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The Beginner’s Guide on Domain Authority

The Beginner’s Guide on Domain Authority

Have you ever found that no matter how hard you work on your website SEO, you webpage ranking is still lower than that of some short blog posts with less information than you? Have you ever found some popular websites that can have their newly-released articles to be ranked at the top places in the searching result page within the shortest time? This is how can domain authority affect a website.

In the following, we’d like to come out an in-depth guide about domain authority, including its definitions, functions and ways to improve it.

About Domain Authority

In fact, domain authority is an important website metric developed by Moz, indicating how great a domain name can be ranked in the SERPs of Google. In other words, the higher domain authority you get, the higher online ranking and organic traffic your website can obtain.

Moz scores the domain authority from 0 to 100. Getting a DA score of 100 is a difficult task, but you can try your best to improve your score to at least 80. Once you are in this level, it means that your site is authoritative to searching engines, and whatever you publish can be considered important, thus being ranked highly.

How to Improve Domain Authority

The metrics of domain authority are incorporated into dozens of factors, so it is hard to influence the scores just by concentrating on a few respects. Instead, you need to start an overall improvement on your website.

Here, we have listed some key factors about how to optimize your site for increasing the domain authority score.

How to Improve Domain Authority

Factor 1 – Link Profile

Domain authority is based on plenty of factors, among which the link profile is the most critical one. By getting rid of bad links and gaining a large number of good links from high-quality websites, your DA score can be boosted greatly.

Tips to Carry Out

  • Increase the number of root domains that are pointing to your site. Generally, it is greater to have 25 backward links from 25 different sites than getting 50 backlinks from a single site.
  • Focus on the backlinks from some authoritative websites with high values and high DA.
  • Remove all the bad links and spamming links that are linking to your website. After all, these links are not in good terms with the proper SEO practices. Besides, this tip not only applies to websites, but also applies to forums, communities and discussion boards.
  • Pay attention to the diversity of anchor texts. You can mix up the utilization of keywords and some common phrases such as “this post” and “this page”.

Factor 2 – MozRank and MozTrust

MozRank and MozTrust are used to represent the scores of your link popularity and trust levels. They are all scored on a logarithmic scale that is from 0 to 10. And Moz will calculate your domain authority by combining the scores of these two aspects into a single one. Therefore, once you have the MozRank and MozTrust improved, your domain authority can be increased effectively.

For MozRank

MozRankWhile MozRank mainly measures the ranking power and link juice for both internal links and external link, you have to carry out some proper linking building strategies.

  • Internal links achieve a powerful network within your website, which can benefit both your readers and searching robots to crawl and index your contents. In this case, you have to make sure that all your blog posts should have a least two internal links that pointing to some other webpages within your site.
  • You need to try your best to earn as many backlinks as possible from a large number of websites. After all, the number of root backlinks plays a vital role on both MozRank and domain authority. To achieve this, you can try to purchase the backward links, publish sponsored posts and exchange links with some high-quality websites. Even, you can leave some meaningful messages with your domains at the comment sections of your peer bloggers and some hot threads of large forums.

For MozTrust

MozTrustMozTrust mainly values the trustworthiness of your links and your proximity with some authoritative websites. Therefore, the closer you are liked with a trusted website, the more score you can have.

  • Receiving links from some source pages like Wikipedia, Facebook and university homepage results in a great bump in MozTrust.
  • You should always bear in mind that having a few backlinks from quality websites is better than getting a lot of links from the poor sites.

Factor 3 – On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

According to the statement of Moz, the best way to improve your domain authority is to start an overall search engine optimization for your website with the proper on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

For On-Page SEO

The on-page factor can influence your ranking power and DA score greatly. After all, a truly practical and reader-focused website is preferred by both online users and search engines.

  • Maintain a user-friendly site structure with a clean navigation menu and well-structured layout.
  • Enter text links extensively throughout your site with a moderate limitation.
  • Make use of sitemap to make your whole site easy-to-browse.
  • Optimize your website with the fast page loading speed.
  • Use keywords strategically in each webpage.

For Off-Page SEO

There are a lot of useful strategies to benefit your off-page SEO, including guest blogging, website commenting, forum posting, directory submission, social bookmarking, press release submission and many more. The detailed information of these tips can be found in this post.

Factor 4 – The Quality of Blog Content

The meaningful website content with high quality is the backbone of all the authoritative websites featuring high DA scores. Therefore, you have to make sure that what you have published can bring something useful for readers and can be marked as important and valuable information by search engines.

Tips to Carry Out

  • Write down truly informative blog posts. In fact, this practice is really time and energy consuming. You firstly need to search on the web to hand-pick a hot and interesting topic, along with plenty of source pages for reference. Then, when start writing, you have to make sure that your posts are error-free with logical thinking. Even, you need to add your own thoughts and angles to ensure the personality. Lastly, you have to note that never come out a duplicated article with any plagiarism issues.
  • Promote your newly-released articles. There are dozens of methods to achieve this, among which building up the email lists and sharing on the popular social networking platforms are the most common ways.

Quality Blog Content

Factor 5 – Social Media Optimization

Social media including Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter are the best platforms you can leverage to increase your website exposure and to benefit your domain authority. With the large user base, these networking sites can bring your posts in front of millions of people all over the world, getting the brand value and referral traffic with much ease.

Here, we have listed the hot trends for social media marketing, with which you can gain some inspirations about how to utilize these platforms effectively.

Factor 6 – Be Patient

You cannot expect to improve your domain authority right after carrying out these tips. Instead, you have to be patient and wait a long time until these measures take effect. Even, your domain authority may fluctuate during some periods.

In this case, to have a good DA score, you should insist in these above-mentioned strategies and keep carrying them out. Also, you can check your score using this tool regularly to adjust your practices in a minor manner.


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