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How to Avoid Duplicate Titles in WordPress Posts

How to Avoid Duplicate Titles in WordPress Posts

It is undoubted that the post titles play a critical role for your web contents. It tells both readers and searching spiders what you are talking about in this article. In this case, the title has the huge influences for both the readability and the overall website SEO. However, when coming out the post title, many of you may decide the duplicate options unintentionally. Especially, if your website contains a large number of blog posts, you may forget the fact that you have already discussed some topics previously. To deal with this situation, we’d like to introduce how to avoid duplicate titles in WordPress posts in the following.

Note that the recommended methods include two options. One is the utilization of the WordPress plugin. And another is the manual ways by making use of your WordPress dashboard and the Google search engines.

How Can WordPress Handle the Duplicate Post Titles By Default

In fact, it commonly happens that you may come out the duplicate post titles when running your WordPress sites. Once this happens, WordPress itself will not warn you. Instead, as this script makes use of the post title as the URL slug, it will distinguish the same titles by adding a number at the end of the slug.

However, the fact is that your post title and URL still contains the identical keywords. In this case, when ranking for your web content, search engines may feel confused. This surely will lead to the bad results of your website search engine optimization.

Now, to avoid the bad SEO effects brought by the identical and duplicate post titles, you can make use of the following two tips.

Option 1 – Leverage the Unique Title Checker Plugin

Here, we highly recommend you to use a simple plugin that is called as Unique Title Checker. This special tool will check all the titles of your pages, blog posts and the web contents of any other custom post type. And then, the plugin will make sure that the title you enter is 100% unique and will not hurt your website SEO.

Note that you just need to install this plugin. There is no need to configure anything. After the proper installation, this plugin will provide a special checker filter in the wp_query arguments.

In this case, when you add the duplicate post title in the content editing screen, this plugin will warn you. The warning message looks like the following screenshot.

Unique Title Checker

Option 2 – Check the Duplicate Post Titles Manually

If you do not want to install the extra plugin, you can check the duplicate post titles manually. Here, we mean before you add the new post, you can enter the title into the Search Posts box of your admin. If you get the identical or the similar results, you need to choose another title.

In addition, you can enter the searching query of “site:domain.com post title” in the Google search engine. If the searching results contain the similar titles, you should think about some other post titles.


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