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Best 5 Keyword SEO Strategies for Your CTR and Google Ranking

Best 5 Keyword SEO Strategies for Your CTR and Google Ranking

The majority of webmasters know clearly that one great way to improve the search engine optimization of their posts is through keyword utilization, but many of them fail to implement this method in a correct way, thus causes negative impact on their search rankings. In this article, therefore, our editors have summarized some golden rules about how to make use of keyword properly in the website, which help our readers grow their traffic easily and efficiently.

Do Comprehensive Keyword Search

right keywordThere are a countless number of people searching for different terms on search engines every day, so by knowing how to properly do the keyword search, you can get a great idea for what people are actually seeking for, thus write your article accordingly. If you are a webmasters new to keyword research, then the easiest way is to let your famous competitors do this task for you. You can go over your peer sites or some authorized sites in your niche, and write about their hottest topics. Note that you can succeed in this way only when you have a superb writing skill and distinctive perspective about those topics. If you have none of these, simply write with a low competition keyword that gets lots of searches.

In fact, there is no need to search for a proper keyword on your own, for there are a lot of keyword search tools you can take advantage of, such as SEMRush. You only need to type in a word or a phrase that best summarizes the main idea of your post, then these tools will show you a list of similar keywords that have been searched with the densest frequency.

SEMRush Keyword Research Tool

Use Keyword in Effective Placement

In order to make your site readable and in nature, you can locate the keyword at anywhere you want. However, to induce searching robots for better indexing, you’d better use some tricks.

According to our research and investigation, webpages that are ranked at the top of searching list always include the keyword within the initial 150 characters of the first paragraph, and rarely place it at subheading.

To test the effectiveness, we have altered one of our published posts, and have found that its search ranking increases significantly just overnight.

Use Keyword with Your Images

image with keywordsSo far, we haven’t found any webpage that fails to contain images, for the graphical element is helpful to improve the readability of articles. It is unavoidable that you may insert some images to diversify your post. At that time, you’d better add some alternative texts with the keyword for that image before you publishing the post. This is because the additional image description showed up in HTML calls alt tag, which directly provides search engines with information about your posts. To be frank, using keyword in your alt tag can be a smart move as it can entice search engines to crawl and index that image.

Use Keyword in Post Titles

The post title is one of the most important places to add your primary keyword. This is because a keyword-rich title can benefit your readers by letting them know what your content is about, and in the meanwhile, improve your search ranking by indicating your relevancy to that specific searching inquiry.

In addition, to make your post more visual-appealing on the text-heavy computer screen, you may break your content up with several parts. Note that the subtitle of each part provides you with another chance to place your keywords.

Use Keyword in URL and Linked Texts

According to some SEO experts, search engines place great weight on URL and linked text, so you need to add your keyword into the URL as well as the links of your post. This practice offers an obvious signal to both searchers and searching robots of what your article is about, thus help you better optimize your content for search engines.

Don’t Overuse Keyword throughout Your Content

noWithout doubt, you need to use your carefully selected keyword throughout your whole post not only to emphasize your general point, but also to attract searching spiders for indexing. However, it doesn’t mean that you can overuse this strategy with keyword stuffing, for search engines will penalize sites that are filled with keywords to increase their rankings.

Many of our readers have asked that what the correct keyword density of a webpage is. In fact, there is no need to think about this. If your content is tightly relevant to that keyword, then this word will fall into the right place automatically. Therefore, just stick to your main topic and create the content naturally, and never be caught up in how many times you have utilized your keyword.

In the event you have to insert your keyword many times within a short paragraph, then you can utilize some synonyms as the substitution.


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