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Best Tips of Social Media Marketing to Increase Traffic

Best Tips of Social Media Marketing to Increase Traffic

For any webmasters, traffic is undoubtedly important as it indicates the popularity of your website or blog. To increase it, a large number of website owners regard social media. However, how to make full use of this channel still confuses many newbies as well as some experienced webmasters. Therefore, we carefully carry out the following useful tips for promoting WordPress website with social media. Note that all the tips come from real-world testing and various customer feedbacks.

In fact, social media marketing is one of the easiest and the most effective methods. The platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are helpful for you to increase the online visibility, build solid relationships with the audience, and establish yourself as an expert in some specific niche or industry. Best of all, you can do all of these for free.

Complete Your Profile Strategically

Social Media SEO2Whatever social media you have selected, completing the personal profile is the first thing you need to do, so that others can learn more about you when they look at your profile page, and they are more likely to follow you as friend pro-actively.

In addition to the basic information, you can write more about work and education so that your friends, coworkers, and schoolmates can find you. Besides, due to that your ultimate goal of using this platform is to promote your website, so you’d better include some relevant information into your profile section. Generally, before following a someone, many people like to watch the profile, so they can see something about your website. If they are interested in it, they may link to your site.

Twitter, for instance, allows you to introduce yourself in respect to name, e-mail address, brief introduction, geographical location, and personal website. Thus, simply add a short description of your site in the third part and the URL in the last part.

On Google+ profile, you can add you site link in the Links Section. Click the pencil icon to edit links, add your site link and clarify you are the contributor. If you are a blogger, it’s necessary to verify Google authorship so that your name appears under the article on the search engines results page, such as the following.

link to your site

Optimize Profile Photo and Cover Images

As everyone knows, a good image is better than 1000 words. Images have great effect on the profile, beatifying the profile page and attracting visitors’ sights. So when it comes to brand profile options, you should first go to optimize the images. Most importantly, you should pay high attention to the cover and background photos.

First of all, you should use high quality image so that it won’t become blurred when resized. Besides, it’s better to upload an image with proper size. For example, the suggested background for Google+ brand profile is 780x435px, and the avatar size is 250x250px. If you upload other sized images, they will be resized automatically by the social media network, which reduces the clarity and quality of the image.

In addition, to build up your brand, it’s better to add your brand elements into the images, such as utilizing your logo as an avatar or add it on the background. For instance, the below screenshot is WhatsWP’s Google+ Profile, on which we upload a logo as the avatar while utilize the site screenshot as background.

google+ profile screenshot

Focus on the Platforms Where Your Customers Are

There are countless social media on the Internet and people are scattered on them. Thus, you need to know where your potential followers are or where you existing readers are and focusing on them. After knowing where they are, you’d better move your battlefield there.

Use Tracking Tools

If we just analyze website statistics manually, it would be a troublesome task and the result can sometimes be inaccurate. However, in order to solve the problem, there are many tracking tools in the market such as Google Analytics, WP SlimStat WordPress Post Analytics and many more.

These tools can help you analyze which post is the most popular, what age or gender group are your audience in, where is your readers mainly located and so on so forth.

Listen to Your Audience

Listen to your audienceTake readers’ comments serious, for they are useful advices and channels to get more traffic. Listen what they say and what they want, then, give your answers. If a post is liked and shared by many people, you need to figure out why things are going like this. After getting the reasons, apply them to your next post writing.

Publish Website Related Posts

Naturally, content is the king of the post. Maybe it isn’t the first thing that attracts visitors to your websites, but it is the key to maintaining followers and adding new ones. Only valuable and versatile content can bring long-term winning.

As surveyed, many people like to share or re-share some interesting or meaningful posts published by anyone else to draw attention. You can do this for sure, but never overdo it as this has a detrimental impact on your website marketing.

To relate your social media account and website tightly, you can publish posts containing the attractive summary, the featured image, and the URL of your site posts. Note that meaningful teaser content can arouse people’s interests to the largest extent, so simply leave some suspense in your textual content.

Besides, this practice is useful for search engine optimization. Google Plus, for instance, can increase your ranking on Google effectively.

google plus posts

Link to Other Social Media Profiles

Many people are active on multiple social networks and you may have accounts on more than one platform. To build up your traffic, you can add links to your other social profiles in the profile, to help users easily find your other official social accounts and follow them.

For example, Google+ allows users to add other social profile links in the Links section under About Page. You are able to add any account, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, even YouTube.

link to other social media profiles

Join Special Networks

Join a special network can help you know specific information about a field and introduce you particular friends. For example, if you are interested in literature, join a literature circle and know people who have the same taste as you do. In this way, when you write something related to romance and letters, they become your readers. If you are the owner a business website, this practice is going to bring you potential customers.

Be Active

Always remember that you need to be an active user all the time to make people know and remember you. Otherwise, how can you have a lot of followers to market your site? There are 4 methods to do this effectively.

be active

  • Update Regularly – To drive traffic to your website uninterruptedly, you need to keep posting constantly. Here, we suggest you posting based on your website updating pace. Once you publish a new article on your site, then post accordingly.
  • Share, Retweet, Like Your Followers’ Posts – Generally, people will appreciate your like and pay a debt of gratitude, such as do the same thing as you do, or introduce you to their own social groups. The most importantly, people can see your engagement all the time, thus notice and remember you.
  • Share Interesting Images – Pure letters sometimes infuriate people and it is very common that readers fall asleep when they read a long post. Thus, find interesting images that matched your post. In this way, they can have a general idea of what you are going to write in the next through images. Besides, photos make you composing more beautiful.
  • Use Hashtags – Hashtags now has been integrated with almost all the major social media, and can make your posts discovered by people easily. Simply look at which hashtag is popular within your niche in recent days, and include it in your updates wherever you want. Once people search for this topic, they may see your posts immediately.

Add Social Media Button to Each of Your Posts

This step makes it easy to increase your online reach, for your readers can share your posts to their own groups or followers with no efforts. This means your chances to be known and seen by a wider group of people can increase significantly.

To do this, you only need to install and use the powerful plugin like 1-Click Retweet/Share/Like and Simple Social Buttons with the help of your WordPress admin.

social media button

Now, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter share button are all available for WordPress websites. If you don’t know how to add these buttons, just go to the following tutorials for detailed guidelines.

Get the Attention of Influencers

Few people aware of this step and think it’s unnecessary. In fact, influencers are important in every industry, so dose Internet. Getting the attention of these people not only helps promote your website, but also makes you reputable and famous. Once they shared your post or product, you can just sit and wait for traffic or profit.

Besides, people like to view your friends when they view your profile, once they find you have the same followers or concerned people, they are likely to follow you and build a friendly relationship with you.

people in your circles

Create a Fan Page

Completing the profile is for getting more followers, and creating a fan page starts promoting your WordPress site directly. By creating a fan page, your friends and followers can see your website directly in your homepage.

This process is very simple, and we have introduce the detailed operations in this post.

On the fan page, you can send out small messages, share posts, upload photos, and do other things to bring readers back to your WordPress site. However, that’s not enough. You need to work on promoting the fan page to get more users and more visibility on Facebook. Just like a dedicated website page, you can smartly utilize the fan page as a discussion point and a place to interact with your website readers.

Comment with Your Website URL

The comment section is another great place where you can show your website. Generally, both writers and readers like to read comments, for writers can know people’s reaction and readers can get further information. Thus, you can leave some words on the popular posts of your followers, along with the URL of your website. Note that people hate spam comments, so you’d better make your words meaningful or debatable.


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.