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Best PHP CMS for Website Building and Management

Best PHP CMS for Website Building and Management

At present, there are a large number of content management systems available, helping you set up a website and manage the online words without much hassle. In the following, we’d like to introduce you some of the best PHP CMS, each of which has its exclusive benefits and shortcomings.

Here, we have to mention that all of the following CMSs are based on PHP, a general-purpose language for scripting and programming, which has been used for contributing almost a third of content management systems on the web due to its pragmatic and flexible nature.


The number one PHP based CMS must be WordPress. The great popularity of this option is mainly due to its intuitive user interface and low learning curve. Generally, people who only have the most basic computer knowledge can build and handle a WordPress site easily.

Besides, WordPress focuses on customization greatly, backed up by a tremendous number of plugins and templates from WordPress.org and multiple third-parties. These offerings are great enough for website decorations and optimization.

Another great aspect of this CMS is the WYSIWYG editor, which is named as Visual Editor. This feature is super convenient for people who are not familiar with the HTML coding or CSS markup languages.

WordPress Admin

Exclusive Benefits

  • Large offerings of themes and plugins – both free and paid
  • Easy-to-use backend and WYSIWYG editor
  • Frequent update to be ahead of hackers and malicious attacks
  • Simple coding and SEO friendly nature


  • The main target of online hackers
  • Only allow people to get the trouble-shooting from forums, without the possibility of official responses


Joomla can be the second option for people who are looking for a PHP CMS. It is a free and open source tool that has been used by millions of webmasters setting up websites ranging from small-sized blog sites to complicated e-commerce stores. At present, even some prominent websites are built using Joomla, such as the official sites of Harvard University and the White House.

In fact, this CMS is much suitable for experienced webmasters who are requiring some advanced functionalities as compared with WordPress, such as the in-built social networking feature and the menu system.

Joomla Admin

Exclusive Benefits

  • Enough user documentation with detailed guidance and tutorials
  • Thousands of extensions and templates
  • Advanced administration panel that offers much more functions
  • Default navigation management and SEO-positioning URLs


  • Not user-friendly for beginners
  • Most quality extensions and themes are costly
  • Frequently-happened compatibility issues among some extensions


This CMS is best suitable for some static or one-page websites, with no complicated manuals and administrative interface. Therefore, what you need to operate your site is just pointing and clicking your mouse. Also, with the help of 1-click script installer and the quick installation wizard, you can make your content online simply within minutes.

Concrete5 Admin

Exclusive Benefits

  • Unique feature of dragging and dropping content blocks for a better website structure
  • Transform a HTML site to a Concrete5-based one in no time
  • Hosting packages that boost the performance of Concrete5 websites the best
  • Default SEO tools like Meta Description box and multiple user permissions for website administration


  • Small support community with only a few truly experienced Concrete5 users to answer your questions
  • Almost no plugins and templates that are free to use
  • Expensive support service, charging you more than $125 generally


This can be viewed as a safe and secure CMS that is built using PHP. During the past 11 years since its inception, there are no serious vulnerabilities happened. Security is just the main concern for the developing team of ExpressionEngine.

Unlike many other PHP CMSs, this one is not a free tool. Instead, it charges you $299 for utilization, along with dozens of paid modules. Also, this CMS has some add-on plugins, each of which is super useful without duplicated functions.

ExpressionEngine Admin

Exclusive Benefits

  • High level of website security
  • Truly functional modules and plugins
  • Commercial and professional support service


  • Not budget friendly
  • Limited offerings of plugins and templates
  • Cannot apply permission levels to multiple website authors


This is a flexible and easy-to-used PHP CMS, coming with a browse-alike interface and a full range of features for website building and managing. To avoid the hassles of online publishing, this CMS adopts Textile that automatically transforms the plain text to XHTML for your articles, resulting in less technical requirements for newbies.

Besides, TextPattern offers dozens of advanced features by default, such as the built-in tags, reusable code partials, password protection for articles, anti-spam comment engine and many more.

TextPattern Admin

Exclusive Benefits

  • Quick conversion from text to XHTM using Textile
  • Browser-based administration
  • Being lightweight, consuming small storage and memory


  • Small support community
  • Few chances for customizations due to the limited availability of themes and plugins


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.