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The 3 Best WordPress Books To Learn WordPress

The 3 Best WordPress Books To Learn WordPress

The following list of best WordPress books help beginners to realize and understand WordPress thoroughly and developers to take their websites to a higher level.

WordPress is widely popular for ease of use and customization. However, in order to build a wonderful and powerful WordPress websites, webmasters are needed to have many professional skills and technologies to modify, customize, maintain and enhance the websites after creating. We pick out 3 of the best WordPress books in below to help both newbies and experienced users learn about the CMS step by step.

Best WordPress Books for Beginners

WordPress All-in-One For Dummies

WordPress All-in-One For Dummies

Audience: Anyone who is new to WordPress world and has little WordPress concepts and skills but want to be a WordPress master after studying.

WordPress All-in-One For Dummies is a basic book that covers all about WordPress, from installing the software, exploring the dashboard, creating& publish a website, using SEO, integrating social medias, customizing the website appearance, utilizing and developing plugins, running multiple site with WordPress, etc.

It presents all words straightforward and easy to understand. Open the book and you can find useful information, such as

  • Tips for making a blog stand out
  • What webmasters should know about open source
  • WordPress web hosting requirements
  • How to manage comments
  • Advice on using site analytics
  • The list goes on…

At last, you can easily develop a website that suits your needs, delights readers and keeps visitors coming back.

Best WordPress Book for Designers & Developers

Professional WordPress: Design and Development

Professional WordPress: Design and Development

Audience: Anyone who is expecting to learn about WordPress design and development.

Instead of introducing some basic WordPress materials, Professional WordPress: Design and Development contains advanced content for designers and developers, including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and new chapters on different custom post types, Multisite, and extensions of themes. All the content is updated regularly and packed with real-world examples.

The book is designed for experienced WordPress users, it

  • Describes the overall of WordPress system
  • Demonstrates how to extend and customize WordPress by using plugins and themes
  • Meet the deployment requirements of all developers for performance, security and measurement

Moreover, the code downloads and samples are also available to readers.

Best WordPress Books for Web Developers

WordPress for Web Developers

WordPress for Web Developers

Audience: Professional web developers with some working knowledge of PHP.

WordPress for Web Developers shows a complete guide for web designers and developers who hope to start creating and administering websites with WordPress. In addition to introducing the WordPress basics, this book leads readers into server administration, including domain mapping, security, importing and migrating. Moreover, it steps up to WordPress development, which is perfect for developers and designers who have some PHP experience and want to learn to develop custom themes and plugins.

Overall, it helps readers

  • Install and manage WordPress websites flexibly
  • Find themes and plugins or create their own with PHP
  • Maintain and secure WordPress websites
  • Set up a network of websites and manage theme in a single interface

Other Great WordPress Books

In addition to the 3 books introduced above, there are some other great books for beginners as well as the geeks. Below are several of the good choice.

WordPress Website Step-by-Step

WordPress Website Step-by-StepThe book introduces how to create a blog or website with WordPress step by step. It is one of the best choices for beginners, for it explains every subtle step carefully. For example, it covers the process of choosing a good domain, reveals several secrets to get a trustworthy and affordable web hosting, quick install WordPress with several mouse clicks, edit and publish posts with a suitable format.

Apart from those basic steps in using WordPress to build a website, WordPress Website Step-by-Step also gives some suggestions to configure the website. The book includes the using of videos and images to make the website more attractive, using of plugins and themes to add practical features to the website.

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WordPress for Business Bloggers

WordPress for Business BloggersThe book targets to people who intend to build a business website with WordPress but have no idea about how to get started.

WordPress for Business Bloggers puts forward server methods to make a business website stand out, including the implementing of WordPress features to get attention from potential customers, using of advanced plugins, advertising, analytics, and many more.

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WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin DevelopmentManaging a website manually is time-consuming and knowledge requiring even for webmasters, let alone for people who have no realization about web site controlling. However, everything comes with a solution in some way.

Here, plugins can do great good to site owners for they can help build outstanding websites automatically, and WordPress Plugin Development is exactly the entry level book for people to learn how to create various plugins to save time and labor.

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WordPress Themes

WordPress ThemesPlugins help to manage website to ensure it runs well, however, themes dedicate to making a website beautiful and attractive. WordPress Themes teaches people how to edit WordPress themes yourself quickly.

Based on the using of WordPress default theme, the book tells you how to modify the presented codes to get amazing effects.

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WordPress Security

WordPress SecurityAs there are some bad guys who want to attack your website at any time for money or showing off their skills, every website manager needs to take security measures to keep their site safe and sound. Out of security concern, Lambert Klein writes WordPress Security to help people protect their sites. The book mainly tells how to prevent hackers and how to keep backups in case of your site is hacked. The writer using simple language and avoid complicated professional terms to explain the two aspects carefully.

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