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Best VPS Hosting - Independent Review & Ranking
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Best VPS Hosting – Independent Review & Ranking

VPS hosting provides the advantages of a dedicated server, but the price is just at a fraction of the cost. Choosing a VPS hosting is wise for individuals and businesses which are looking for full control and large disk space.

Currently, there are numerous companies that provide VPS hosting plans, which cause many inconveniences for web masters to choose the most appropriate one. Under this circumstance, we would like to introduce the best VPS hosting for WordPress, in terms of their excellent performance, affordable price, excellent performance & reliability, and professional customer support. Details are presented as following.

In fact, these top 3 VPS companies are not only recommended by us, but also recommended by many professional VPS review sites, such as TheBestVPS, BestHostingSearch, etc.

Main principles of choosing the Best VPS Hosting

To start with, it is necessary for you to increase the knowledge of how to choose the best VPS Hosting. A mistake has been often made that some webmasters focus their eyes on the prices and features. Certainly, the two core factors should worth your consideration. To make a right choice, however, there are more core factors which you should attach a great importance to. In our real experience, we have selected BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, and HostMonster on the basis of some principles.

Principle 1: Include Managed VPS Hosting

There are two types of VPS hosting available on the market: unmanaged VPS hosting and managed VPS hosting. Generally speaking, unmanaged VPS hosting is not perfect for those who does not acquire how to deal with server maintenance tasks, such as, data backups, operating system configurations, and so forth. Given the complexity for most webmasters, managed VPS hosting is a better choice because web hosts take over the task. Only in this way can you focus more on the creation of your website.

Principle 2: Have a Solid Support Team for VPS Hosting

On the market, many web hosts often take care of businesses for more than two hosting services, such as, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and more. So there is the need to check whether you are backed by VPS experts.

With a long history of reviewing web hosts, we have been familiar with the situation where some web hosts are good at solving the issues related to shared hosting but lack professionalism for VPS hosting. Thus a special attention has been paid by our editors during the investigation. After all, it is a disaster to your website when you cannot get responsive and helpful responses.

Principle 3: Utilize Resource Segregation Technology

Some of you must have the experience of encountering bad neighborhoods who damage your hosting uptime and slow down your website speed. In fact, VPS hosting still means server sharing with others. The good news is that the mentioned web hosts utilize Resource Segregation Technology. Thus, they can not only guarantee your server resources but also protect you from bad neighborhoods.

The Best VPS Hosting Plan – BlueHost

inmotion hostingBlueHost, as a trusted web hosting provider founded in Utah in 1997, has been dedicated to providing reliable and affordable hosting service, offering a series of products as web hosting, business solutions and virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated server to individuals and enterprise. For the affordable price and flexible features, it is welcomed by millions of customers for hosting WordPress sites.

In regards to its VPS pricing, it is affordable and starts from $29.99/mo normally. Besides, you can save additional 50% discount and start at $19.99/mo via this promotional link. Note that the company is one of the few providers who allow monthly billing for an affordable price $19.99/mo. At this reasonable rate, you can receive 30 GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth, 2GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 1 IP and disaster recovery backups. If you want to have more features, you can choose the higher plans based on your requirements.

  • Priced from $29.99/mo , Enhanced Plan comes with a free domain name, 60 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 4GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 2 dedicated IPs and more.
  • Priced from $59.99/mo, Ultimate Plan comes with a free domain name, 120 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 8 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 2 dedicated IPS and more.

BlueHost provides the industry leading managed VPS that their technical staffs fully take care of network, server, system upgrades, security, and the VPS instance updates. Each of their plan includes cPanel/WHM for free. That means, you can manage everything in the user-friendly web interface by leveraging the power of cPanel, and resell & manage accounts by yourself. For providing the best service, BlueHost has invested huge money to build world class data centers in Utah, US respectively. More hardware and infrastructure details are showed as follows.

  • Leading data center invested by BlueHost for over 20 millions of USD.
  • 4 figre lines brought into data center with bandwidth over 50GB/s.
  • Redundant and Scalable network infrastructure.
  • Utilize 100% DELL-branded servers.

– which result the 99.99% hosting uptime guarantee and 100% hosting uptime in our monitoring. See the statistics in the past 30 days.

The Most Powerful Plan – InMotion

inmotion hostingInMotion, awarded as one of the best WordPress hosting, enjoys a wide range of recognition and popularity from the public. It deserves its high reputation by providing affordable and high-quality VPS hosting service for WordPress. It provides a total of three optional VPS plans, which are starting at $29.99/mo, $49.99/mo and $74.99/mo respectively. Now, this web host offers a 50%-discounted price $14.99/mo, $24.49/mo and $37.49/mo for people clicking the promotional link as follows. Note that InMotion offers 30 days non-contractual money back guarantee to protect users’ money.

You will never be disappointed by this company’s high performance as it builds multiple alternative data centers to permit customers to choose their closest ones. Note that its Max Speed Zone can make website page loading speed 6x faster than the average servers. Besides, InMotion utilizes N+1/N+2 power systems which are housed with diesel power and multiple battery resources, and the free SSD technology which enables hard drivers to run 20x faster than the spinning ones.

Rather than offering the shared resources like in shared hosting plan, each of the mentioned VPS hosting plans include differently-distributed features. To make things clear and simple, we list some important ones endowed in each plan as below. Note that all VPS plans include the popular cPanel control panel and 24×7-based technical support.

