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Best Platforms to Start Free Blog Sites

Best Platforms to Start Free Blog Sites

Many bloggers want to save money when beginning to create a blog, so they always look for free platforms to start free blog sites. For some people have no idea about how to choose a suitable platform for their blogs, we recommend the best free options to help them make a wise option. Those tools are all popular with users and have won a good reputation in the market.

With the following choices, people can build their sites without any professional knowledge. Even for beginners, they are able to finish the operation effortless. The detailed information of each platform is displayed as below.



WordPress.com is an open source content management system widely used by most bloggers worldwide. There are plenty of themes and plugins offered to users, so you can choose some of them to beautify the page looking and enrich the functions of your blog. The latest version 3.9 of WordPress featuring visual editor, crop & rotation tools and drag & drop function, which make the image editing easier.




Tumblr is an easy-to-set blogging platform owned by Yahoo, and it is mainly used to built micro blog. To start your blog with this option, you just need to sign up with an email account and set a user name, and then you can have your own blog. You are able to post many interesting short articles, beautiful images or quotes on the web page, and share those resources on Facebook and Twitter to attract more followers.

You can follow other users and have their feed displayed on your dashboard. If you want your followers to search through your posts based on certain keywords, then you can add tags for each post you make. You can even control and change the appearance of your Tumblr blog by changing the HTML coding of the theme.

Another prominent feature of Tumblr is that you can create a post and delay its posting so that you control when that post can be visible to your followers.




Blogger is a popular blog-publishing service possessed by Google. Users are able to design the web pages base on their fondness and share whatever they want. Thus, you can create a blog that reflects your style. There are many templates, layouts and background images available to you, with which you can start a fascinating and unique blog.

Besides, you don’t need to keep up with all the security updates and maintenance of your blog. Blogger takes care of this automatically. Also, websites created in Blogger are indexed faster by Google.

The only downside is that whatever content you post on your blog is owned by Blogger. If you don’t mind who owns your content, then Blogger is a better and cheaper blog builder Also, it is easier to use with the a number of gadgets available.




Ghost is a completely open source blogging platform, free to all the users. This is because that it is run by a small and non-profit organization named as Ghost Foundation. Besides, there are many contributors spending their own time creating this platform for all bloggers. The numerous tools, themes and templates help you create a personalized blog with ease.




Weebly is designed for creating websites and blogs, which is as popular as the platforms mentioned above. Since its establishment in 2006, this blogging platform has attracted thousands of bloggers. It is featuring website builder, hundreds of themes, numerous designed templates, multimedia applications, etc. Besides, you are allowed to log in the blog by using your Facebook account.

The interface of Weebly can be simple, with which you are able to create an elegant looking blog with all the necessary features. All this can be created by just dragging and dropping what you need to show on your website. But you have to keep in mind that Weebly is for simple blogs. Anything complicated and intricate should not be attempted on Weebly.




Blogetery enables users to build a blog without any payment. It is powered by WordPress, coming with over 140 beautiful customizable themes, various brilliant plugins and some other stunning features, with which you are able to publish the posts, podcasts, images and files easily. And also, you can embed videos from other media, like YouTube, Google Video, MySpace and many more.




Blog.com is also a WordPress-powered blogging platform, featuring a large number of premium themes and advanced plugins. It provides you with all-needed tools and enables you to share the blog content on some other social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. You can post some blog content via the mobile phone so that you don’t need to worry about traffic losing.




Jux is a powerful blogging platform, allowing users to set full screen images and videos. Thus, you can design a clear, fashionable and elegant web page. You are also able to share some interesting posts, stories, images, photos and videos on your blog and communicate with your followers. In addition to desktop, this platform is also suitable for iPhone and iPad.



Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of words to express yourself. In such instances, using some complicated tools to create your blog can be a waste of your time. The best solution is to use a micro-blogging platform like Twitter. It allows you to tell what you want in 140 words or less.

You can make as many posts as you want throughout the day and even post pictures. The major advantage is that you don’t have to invest a lot of time into creating your blog. Just a few seconds and you’ve created a new post.

It’s best for people who find it difficult to have time for updating their blogs regularly. And of course, you can customize your blog, change its appearance and display your tastes. It might not have many features but the basic functionality of a blog is there. Also, if you don’t want everybody to read your posts, then just make them private and let only your followers read them.




LiveJournal is something like a forum, which allows users to publish some posts on its main page and others can comment the content. For blogging, there are hundreds of decent themes, templates and extensions available to you. With those stunning features, you are able to build a functional and attractive blog.




Medium has some unique features that are different from many other blogging platforms. It replaces the comments on posts to notes that are set on the right side of the articles or photos, showing when you share the content and the feedbacks from your visitors. This platform has a large quantity of audiences, because it connects with Twitter seamlessly. Thus, Medium is a good option for the new bloggers.




If you want to build a functional blog quickly and without any hassle, then Squarespace is the one to use. It is not open source, but you can be assured that the add-ons available are of high quality and can be easily integrated into the website. You don’t have to spend hours correcting the code in case something goes wrong in your code. Squarespace provides for a simple and clean design and user interface with minimum clutter.

Beginners can find Squarespace easier to use and learn. Also the modules of Squarespace are updated regularly, so there is very little that can go wrong. The biggest advantage of Squarespace is that it is less time consuming when hosting a site.



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