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Best Web Hosting Provider For Business in China
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Best Web Hosting Provider For Business in China

We have come out the best web hosting provider for business in China, with which your website doesn’t need ICP license, won’t get blocked, can be accessed fast in Europe, US and China, and have 24×7 professional bilingual support.

According to the comprehensive and thorough review for hundreds of Chinese web hosting solutions, we finally named ZhuJi91 as the best web hosting provider for business in China – it beats the competitors for the affordable price, no need for ICP license, fast loading speed in China mainland and international, and 24/7 bilingual support.

Rank Company Features Price
1 ZhuJi91
  • 100% WordPress Compatibility
  • PHP 5.2.x, 5.3.x, 5.4.x and MySQL 5
  • cPanel & 1-Click WordPress Installation
  • 4G Disk Space & Unlimited Data Transfer
To read more, visit http://zhuji91.com.hk/

With the prosperity of Chinese economy, more and more businesses are ready to enter the Chinese market. Considering the differences in culture and business environment, it’s necessary to select a reliable Chinese web hosting to power your website.

ZhuJi91 is a superb Hong Kong web host specializes in providing professional Chinese web hosting services for global clients who target the Chinese market and need a hosting solution to guarantee access of their website for Chinese visitors. It is proudly to be the best web hosting provider for business in China, and in below, we introduce the detailed reasons why it can stand out from hundreds of competitors.

Cost Effective Choice

cdn speeds up websitesZhuJi91 is a cost effective choice, which provides both the Linux and the Windows based hosting solutions to address customers’ various requirements. Starting at $8.95/mo regularly, customers can get 44% discount by following this exclusive promotional link and start at $4.95/mo presently. For choosing the 3 years billing plan, customers can save $144 at most.

Besides, ZhuJi91 also guarantees 30 days money back to ensure its purchase. If customers have any unsatisfactory, they can get a full refund within 30 days. In addition, this web host utilizes the advanced Apache web server and combines the following advanced features to ensure all websites running smoothly and fast.

  • Up to 4 GB disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer & unlimited parked domains.
  • The latest version of PHP/FastCGI/MySQL.
  • Powerful cPanel for easy installation and management.
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No Need for ICP License

ICP License is a permit to allow China-based websites to operate in China. It is quite important to run a website in China mainland because your website may be blocked to Chinese visitors if without it. However, it’s a complex process to apply for ICP License, which needs a lot of certification information and related files. Nearly 1 month to complete the process, it’s really time wasting.

As Zhuji91 is located in Hong Kong and makes big efforts to optimize its hosting solutions, its websites can run smoothly and won’t get blocked without ICP License.

100% Uptime for Chinese Customers

ZhuJi91 guarantees 100% uptime for the online websites and fulfills the commitment with practical actions. It utilizes the world-leading data centers in Hong Kong and China mainland, with are SAS 70 II certified and equipped high performance Dell servers with 2x AMD Opteron 4226 processors (12 cores), 32 GB RAM and RAID 5 disk array. Besides, as featuring advanced technologies and facilities as power redundancy, UPS power, backup and security, the data centers enable that ZhuJi91 have full ability to deliver 100% uptime.

To learn about the reliability, we have hosted a WordPress-based website with 100 articles and 100 images on it, and test uptime in every 5 minutes. At last, we are surprised for the truly 99.99% uptime – really terrific in the field.

Fast Access Speed in China and Global Countries

For foreign businesses which are entered in China market, their site access speed for Chinese customers is crucial for their business. However, customers don’t need to worry about this problem at all if they host their websites on ZhuJi91.

Located in Hong Kong, they have 2 dedicated fiber-line connections between Hong Kong and China mainland. With over 100 MB Internet bandwidth for China mainland and 1000 MB for international usage, the visitors in China mainland and other areas can both visit your website with fast access speed and loading speed.

In addition, ZhuJi91 utilizes enhanced SSD (Solid State Drives), which is tested to be 300% faster than common web hosts that utilize normal disk drives.

As we monitored the server response time of ZhuJi91, it performs 348 ms averagely in the past 30 days, 100% faster than the common web hosts for 700 ms in average.

24 / 7 Bilingual Support

Some enterprises want to choose a Chinese native web hosting solution to power their websites. However, the Chinese web hosts normally don’t provide English support. ZhuJi91 understands the culture and business environment of different countries and offer experienced bilingual support in 14 hours a day and 7 days a week.

For customers have doubts about ZhuJi91 server or have any questions about Chinese web hosting, just communicate with the support staff via email or support ticket, and they will reply you effectively and quickly.


According to the in-depth analysis above, ZhuJi91 is worthy of the best Chinese WordPress hosting provider. With cost-effective price & features, 99.9% uptime, fast speed, and bilingual techncial support, you can start business in China mainland easily, even without ICP license needed.

To learn about ZhuJi91, visit http://zhuji91.com.hk/

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