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Best Link Building Tips for WordPress SEO

Best Link Building Tips for WordPress SEO

Link building is an essential way to boost a website SEO. It can not only help a website get high ranking in search engines but also let your website be discovered in many possible ways. As a result, your site can have more influence in the market. Although we all know building links can bring about benefits, it is not an easy task to build quality and effective links.

Generally speaking, there are 5 methods to setup links to your website including link request, link buying, directories, content links, and social media. Today, according to these solutions, we are going to summarize the best link building tips for WordPress SEO.

Inserting the Links Naturally

No matter what kind of links you are going to put into your webpage, you have to make this process as nature as possible. This is because neither readers nor searching spiders like the tough writing that aims at SEO deliberately. Note that only when your blog posts really have something related to your other articles or the posts published in the outside site, can you add the links. For instance, this link tutorial is part of our SEO series, and we have put an internal link in the words of SEO series.

Here, we need to emphasize that if you insert an external link, then you need to add the attributes of rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”.

Link with Social Profile

Every social media website comes with an author profile where you can make a brief introduction of yourself. Thus, you can naturally mention that you have a WordPress website and add a link to it. No matter who comes to your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Tumblr, they can notice the link and out of curiosity, some of them may click on it.

Focus On Content

ContentIf your blog content is fascinating, useful, relevant and focusing on the hot event or product, it is very possible that people link back to the post when they write their articles. Besides, you need to update your posts frequently to ensure the timeliness and usability. Apart from the content itself, making a post easily shared is also important.

When people feel the content is good and helpful, they are inclined to share it to their friends. Thus, add share button into your content and encourage readers to share it on their social circles. By the way, if you are confused about how to add share buttons to your WordPress website, you can get solutions in the following articles.

Add Links to Comments

CommentsThere are many popular posts or articles on the Internet and many of these them allow visitors to add comments. Thus, you can make use of this chance and add the link of your website in your comment. However, you need to bear it in mind that you’d better choose post that are closely related to yours. Only in this way can people find things they want and therefore become a common visitor to your site.

Add Link to Video

When you make a video tape, add your website link to it. Therefore, wherever people click the video, it brings them back to your site. Note that the radio needs to be attractive and then there should be some posts that are related to the radio.

Optimizing the Internal Links

We pay attention to the ranking algorithm of Google constantly, and optimize our site to adapt to the changes. As we found recently, Google and many other main search engines are focusing on reading experiences. This means if you want to rank highly in the search result page, then you have to guarantee a perfect reading for your visitors. In this case, the proper utilization of internal links is essential.

When people enter your webpage, you have to try your best to attract them, helping them find what they want easily and quickly. This principle requires you to enter the internal links carefully, inducing people to browse your site continuously. To do this, you can ask yourself two questions before adding an internal link.

Will you click this link?

You have to make sure that every link appeared in your webpage is worth clicking, especially for internal link. Besides, the link has to be highly related to the webpage they are browsing, increasing their chances to click the link greatly.

Can you find this link?

Generally, people browse the webpage quickly to figure out what they want. Thus, if you cannot highlight the existence of the internal links with the proper placement, then people are very likely to ignore your efforts.

Optimize the External Links

The external link of a website is simply like the friend of a person, affecting your online weights directly. The higher the weight is, the more traffic you can get. Generally, there are 3 common methods to add the external links.

  • You can go for your peer blogs or online partners to exchange the external links, meaning that you add their links to your site and they show your links in their websites. You can check your website keyword in Google, and view the website that is ranked at the top of the result page as your target.
  • You can also create a lot of high quality sponsored posts with your link attached naturally, and try to publish these articles to some popular and large website.
  • As the comment section is the integral part of the majority of websites, you can leave some quality comments at the large website with your link attached. Note that the words you have left need to be meaningful and useful, otherwise you may be viewed as a comment spammer.

Never Overuse Links

You can get a good result if you use the SEO tricks moderately. Previously in the keyword utilization tutorial, we have already mentioned that the overuse of the SEO method can affect your site negatively as search engines may penalize you by lowering your ranking or even blocking your website. Similarly, the overuse of links can also cause search engine penalties. Always remember that the best way to maximize the function of link is not to focus on the quantity, but the quality.

Ask Linking Back

Whenever you find anyone mention your post or website, you can politely ask them to add your site link on the content. This is just a piece of cake and a lift of finger for them. However, you need to remember that ask people politely and you can get a reasonable reply.

Get More Social Networking Shares

Getting more social networking shares is an excellent solution to add links to your website. The more shares your content get, the more popular your site can get. You can publish an interesting, rich-content or practical articles on your social networking, within which you need to add your website link in the post. Thus, when people share your articles, their followers can see the link and click to your site.

Some Mistakes You’d Better Avoid

When building links for your site online, you may make one or two mistakes that may end up hurting your blog instead of building it. It is important that you learn the harm that some of the simple mistakes have on your site and how you can remedy them if you need to succeed online. If you pay someone to build links for your site, ensure they do not make any of these mistakes.

Buy Links

Buy LinksBuying links have come handy in the link building process for many webmasters. Through this way, however, your risk of being penalized by Google can increase significantly. In this case, the links that you buy are of no importance to your site.

The traffic that comes through paid link can be of low quality as compared to the traffic you get through natural linking, and thus you get little or nothing from these links.

Use Only One Anchor Text

The use of anchor text is important when you are building backlinks especially the inbound links. This is the text that tells the search engine what the content on the link is about, and thus having as many anchor texts as possible is good for your traffic.

You have to note that having many links with the same anchor text may be taken as spam and may hurt your site traffic even more. The use of too many similar anchor texts may lead to the loss of traffic and also the penalization from Google.

When writing anchor texts, you need to avoid using terms as “view more” or “click here” as it sounds so artificial. Use an anchor text that relates to the site that you are linking to, and these words should be unique and natural.

There are tools that you can use to analyze your anchor texts online, and know how they are helping your site. They ate including Majestic SEO, Raven Tools, Ahrefs, Cognitive SEO, Open Site Explorer and SEO SpyGlass.

Link From Restricted Sites

Restricted SitesIf a site is not indexed by Google, it can be futile building your link with this site. Building your link from this site may force Google to penalize you that can hurt your site instead of building it. You should thus ensure that the site you link from has been indexed by Google and other main search engines.

SiteMap Generator is a great tool if you want to verify that the site has been indexed by Google. Open Google Site Map Generator and paste the URL of the site you want to link with. If Google gives you the link of the site, then it is indexed and fit for your link building strategy.

Place Your Links on the Blogs with Many Other Links

All the bloggers want their blog sites to be on top and to have a high traffic through link building. Most site owners thus use some great plugins as CommentLuv that puts the links at the end of the comment section.

However, it is not wise to place your link on a website that comes with a bunch of other links. If the site has more than 1000 links then, people may not get the time to read your comment and visit your blog.

To evade these link building mistakes, give your links to sites that have less than 1000 links. Ensure that your comment is valued, and there is an interaction between you and the peer blog owners.

Use Image Links with No ALT Text

ALT TextSome bloggers prefer the use of image links in place of text links. You may just ignore or forget to write ALT Text, and this is lethal for your link building process. This mistake is very common with many people.

The alternative text conveys the message you want to pass to your readers and is accessible on search engines. If you use an image without an alternative text, it remains inaccessible in the web. The intended message is thus not communicated to search engines to figure out whether the pictures are content related or not, bringing in no benefits for website traffic.

While using an image link, always ensure that there is an alternative text that is succinct. The text should not be redundant or be a long phrase. The text also needs to describe the images well.


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