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Best Link Building Tools for WordPress SEO Improvements

Best Link Building Tools for WordPress SEO Improvements

Link building is one of the oldest yet the most effective ways to gain reputation and online traffic. It can tell both search engines and online readers about the existence and the updates of your website.

Therefore, if you have a website or you have been in the digital business, then you must know the importance of quality links. In this post, you can find some of the best and cost-effective link-building tools, with which you can ensure that all the links included in your website are effectively and available.

Google Webmaster Tools

Get a Google account and verify your website. Google Webmaster Tool can tell you about each site that is linking to yours and the internal linking structure of your website. It can report any crawl errors or SEO mistakes. It can also note the difference between natural and un-natural links.

Also, you can check the logical-link structure of your website. You can view your most-linked content.

Now, how to do link-building with this Google tool? Download the links pointing to your website. Make an excel report and analyze them. Categorize the links according to keywords and make a table or chart. Make a line graph and check out the statistics. It is an easy to use tool.

google webmaster tools

Link-Building with Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Tool Box is quite dissimilar from Google Webmaster Tools. Yahoo and Bing use the same algorithms to rank a website. So, you only need a Bing account. Bing can give you necessary data, user response, page views and click through rates for different keywords.

According to the official policy of Bing, this search engine does assign much value to links. Bing simply decreases your rankings if the links are bought or exchanged. Bing Webmaster Link Checker is a good tool to check the authority or score of each link.

Bing increases your site rankings if the content is great, people spend much time on your site, people share your content and authority sites give links to your site. It is a natural way. But do not try to cheat this search engine as it is getting better each day, and it can surely penalize you for such jobs.

bing webmaster tools

GSA Search Engine Ranker

This tool puts link building on automation. It does not need a database of thousands of websites to start link building. Based on your keywords and visitors, GSA can search for related websites. It automatically puts your link in the related webpages. Once the link has been placed, and the website is verified, you can be informed about the link.

This software does not only create one type of links for a short period. But it does not happen with GSA. It simply continues building links for months and years, and you do not have to do anything. If your site gets 10,000 links or more in the future, search engines can surely get notified.

The software also creates backlinks for you, and your site can be automatically submitted to high page ranking. Note that you can submit multiple sites to this software, and it can start working on them simultaneously.

gsa search engine ranker

Google Scraper Link Building Tool

Gscraper is probably the best tool to build niche related backlinks. It has some quality features and gives you all sorts of backlinks including DoFollow and NoFollow links. Gscraper link building tool can help you rank higher as quickly as possible. It is a great deal at very nominal budget and can do a huge benefit to your affiliate website.

  • You can immediately get thousands of proxies.
  • Scrapers can be filtered based on the content language, region and time.
  • It can check the link-type.
  • You can easily manage your lists and expand them.

Its powerful filtering system is intelligent. While disapproving spam links, you can make sure that you get the best for your website. Blog posting and blog commenting have never been that easy before.

In seconds, you can start posting thousands of blogs. Just go to scrap the options in the software settings, give your keywords, and you can get access to thousands of URLs.



This is a very intelligent link builder. Ahrefs is a complete site explorer and link-building system. The database is refreshed every 15 minutes so that you always have access to the latest news. You can also get SEO reports and backlinks reports according to your membership plans. The support system is excellent, which guides you through your link-building journey.

This tool also has a free account, with which you can check the services, compare different domains and get great insights into your competitor’s websites.

The links are categorized according to countries, IPs, subnets, anchor text, TLDs and domains. You can easily see the link distribution structure in pie charts. Top pages and anchor texts are also displayed. You can easily download these links and analyze them to find more link-building opportunities.



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