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Best PHP Books for Beginners

Best PHP Books for Beginners

In order to help readers build excellent and outstanding WordPress websites, we have recommended many books before, including HTML5 Books, SEO Books, as well as WordPress eBooks. Now, we are we are going to pick out the best PHP books for all readers, especially for beginners.

As the most popular programming language in the internet industry, PHP is now using by a lot of website building platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. It contributes a lot in websites’ building and customizing, therefore nearly all the web hosting providers offer supports for PHP such as BlueHost and JustHost. Thus, it is emergent for site managers to know essential working pattern of PHP.

PHP: A Beginner’s Guide

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PHP: A Beginner's GuideAs the name suggests, this book is written for beginners with easy-to-understand language and expressions. We do believe that the writer tries his best to avoid using technical and professional terms. The book aims to teach newbies how to use PHP to create data-driven and flexible web application with ease. Besides, the writer also describes how to use PHP to write simple programs and promote them with advanced features like MySQL.

PHP5 Advanced

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PHP5 AdvancedPHP5 Advanced is written by the best-selling author and programmer – Larry Ullman, who writes the book in fourteen chapters with down-to-earth spirit. The book mainly shows how to use PHP in the real world. For example, the interactions between PHP and the server, RSS, XML, how is PHP networking, how to generate image and PDF with PHP, and many more.

PHP Cookbook

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PHP CookbookPHP Cookbook enjoys a high reputation in this field, and nearly 80% of its readers think highly of it. PHP Cookbook introduces PHP comprehensively and proposes many solutions to usually facing problems. Besides, the writer also chooses wide topics ranging from beginner’s guide to programming technologies. Thus, with this book, readers can not only learn the basic knowledge about PHP but also some complicated web page building solutions.

PHP in Action

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PHP in ActionInstead of explain the theory of PHP, PHP in Action mainly focuses on how to use PHP to design a stunning website. The writer poses an abundant of examples about how to use PHP to design website presentation and themes, user interaction, maintain object, connect database, as well as how to form dealing and input validation.

PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

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PHP ObjectsThe writer arranges this book skillfully and makes it go forward one by one logically. He first writes about the objects about PHP, and then, the examples about using PHP. At last, the book introduces how to put those patterns into practice to design an outstanding website.

After reading it, you’ll know how to apply design patterns and object-oriented skills to write stable and maintainable codes, how to use phpDocumentor to create changeable and detailed documentation, and so on so forth.

Advanced PHP Programming

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Advanced PHP ProgrammingDifferent from other PHP books that focusing on explaining basic usage of the programming language, Advanced PHP Programming devotes itself to develop PHP-oriented applications for good performance, extensibility, and stability. The book classifies PHP usage with its application in different fields such as magazine, blog, company, business, and many other kinds.

Programming PHP

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Programming PHPProgramming PHP aims to turn beginners into good programmers by giving practical and useful programming suggestions. The book contains every corner of building eye-catching web applications using PHP. It carefully explains the fundamental of PHP language including operators, data types, variables, and many more.

PHP Bible

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PHP BiblePHP Bible is to beginners just as Bible is to Christians – important and comprehensive. It is a guideline of how to use PHP to create a better website, including the reasons for using PHP, how to start, how to embed PHP to HTML, how to make a connection between HTML web pages and MySQL database.

Due to the writer has rich experience with writing PHP program, he lists many practical and easy-to-understand examples to explain every step. In this way, you don’t need to worry about how to carry theories to practice; even you have little-to-no understanding about PHP before.


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