  • VPS-1000S: 75GB storage, 4GB RAM, 4TB monthly bandwidth, daily backups, 3 IP addresses and CentOS operating environment.
  • VPS-2000S: 150GB storage, 6GB RAM, 5TB monthly bandwidth, daily backups, 4 IP addresses, and CentOS operating environment.
  • VPS-3000S: 260GB storage, 8GB RAM, 6TB monthly bandwidth, daily backups, 5 IP addresses, and CentOS operating environment.

The Reliable Plan – HostMonster

HostMonsterHostMonster, esteemed as a trust-worthy web hosting company, has been launching numerous hosting solutions including dedicated hosting and shared web hosting. It also enjoys popularity in terms of VPS hosting. In the further, this company releases four cost-effective but powerful VPS plans, which are named as Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate differently.

The VPS hosting services come with wide range of prices and resources, which are starting from $29.99/mo to $59.99/mo. Now there is a 50% discount for each plan, with which the plan starts at $14.99/mo only. The discount can be claimed through this promotional link.

Also, each solution includes $100 Google AdWords credit. Apart from competitive hosting price, HostMonster provides 30 days unconditional money back guarantee for any of plan, which is admitted as one of the important reasons why it is trusted and beloved by many webmasters. It allows the most common payment gateway credit card.

In terms of the built-in hosting features, the mostly-emphasized aspect in choosing an optimal VPS hosting plan, this company offers bountiful must-have and core features. The rich features include enhanced cPanel control panel, 2GB+ RAM, 30GB+ SAN storage, 1TB+ monthly bandwidth, 1 dedicated IP, etc. The powerful servers and abundant internet bandwidth ensure the top-level performance as the following data.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Overall, the advantages of VPS hosting can be simply summarized as affordability, guaranteed resources, full control, better performance, and security & reliability. Let’s learn about them in detail as the following.

Guaranteed Server Resources

Be different from shared hosting share the same resources of a server, VPS offers guaranteed resources to each website. Each hosting has its own storage, data transfer, CPU, RAM, IP, and other resources. Even if the neighbored site consumes too many resources, it cannot influence your site resources and performance. So that you don’t need to worry about your site affected by the malicious websites on the same server.

Full Control

VPS hosting full control and root access to users. As a result, you can setup the operating systems as you want, install your prefer control panel and software, and do anything you want to manage and configure your server without restrictions. As well, you can tweak the server to improve the server performance, install custom applications and scripts to run your own websites which is not available in the shared environment.

Better Performance

In the shared hosting environment, users always share the same available resources of a single server, which results the hosting performance decreasing. However, with guaranteed resources, VPS hosting has better performance than shared hosting. The hosting sites are powered by sufficient disk space and CPU resources so that they can run well all the times. Besides, with the complete root access, users can customize the server to boost the hosting performance as they can.

Better Security and Reliability

VPS hosting is more secure than shared hosting because it has the ability to install custom and strict firewalls. In commons, shared hosting has a big risk on security due to the neighbored websites. If one site is backed, all other websites on the same server get serious threads to be influenced. However, on VPS hosting, it eliminates this risk at all. It allows users to test their code strictly ad configure the custom rules to filter the traffic which can prevent the site to be affected by the neighbor attacks or hacks.

In addition, each VPS hosting has its private mail server with unique IP address. Thus, your mail service won’t be blacklisted due to abuses of others sharing the same mail service.


A dedicated server also has the above advantages, except this one – affordability. Generally, the dedicated server costs hundreds of dollars a month. However, the VPS hosting only requires tens of dollars, much more affordable. Coming with the resources which can match to a dedicated server, VPS hosting is the most cost effective choice for small to medium sized business websites who need many resources but come with limit budgets.

Traditional VPS or Cloud VPS?

Sorted from the requirements on technical skills, VPS is divided into two main groups including managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. The former is a virtual server which has been configured with an operating system, a control panel and many other essential server features by the provider, while with the latter, the user is completely responsible for all technical parts. For more details, you can read our tutorial about managed VPS and unmanaged VPS.

Besides, from the perspective of storage devices, VPS also falls into two kinds – traditional VPS, and cloud VPS. Normally, web hosts create a VPS on a single server with its own disks, and this is a traditional VPS. When such a virtual server is inaccessible, you site will be down, and if the disk fails, you will have to restore your site with backups.

In recent years, an increasing number of hosting companies have been adopting a new way for storing customers’ website data – the cloud. With a cloud VPS, your website comes with multiple copies which are stored in an SAN (Storage Area Network), so that even the primary disk fails, you can be served by a backup storage device and you will not lose the data. There is also another form of cloud VPS which is deployed from a server cluster linked with a cloud platform.

Compared with a traditional VPS, cloud VPS has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are the pros.

  • The VPS is backed by a cluster of storage devices all of which are ready to use, which decreases the potentials of downtime.
  • With a server cluster, you can add the resources of your VPS instances, including RAM, CPU cores, storage and bandwidth, at any time, which is highly flexible.

And here are some of the drawbacks.

  • A good cloud VPS is more expensive than a traditional VPS due to the high cost of the server cluster.
  • It could be less secure, and the privacy of the cloud-based data is a concern.
  • You might lose some control over the VPS, for example, the management of your applications, due to the management policies of the VPS provider.

Although cloud VPS looks better, traditional VPS hosting is now mature and can provide great reliability. If you run a small business or some sites with moderate traffic, you should feel comfortable with a traditional VPS. On the other hand, cloud VPS is suitable for those with enough budget and quickly-changing demands on the server resources.


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