use requiring no configuration.

There is no burden on the server. The results can be prepared on reader’s computer or some other device. Visitors can view results at any time they want, and do not have to finish the entire quiz to see the results. You can also use the translation feature to present the quiz in your language.

Easy Quiz

WP Pro Quiz


The plugin hosts some beautiful and powerful features for WordPress quiz taking the most basic running requirements. You can create single choice questions or multiple choice questions. Answers and questions can be sorted randomly. You can present them in a different order.

You have the option to take this quiz for free or charge some money for it. You can assess the user knowledge based on quiz answers. You can also set different time limitations i.e. 45 seconds for one quiz question.

You can add multimedia features in each question. Each answer can display an option for correct and incorrect answers. Different marks can be assigned to each question. WP Pro Quiz plugin supports the translation in different languages.

WP Pro Quiz

Quiz Master


Quiz Master Next plugin is rebuilt with the advanced technology. It is a flexible plugin for adding quizzes, polls, surveys and tests in your website. You can add contact forms, set unlimited number of questions with unlimited answers. Results can be easily saved.

The plugin comes with a number of shortcodes, with which you can show customized starting and ending screens. You can display results based on user’s score, and certifications can be provided to your readers via this plugin.

You can also add HTML code in your questions to show multimedia features. Customized email notifications can be sent to the users after a successful completion of the quiz.

Quiz Master


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