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The Best Ways to Find Long Tail Keywords

The Best Ways to Find Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are another perfect choice to drive a large number of traffics from search engines. However, it’s not easy to find it because of the uncertainty of the usage. In below, we have introduced some of the best ways to find long tail keywords, which help you easily find out suitable keywords.

Keywords is always an important factor to write SEO friendly posts. Basically, there are two main kind of keywords – short tail keywords and long tail keywords. In general, we mainly focus on the short tail keywords which is the most popular used keywords in the field and can get a large amount of traffic, but it also comes with thousands of competitions. On the other hand, the long tail keyword, which comes with little searches as well as less competition, but it occupies a large account of numbers.

Rather than competing with others in those few top performed short tail keywords, it’s a more effective method to drive traffic by focusing on the long tail keywords. In below, we have introduced the best ways to find long tail keywords so that you can generate more traffic to your site.

Use Google Suggest

Google Suggestion is one of the easiest ways to find long tail keywords. When you enter the major keywords of what you want to write, Google lists the related keywords which are often searching for. For example, we entered the “how to write” in Google search box, it prompts the below related content.

find long tail keyword with Google suggest

It’s unnecessary to pay attention to these keywords as they are often searched by people, and can definitely bring traffics if your article is quality. So, you can simply type the primary keywords in Google and get some inspirations from the related keywords.

Use Google Related Search

With the same principles of Google Suggest, Google Related Search lists the related search keywords in the bottom of the search result page when typing the search content. For instance, the below picture shows the Google related search when we search “how to find long tail keywords”.

find long tail keyword with Google Related searches

Note that, generally, these related search results may be personalized for your geographic location.

Use Keyword Research Tools

In addition to receiving suggestion from Google Search, you also get advices from keyword tools. Google also provides a basic tool as Google Keyword Tool to help you start, however, if you require more features, you can try the following plugins.

Study From Competitions

It’s really hard to find out a large number of long tail keyword as the energy and vision os a single person are limited. However, you can take advantages of the strength of competitors. With similar site targeting or businesses, you always have the same keyword with your competitors.

Enter the short and mid-tail keyword in the search engines, then you can see what keyword variations are ranked in the top 5 or top 10 spots. For instance, search the keyword “long tail keyword”, and you can get the search results and see best results. It’s difficult to beat them with the head terms, but it’s able to make it using long tail versions.

Learn From Analytics

Except struggling to find long tail keyword on the internet, you can get some inspiration from Google Analytics which indicates the keywords which bring visitors to your website. By studying these keyword referrers, you can find a large number of long tail queries which drive traffic for your site.

It’s easy to get the long tail keyword from Google Analytics, log into your account, go to Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic and you can find a table like the below one. Besides, you can set the time frame to find something specifically or search for specific content.

 Google Analytics for long tail keyword


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