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Benefits of Using Twitter Bootstrap for WordPress

Benefits of Using Twitter Bootstrap for WordPress

Twitter bootstrapTwitter bootstrap is an excellent front-end toolkit to create web apps and websites quickly. There are a lot of benefits to use Twitter bootstrap, such as the user interface CSS styles, extend bootstrap with LESS, integrated JavaScript plugins, and so on. Today, we just list out some obvious benefits of using Twitter bootstrap for WordPress websites, to help readers understand whether they need to utilize it at once.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networkings, and it also encourages developers for making the world spin with code. The Bootstrap framework is the latest innovation to touch the design and development area, helping build websites and apps with ease. WordPress, one of the most excellent CMSs and blogging tools, also involves a large number of people into the development and design. So what happened if you use Twitter’s bootstrap for WordPress websites? In the following, we just introduce some typical benefits.

Save Time

save timeThe biggest advantage of using bootstrap in WordPress is saving a lot of time. Bootstrap contains simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript tools for building alerts, forms, layouts, navigation, popovers, tables, and so on. Instead of spending a lot of time on laboriously working out and writing code, web developers utilizing Twitter’s bootstrap can simply look for the right piece of code and fit it into the structure they working on.

No matter you want to develop a website or application, the bootstrap libraries always provide readymade code, which can help developers build up it quickly. In addition, bootstrap also takes the styling and design aspects into consideration by building the CSS with LESS.

Great for Design

Bootstrap comes with grid which makes the WordPress theme design a whole lot of ease. By default, the platform offers a 16 column grid which is 940px wide. A single column contains 40px with an extra 20px acting as the gutter. For users who need to work through columns and nesting, they can get the right grid to get the job done.

Rows and spans can be configured as you need. In addition, styling is completed in auto mode, and developers can get the job done by dropping content into the HTML. As well, you can use LESS mixins and CSS manipulations to customize the built-in grid. Bootstrap also equips with JavaScript libraries that go above and beyond basic structural and styling. As JavaScript is often an integral part of a web design, developers using bootstrap can simply handle modal windows alerts, tooltips, scrollers, button, and others.


Bootstrap is responsive. If users shift from a laptop to an iPad or from an iPad to a Mac, they won’t have to fret over their work. Bootstrap adapts to the change in platforms with super speed and efficiency.


Using a mix of JavaScript, CSS and intelligent grids, bootstrap can help with almost of responsive elements that WordPress design may require. As well, it can be used to build responsive navigation that is both easy to use and implement.


Although bootstrap collects tools for creating websites and web applications, you can make use of its content as your own. After learning about the whole framework, you can clearly keep what you need and simply give up what you don’t need. The framework effectively allows you make use of itself in your unique requirements and tailor your development project accordingly.


integrationIf you want to re-develop the website or app which is already online, bootstrap can help you a lost and make things easy. For example, if you are using table styling, all you need to do is copy the styles you need to the CSS file. Then you can link up the file to Twitter and the bootstrap can kick in its own style.

Overall, the integration is easily, fast, and simple to complete. Once completed, you can simply play the design with your content. Just as you want.

Future Compatibility

Bootstrap comes with many elements that are considered as the future of design. For example, both HTML 5 and CSS 3 are not popular at present, but they are going to be flourishing in the future. As the framework takes the future design and development into consideration, it has the potential to be a standard for developers and designers in the recent years.


Using bootstrap is definitely helpful for WordPress websites. If you want to learn about it directly at once, just check out the platform at twitter.github.com/bootstrap/, where you can either download a compiled version or get the bootstrap sources which has original CSS and JavaScript docs.


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