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Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online

Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online

Affiliate program has become a new trend for webmasters who wish to make money online easily and quickly. You just need to spend some time promoting services or products offered by the companies you affiliate for and add links to those items. When your visitors click the link or pay for an item through the given link, you can get paid from the affiliate program.

As we all know, there are many sorts of affiliate programs in the market provided by various brands, among which we select the best five options which can help people make a lot of money on the Internet. Check more details as below.


linkshareLinkShare is a leading online marketing services provider in this field, especially for the affiliate marketing, paid search and customer acquisition. Two affiliate marketing solutions are available to you, including Advertiser Solutions and Publisher Solutions. The only responsibility for the advertisers is to determine which service level is most suitable to make the affiliate marketing successfully. For publishers, the network is free to them, from which they can choose any affiliate marketing program as you want.

If you wish to earn commissions online, you need to play a role as a publisher to display ads, product links or text links from an advertiser. When making a sale though the link published on your website, you can be paid a certain amount of money by the providers.

Commission Junction

commission junctionSince founded in 1998, Commission Junction has been regarded as the largest affiliate marketing network in North America. There are many tools available for partnerships to do the revenue sharing successfully, with which people are able to drive higher sale conversions and monitor transactions in real-time at your fingertips. In this way, you can earn too much money without making any effort.

Commission Junctions makes a promise to provide each partner with affiliate commission payments on time because this provider has its own platform used to deliver reliable conversion pixel tracking. And also, it offers two payment methods including check and deposit, available in multiple currencies.


amazonThe affiliate program of Amazon is named as Amazon Associate, from which you can earn up to 15% in referral fees by advertising Amazon products on your own website. As one of the largest online shopping sites, Amazon sales various kind of products, such as books, toys, music, DVD, jewelry, apparel and many more. To push the sales of each product, it launches an affiliate program to encourage more people promote its items online.

This program has made a detailed description about the advertising fees rate on different types of products. For example, if you advertise an Amazon electronic product which is purchase by your visitors, you will get 4% of the pricing.


bluehostAs one of the most well-known hosting companies in the market, BlueHost has won a large popularity among customers. Frankly, the affiliate program becomes a part of its success. Joining in BlueHost is entirely free, you just need to sign up the service which only takes a few minutes. Based on the statistics on its official site, BlueHost paid over $5 million commission last year to the partners who promote BlueHost services on their sites.

You can promote the services or products in the forms of text, images, videos or ads. Once driving a customer to sign up at BlueHost, you can earn $65 per referral. For any questions on this program, you can contact the dedicated team to acquire a support or advice.


shareasaleHaving been 14 years, ShareASale has grown as a professional affiliate marketing network in the industry, always aiming at providing an advanced and reliable affiliate marketing platform to help customers grow their own affiliate programs with ease. This service provider are willing to provide some constructive advices on your seasonal, dynamic and promotional ads banners as well as offer some developing affiliate tools, like datafeeds, videos, widgets and so on.


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