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AWeber VS MailChimp – Which Is Better for Email Marketing

AWeber VS MailChimp – Which Is Better for Email Marketing

Email marketing enables an effective way to send useful information to target customers and that is great for business promotion. As two of the most popular tools for email marketing, AWeber and MailChimp are selected in this comparison to make your decision.

The AWeber vs MailChimp focuses on several aspects of the two email marketing services, including reputation, cost, features, usability, and support. Go through the following comparison and decide which software suits your WordPress site more for email marketing.


In spite of the fierce competition between AWeber and MailChimp, some readers still have no idea about such two popular email marketing tools. They are wondering about the reputation of two solutions before having insight into each one. An overview of AWeber and MailChimp is made to this end. Check more details as below.

AWeber VS MailChimp Overview


AWeber has been trusted by over 120,000 customers worldwide since the first launch of 1998. With over 15 years experience, this company guarantees to grow your business in 30 days with a bunch of advanced features, like autoresponder, fast deliverability, email newsletters, and so on. Several levels of solutions are released for email marketing development and that is trusted by most small businesses.


MailChimp is also an established email marketing service provider consisting of a large number of excellent staff. Since 2001, this company has won a great reputation among millions of users with over 600 million emails sending every day. Each plan of MailChimp comes with rich features that allow you to send marketing emails in an easy manner.

Pricing > MailChimp Enables More Benefits

Both companies enable multiple levels of solutions and try their best to meet different needs, no matter for individuals, small businesses or enterprises.


There are 6 solutions available in AWeber email marketing service, which are identified by the number of subscribers. That is starting at $19/mo for the solution with less than 500 subscribers. Make a decision on how many subscribers are allowed for your email marketing and then select the most suitable solution from a list of options.

AWeber Monthly Pricing

A 30-day free trial is designed for users who wish to have a try, which is valid for the first month of monthly billing cycle and then it goes up to $19/mo. For the quarterly plan, the first quarter is pricing at $32.67 and then only $49 per quarter. The annual plan enables a large discount for users to start the price at $177.65 for the first year and then renews $194 annually.

AWeber Billing Cycle

If the first 5 levels of plans can no longer stratify your needs, you should go with a custom solution that enables more than 25,000 subscribers. Click “Find out More” and let AWeber into your requirement for a large list of subscribers. The professional team helps you move the whole list to AWeber seamlessly.


For MailChimp, three plans are available for customers to choose from, including Entrepreneur (up to 2,000 subscribers), Growing business (up to 600,000 subscribers) and High volume sender (600,000+ subscribers). Each plan is further divided into several levels for different purposes, starting at $10 for the monthly subscription.

A forever free solution is designed for users who have less than 2,000 subscribers with up to 12,000 emails to send per month. It is nothing different with paid service but a few of features, including automation, spam filter diagnostics, email client testing, etc. Have a try on the free option and then purchase a paid service if satisfied.

MailChimp Pricing Table

Besides the monthly billing cycle, MailChimp also allows customers to purchase credits, and that is just like the use of a stamp for each email. The price per email is 3 cents for the one-off amount of 300, 1,000 and 2,000 email credits. For the purchase of 5,000 or 7,500 email credits at once, the price per email is only 2 cents. That is a solid for the rare customers.

Features > Each Has Its Own Advantages

In addition to affordable price, each plan of AWeber and MailChimp comes with an array of features for developing email marketing in an easy manner. Note that, most features are not free of charge and certain paid features allow a terminable free trial for users.

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing FeaturesAWeber attaches great importance to the usability of the service and includes advanced features in each solution. Most noteworthy is the autoresponder. Unlimited autoresponders deliver emails to target customers automatically if you have scheduled the time to send an email in advance.

MailChimp enables an enterprise-level of automation to simplify matters. Every new customer will receive a welcome email to get an initial impression of your business. You can customize each email to cater to the needs of target customers. Schedule when to send out all emails based on the pre-built workflows. Check all automated emails via workflows and drag & drop certain items to change the send order.

Email Delivery

The efficiency for email delivery determines the results of email marketing. AWeber guarantees industry-leading deliverability to promote emails delivery in an effective way. A 5-point inspection is available for email deliverability by troubleshooting common issues happening to five factors, including in-house reputation system, current email authentication, the use of dedicated/shared IPs, ISP’s connection limits and the way to fix blocking issues. In this way, the potential issues are cleaned up before you take measures to seek them out.

MailChimp has done a great job on how to deliver email thanks to its excellent delivery team and professional delivery infrastructure. The abuse detection technologies collect all emails together and filter spam emails closely. Featuring the abuse monitoring system, all potential delivery issues are under monitor. More features are available for the security improvement of email marketing.

Subscribers Management

Subscribers ManagementAWeber enables everything for you to create an email list and manage all subscribers in perfect order. The sign-up form builder makes it easy to create a form with a few minutes and that grows your list in a fast way. Besides, you are allowed to segment subscribers based on activity and that is a great method to satisfy the maximum needs of customers. The email marketing analytics simplifies the manner of tracking every subscriber.

MailChimp allows you to create a sign-up form and design it with an array of features, like drop-down boxes, custom fields, radio buttons, etc. You can unify the subscriber profiles with cross-channel views. That enables a simple and professional looking for the subscriber list. An auto-updating segment list makes it much easier to save a segment for growing list.

App Integrations

AWeber and MailChimp both connect with hundreds of other applications to make your email marketing featuring more possibilities, like sales pages, shopping carts, social media, popup form, and so on. Some popular applications like Facebook, WordPress, PayPal and Magento are available for both companies. Here, we would like to list more App integrations as below.

  • AWeber – Etsy, ViewBix, ClickBank, LeadPages, SumoMe, ViralSweep, LiveAgent, aMember Pro, Add This, StoreYa, etc.
  • MailChimp – Google Analytics, Google Contacts, Google Docs, Quickbooks, SurveyMonkey, Wufoo Form, iStockphoto, HootSuite, MovableType, Highrise, etc.

Support > AWeber Does Better

Once having a question about any email marketing solutions, users can ask for help from live support staff of AWeber via phone, text chat and email. A large number of video tutorials explain the way to import email list to AWeber account, create Follow Up messages and integrate with other services.

MailChimp support team stays online and answers all requests via email. A Quick Start Guide is created for beginners who have no idea on account setup, list import, campaign design, etc. Numerous FAQs, glossary explanations and video tutorials enable a quick manner to solve any common issues.


AWeber and MailChimp are worthy of being regarded as the most reliable email marketing service providers with rich functions. It seems a hard decision to make. However, if you attach greater importance to service price, MailChimp is a solid option. If you have a higher demand on support, you should go with AWeber.


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