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Best CloudLinux Hosting - Power Your Site with Stable OS
CloudLinux Hosting 4.5 5 683 votes

Best CloudLinux Hosting – Power Your Site with Stable OS

Based on a shared hosting, your website may be seriously affected by some malicious websites that take use of too much CPU, storage, bandwidth or other resources. CloudLinux, an awesome operating system, just comes to solving this problem – taking control over the entire server resources and setting limits for each account. The kernel level technology ensures that each user have certain resources to power websites and don’t need to seize resources with others on the same server.

By providing a stable environment and high security, CloudLinux is popularly utilized by many reliable web hosting providers. However, it’s a tedious task to choose a suitable package from a large number of options available over the Internet. To help readers simplify the process, our editors have reviewed 100+ solutions and finally voted A2Hosting as the Best CloudLinux Hosting. It comes with both high performance and cost-effectiveness.

Why CloudLinux?

cloudlinuxCloudLinux is a CentOS based operating system designed for shared hosting and data center services. It efficiently utilizes LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment) to isolate users on the same server and limits their resources, including CPU, memory, and the number of processes, and more. As a result, it helps web hosting providers increase the stability, density, and security. See the detailed advantages and check why you need CloudLinux.

  • CloudLinux comes with multiple PHP versions, including v5.2, v5.3, v5.4 and v5.5, giving users a lot of choices and allowing them switch at any money. As well, it supports a large number of PHP extensions.
  • Taking control over the whole server, it enables users to get certain CPU, IO, memory, MySQL CPU, and other resources to ensure their website running fast and smoothly.
  • By limiting the resource usage of each user, it prevents some websites malicious seize too many resources, which may result in server downtime and slow speed. So, it helps increase the server reliability.
  • It improves the server security by isolating tenants, avoiding a large number of attacks against the server.
  • It also combines with cPanel control panel, to enhance the resource management, security, and server performance.

Why Is A2Hosting The Best CloudLinux Hosting?

A2Hosting is awarded as the Best CloudLinux Hosting, not only because it applies CloudLinux system for maximizing performance, but also for its affordable price, rich features, fast speed, 99.9% uptime, and considerate support. You can learn about the brand in the A2Hosting Review, or see its typical highlights in the below list.

  • The company now comes with high to 51% discount through this promotional link. So you can purchase the reliable service at $3.92/mo, saving up to $73 totally.
  • The service integrates with enhanced cPanel, with which users are free to manage their accounts, domains, websites, files, databases, and nearly everything with easy operation.
  • With the Softculous included in cPanel, you are able to build up their site within minutes.
  • It guarantees no hidden fees and promises 30 days money back.
  • It utilizes high performance SwiftServers to ensure maximize performance.
  • It comes with Solid State Drives options so that your site can be 300% faster than competitors’.
  • The company provides 24×7 professional support to help you via hotline, online chat, and email ticket.

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