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Best Link Building Tips for WordPress SEO

Best Link Building Tips for WordPress SEO

Link building is an essential way to boost a website SEO. It can not only help a website get high ranking in search engines but also let your website be discovered in many possible ways. As a result, your site can have more influence in the market. Although we all know building links can bring about benefits, it is not an easy task to build quality and effective links.

Generally speaking, there are 5 methods to setup links to your website including link request, link buying, directories, content links, and social media. Today, according to these solutions, we are going to summarize the best link building tips for WordPress SEO.

Link with Social Profile

Every social media website comes with an author profile where you can make a brief introduction of yourself. Thus, you can naturally mention that you have a WordPress website and add a link to it. No matter who comes to your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Tumblr, they can notice the link and out of curiosity, some of them may click on it.

Focus On Content

ContentIf your blog content is fascinating, useful, relevant and focusing on the hot event or product, it is very possible that people link back to the post when they write their articles. Besides, you need to update your posts frequently to ensure the timeliness and usability. Apart from the content itself, making a post easily shared is also important.

When people feel the content is good and helpful, they are inclined to share it to their friends. Thus, add share button into your content and encourage readers to share it on their social circles. By the way, if you are confused about how to add share buttons to your WordPress website, you can get solutions in the following articles.

Add Comments to Posts

CommentsThere are many popular posts or articles on the Internet and many of these them allow visitors to add comments. Thus, you can make use of this chance and add the link of your website in your comment. However, you need to bear it in mind that you’d better choose post that are closely related to yours. Only in this way can people find things they want and therefore become a common visitor to your site.

Add Link to Video

When you make a video tape, add your website link to it. Therefore, wherever people click the video, it brings them back to your site. Note that the radio needs to be attractive and then there should be some posts that are related to the radio.

Add Inner Links

Inner LinksAmong all the methods that adding links to your website, adding inner links is the most time-saving and convenient way. When you write a post, you can mention other articles you have written in the same site. Then, add that post’s link to the content, which can bring visitors to your site. Note that those chosen articles need to be highly relevant.

Ask Linking Back

Whenever you find anyone mention your post or website, you can politely ask them to add your site link on the content. This is just a piece of cake and a lift of finger for them. However, you need to remember that ask people politely and you can get a reasonable reply.

Get More Social Networking Shares

Getting more social networking shares is an excellent solution to add links to your website. The more shares your content get, the more popular your site can get. You can publish an interesting, rich-content or practical articles on your social networking, within which you need to add your website link in the post. Thus, when people share your articles, their followers can see the link and click to your site.


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