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Best SoundCloud WordPress Plugins for Music Lovers

Best SoundCloud WordPress Plugins for Music Lovers

One cannot deny that how important the music is for all of us. It is the heart and soul for everyone in the daily life. Therefore, there is a trend for online users to visit or browse a music site. If you are the one who are wishing to set up such a website using the powerful CMS of WordPress, then this post is the right place.

As WordPress does not offer the music player function by default, there are a lot of related plugins and add-ons available, helping you showcase the audio and music effectively. In the following, we have sorted out some of the best and top SoundCloud WordPress plugins for all the music lovers, which are the powerful tools for the building of music sites.

SoundCloud Shortcode

As the name suggests, this plugin is filled with some wonderful shortcodes. It works great for all the SoundCloud tracks, users, groups and playlists. It even works superbly for your blog posts. There are several optional parameters that SoundCloud shortcode is equipped with, including width, height and params.

There are several customizing options, with which you can change the theme colour, set a buy link, and decide a download link. You can even add a show button and a hide button, change fonts, set auto play and set up a comments option, etc. It is very easy to install and use this plugin.

soundcloud shortcode

SoundCloud Ultimate Plugin

Through this plugin, you can display, upload, delete or preview your tracks from SoundCloud account. This ultimate plugin permits podcasters, musicians and web owners to manage and to display their music tracks from WordPress site.

The plugin has some great features. It offers a secure authentication from your WordPress site to your SoundCloud account. You can even display your tracks using the SoundCloud player on your blog or upload the latest tracks from your WordPress administration panel in your SoundCloud account.

You can very easily delete tracks directly from WordPress admin panel and preview the currently uploaded tracks. It is highly customizable with many great options and features, allowing you to build a catchy page by your own hands.

soundcloud ultimate

SoundCloud is Gold

Through this plugin, you can browse your SoundCloud tracks, favourites and sets. You can very easily select your favourite track and add it to your post. You can preview your tracks live very shortly. It integrates seamlessly into WordPress.

It is smart, easy and straightforward to use. You can either customize it or set the default settings in your options page and insert your favourite default SoundCloud player. Besides, this plugin has a show comments options and a great width, which is extremely useful for collectibles, labels and artists with many projects.

Through the shortcodes, you can dynamically insert whatever you wish with utmost ease and simplicity. It even comes with several advantages as opposed to pasting embed code from SoundCloud.

soundcloud is gold

Mp3 Player

You can upload your mp3 to either an image or page gallery. Inspired by CD jewel cases, you can add shortage to your posts, and you can be rendered with an mp3 player. This plugin supports HTML5 and is responsive, allowing the player to be utilized for iphones.

It is extremely easy to use and register. Through this plugin, you can create a perfect site with your favourite music embedded within it.

mp3 player

SoundCloud Sound Competition

Through this plugin, you can host multiple remix and sound competitions through your WordPress site. It has a massive storage space so you can save a large amount for audio files. All of these files and data are integrated with SoundCloud and all the remixes are stored here.

You can make your own app in SoundCloud. Within your own settings, you can even add various new parameters. You can also select your own database slug whenever a competition ends and whenever you want to start a new one. This creates a whole new competition for you.

It utilizes OAuth2 that does not store your account details for the plugin to get access. After installing this plugin, you have to undergo an authorization process that is very easy. The minimum requirement for this plugin is that you should have an account with SoundCloud and have a PHP 5.2 or higher with cURL support.

sound competition

Buzzsprout Podcasting

You can quickly add podcast episode to your blog posts from your Buzzsprout account. It is very secure and reliable with full iTunes support, show statistics, HTML5 players and many more. Through this plugin, you can publish anything you need to promote your podcasts.

It is very simple to use and comes free with all Buzzsprout plans, coming with a FeedBurner and podcasts migration tool. Besides, with a great traffic driver offered by this plugin, it is simply superb for you to host a music site.

buzzsprout podcasting


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