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Best Tools & Plugins You Must Know For a WordPress Blog

Best Tools & Plugins You Must Know For a WordPress Blog

Running a WordPress blog, it’s far away than writing articles, but you should also manage the server, improve the SEO, back up the website regularly, increase the security, and so on. To easily and successfully manage these tasks, you can utilize some helpful tools which help you do more with less. In the following, we list out of the best blogging tools you must have on WordPress blogs. With complete WordPress compatibility, functional features, and excellent performance, they help readers manage their WordPress blogs with ease.

Google Keyword Tool


Operating a WordPress site, webmasters are always struggling on keyword research, by which they can find popular search terms and subsequently using them to perform SEO for the sites. In this case, Google Keyword Tool is a good option as it is a one-time approach to keyword research. It helps you build a base keyword list for the organic search efforts and PPC campaigns.

Besides, you can search for keyword and ad group ideas, get historical statistics, see a list of keywords might perform, and even create a new keyword list by multiplying several lists of keywords together. By this way, you can write quality content about it and drive numerous traffics from search engines.

Google Keyword Tool



Filezilla is a free and cross-platform FTP application that both a client and server are available. It is powerful open source software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It contains a lot of tools to help upload and download files between your local machines and the server on which your site is hosted. As a matter of fact, it is the most reliable and intuitive tool for anyone in the web development field.


Better WP Security


Security is a serious issue for webmasters. Better WP Security is the NO.1 WordPress security plugin in the field. It gives you 30+ ways to secure and protect WordPress site, hiding common security vulnerabilities, preventing attackers from learning too much about your site and away from sensitive areas.

In addition, it also monitors your site and reports changes to the file system and databases. By regularly backing up your site, it allows you to get back online quickly in the event of an attack.

Better WP Security



WP-Optimize is an extensive WordPress database tool. Don’t need phpMyAdmin, it helps you optimize your database tables, removal of stale post revisions, unapproved and spam comments, trashed comments, and more. Moreover, it is mobile friendly so that you can optimize your site on the go at present.


Photo Pin


Photo Pin is a service that collects a large number of free and high quality photos, helping bloggers find photos for their posts quickly and easily add them to the post. With simple and intuitive interface, you can search for any topic in the search box, preview the photo, and click get photo to download the picture as well as proper attribution link.

Photo Pin

Grammarly Check


Grammarly Check is a writing-enhancement platform developed by Grammarly Inc. it carries out more than 250 grammar checks, proofreads and detects plagiarism in the process and finally offers a list of possible errors for correction. As a blogger writing several posts per day, you may encounter many grammar errors. Here Grammarly Check comes out to help you check these errors.

Grammarly Check

WPtouch Mobile Plugin


WPtouch is a mobile plugin specialized for WordPress, automatically enabling a theme for visitors on mobile. It comes with an easy-to-understand interface, allowing users to customize many aspects of the appearance, and delivering a fast, user-friendly, and stylish version of your site to mobile viewers.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Google Analyticator


Google Analyticator is a helpful WordPress plugin that supports Universal and traditional analytics and includes several widgets for showcasing analytics data in the WordPress admin panel.

Google Analyticator



It is a great plugin to achieve an anti-spam environment for websites or blogs. It automatically checks your comments and filters those that look like spam against the Akismet web services. Each comment is associated with a status history so that you can visualize which comment has been caught and cleared by Akismet.

URLs are also displayed in the comment body to disclose hidden or misleading links. It is available in 25 languages like English, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia, Bosanski and several more.


WordPress SEO by Yoast


This plugin basically improves the SEO of your WordPress site. It helps you draft a superior content and get a completely optimized WordPress site with the help of this WordPress SEO plugin. It has the most advanced XML sitemaps functionality, automatically creates XML sitemaps once you check the box and notifies Google and Bing of the sitemap existence.

This tool even has social media integration and is multi-site compatible. It offers an easy import and export functionality. It can be localized and comes in 25 languages.


Google XML Sitemaps


This plugin creates a sitemap that helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask.com and Bing index a blog, thereby creating a large traffic to your blog or website. With such XML sitemap plugin, it becomes easy for the visitors to visualize the full structure of your website.

It supports all the pages generated by WordPress and custom URLs. It even notifies all the search engines whenever you create a post about the latest content. It is a great plugin that attracts visitors to your website.

google-xml sitemap

Wordfence Security


It is a free and enterprise-class plugin for security and performance that makes your site around 50 times more faster and secured. It does an in-depth and server-side scanning of your source code and compares it to the official WordPress repository for themes, plugins and core.

It consists of a two-factor authentication, also known as cell phone sign-in. It blocks all the unwanted networks and reports security threats to the network owner. It even repairs changed files, optionally, which may be a threat to the security.




The powerful features of this plugin supercharge your WordPress site with the excellent cloud power of WordPress.com users. It provides email subscriptions for your blog posts and your post comments. It even manages and monitors all the activity of your site with notifications in your toolbar and even on WordPress.com.

You can also post your blog from any email client. It is integrated with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, LinkdIn and Tumblr. It comes with a widget for displaying new tweets.


MailPoet Newsletters


It sends post notifications, newsletters and auto responders from WordPress with extreme ease and beauty. You can drop your images, posts and social icons in your newsletter. This plugin comes with many customizing options that allow you to modify the font and colour on the fly.

It manages all your subscribers and sends email to your readers. Your newsletter looks similar on iPhone, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Android and Yahoo. It automatically sends your latest posts automatically and comes with drag and drop newsletter editor.

mailpoet newsletters

Broken Link Checker


This plugin monitors and manages links in your posts, pages, custom fields, comments and blogroll. It perceives all those links that do not work or have missing images and redirects. It notifies you through dashboard or via email. You can enable the option that makes broken links to be displayed differently in the post or stop search engines from following these broken links.

You can even filter and search links by anchor text, URL, and many more. It is highly configurable, and all the links can be modifies directly from the plugin page without the need to manually update each post.

broken link checker

WP Super Cache


It is a very quick catching engine for WordPress that creates static HTML files. After creating the HTML file, your web server can serve that file, but not process a heavier and complicated PHP scripts.

Static files are served to readers who have left no comment on your blog, to those who are not logged in and to those users who have not seen a password allowed post. To further enhance it, you can enable various settings like PHP catching, disallowance to catch pages for unknown readers, pages compression, CDN support, cache building and extra homepage checking, etc.

wp super cache


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