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Best CDN Services for a WordPress Site | WordPress CDN

Best CDN Services for a WordPress Site | WordPress CDN

The best CDN services have big influences for the website speed and security as it allows visitors access to your website content through the closest server. However, it’s really not easy to find the best CDN service just by browsing the introduction on the internet. To make things easy, in below, we have reviewed the best CDN services for WordPress websites which help a lot to make your site secure and fast.

CDN, the abbreviation of content delivery network, stores the cached static content of your website on a variety of data centers worldwide and serves visitors with the closest server. By this way, CDN is great for speeding up website speed, reducing bandwidth costs and increasing global availability of content.

Obviously, CDN has a significant impact on website performance and reliability. If you have not chosen a web hosting, we suggest you choose the below 3 best CDN hosting which provides best CDN service for free. Starting at an affordable price, you can get advanced services and superior performance.


If you have already had reliable hosting solutions, you can choose the following best CDN services which can easily speed up your site.


Website: https://www.cloudflare.com/

CloudFlare is the best free CDN services for websites powered by 23 data centers located all over the world, it protects and accelerates millions of websites. Through the optimization, your web pages are delivered automatically and your visitors are able to get the fastest page loading speed and host their sites in the most reliable environment. In addition to the CDN service, CloudFlare also provides security services to restrict abusive bots & crawlers and prevent threats so that your bandwidth and server resources are not be wasted. With the analytics service, you can get insight into all of your website traffic including threats and search engine crawlers. Besides, the CloudFlare apps make installing web apps on your site extremely fast.

Best CDN Services for WordPress - CloudFlare


Website: http://www.maxcdn.com/

MaxCDN is a well-know CDN service giving your site the fast speed and strongest ability. To keep the websites fast and secure, it provides rich features, such as free HTTP & HTTPS requests, instant purge, install provisioning, powerful restful API, custom SSL, SSD based network, etc. what’s more, it is easy to setup and use. With the step-by-step documentation and videos, it’s quite easy to install it within 5 minutes. If you get stuck, you can get professional help from the support team as it offers 24×7 free support. Moreover, it guarantees 100% money back in 30 days so that you can try its service in the first 30 days, and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service.

Best CDN Services for WordPress - MaxCDN


Website: http://www.cachefly.com/

The CacheFly content delivery network is the fastest CDN service ensures the fastest and most reliable delivery of rich medias. It provides unbeatable performance including the below highlights:

  • Industry leading performance with more than 30 Points of Presence (POPs) connect to server to deliver content closer to visitors.
  • Slid reporting and analytics which allow users see the real time information on server performance, bandwidth, and user experience.
  • Scalable delivery with on-demand bandwidth to prevent performance degradation and timeouts.
  • Reverse Proxy and SSL Support.
  • Quality 24×7 technical support helps you solve problems as you need.

With these reliable features, CacheFly is trusted by some of the largest companies like Honda, Toyota, Microsoft, P&G, etc, to handle the biggest flash crowds.

Best CDN Services for WordPress - CacheFly


Website: http://www.softlayer.com/cloudlayer/cdn

SoftLayer is a cloud computing Infrastructure Company acquired by IBM in Aug. 2013. It offers a high quality CloudLayer content delivery network, getting your content to visitors faster and more efficiently. By distributing your content through its network with 24 nodes throughout the cloud, SoftLayer CloudLayer minimizes the distance the data has to travel and serves your visitors based on their location. In this way, it helps avoid network traffic jams, decrease latency and improve the user experience.

Best CDN Services for WordPress - SoftLayer

Google CloudFront

Website: http://aws.amazon.com/en/cloudfront/

Google CloudFront is a web service for content delivery which can deliver an entire website, including dynamic, static and streaming content by using a global network. Instead of accessing your web hosting server directly, it automatically route visitors’ requests to the nearest server based on their locations so that they can get fast speed and excellent performance. Besides, this service also integrates with other Amazon Web Services to allow developers and businesses to easily distribute content to visitors with low latency, high data transfer speed, and no commitments.

Best CDN Services for WordPress - Google CloudFront


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