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Best Plugins to Encourage User Generated Content on Your WordPress Site

Best Plugins to Encourage User Generated Content on Your WordPress Site

The first question is what user generated content (UGC) refers to. It can be defined as any form of content that users create on your WordPress site. The content types can be comments, videos, blog posts, and many more. In this article, we will focus more on introducing the best plugins to encourage user generated content on a WordPress site.

Each business cannot ignore the importance of content marketing which is often regarded as a top marketing strategy. In the process to run a WordPress site, you must have realized how time-consuming it is to create content. It is a fact that you can work together with writers, content marketers, or more. But customers can also do you a favour with their generated content.

Why Encourage User Generated Content?

With the aim to save much time for content creation, most of you want to have content generated by your customers from the front-end. In fact, there are more than one good reason to encourage user generated content.

  • Your website content can be more relevant to your users. There is no doubt that your audience can better understand what your audience care much about.
  • According to Demand Gen Report, three to give piece of reviews will be taken for reference before 47% survey respondents’ purchase of services or products.
  • A closer engagement between you and your customers will be created. This is because customers will have a sense of being treated seriously. As a result, they are willing to spend more time staying on your WordPress site and listen to more voices from others.
  • Customers will have more trust in your brand after taking a closing look at reviews. And they will come to a conclusion that your products or services are trustworthy.
  • Search engines will give preference to your site where there are high quality user generated content. Therefore, you can have a higher expectation for improved SEO.

Enabling front-end content submissions is of great importance to your business. Below are some tips you can use to get more user generated content.

  • Encourage users to leave comments on your website. It is recorded that 71% users are willing to make a deal on the product or service which comes with positive reviews.
  • Allow users to better express their ideas with videos and photos.
  • Be open to user-generated blog posts with the showcase of ads.
  • Establish a closer relationship with users via a forum, message board, wiki, and more.
  • Allow users to enrich your business directory.

Best Plugins to Encourage User Generated Content

Without doubt, the easiest route to get the job done is to rely on a reliable plugin. Even, beginners will find it super easy to encourage user generated content with the use of a plugin. After our research into the market, we advise you to consider the below plugins.

1. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

Download: Official website

The first choice should be AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro. In fact, the user experience is quite similar as that of WordPress Visual Editor. This plugin gives you much freedom to decide how it works. It is a good thing to choose from abundant features and customization options, such as, image and rich media integration, character limits, and more.

Encourage WordPress User Generated Content - AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro


Download: Official website

Most users will be confused about how to use CRED for the first time. This one is quite different from the first recommendation which is intuitive as well as user-friendly. But CRED can be a better choice for users to submit directories, memberships, and more.

Encourage WordPress User Generated Content - CRED

3. BuddyForms

Download: Official website

BuddyForms also deserve your consideration, if you are looking for a solution with abundant features and to handle front-end content submission. The price is according to your choice of a certain solution: Starter (free) and Go Rro (From $6.99/mo). Much more powerful features can be expected to place an order on Go Pro, including e-mail notifications, front end revision control, etc.

Encourage WordPress User Generated Content - BuddyForms

4. Communities

Download: Official website

Communities will provide the possibility to create internal communities. Users can share their ideas, thoughts, news, and ideas on wikis, discussion boards, etc. In the meantime, users can directly submit content to your WordPress site from the front-end.

A great many options are available for you to create communities. An attention should be paid that you have the option to allow users to create their own communities. Moderation tools and community management are beneficial for both you and your users, which will make things much easier.

Encourage WordPress User Generated Content - Communities

5. Frontend Publishing Pro

Download: Official website

Frontend Publishing Pro has a free version and a paid one to choose from. Without the need for special features, the free version can meet your basic needs without any money required.

With a choice of the pro plan, your form will be responsive to every screen size and any theme. And the CopyScape integration feature will help you check whether the user generated content is original or not. Indeed, you can hold high expectations for great features included with the pro version.

Encourage WordPress User Generated Content - Frontend Publishing Pro

Wrap Up

It you have no budget for the user generated content, BuddyForms and Frontend publishing can be taken into consideration. Otherwise, you should combine what features you want with the prices.


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