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How to Check the Availability of Installed WordPress Plugins in WordPress Directory

How to Check the Availability of Installed WordPress Plugins in WordPress Directory

When running and managing a WordPress site, there is one thing that you surely have already done – WordPress plugin installation. Now, you can find nearly 50,000 free plugins that are available from the official WordPress directory. Each of them can achieve the special function you may need. In this case, you can search from this directory with the proper keyword to find your target tool. And then, you can install it on your site. However, have you ever found that some of your installed plugins are already missing from this directory due to various reasons? Here, we’d like to discuss why they will be removed and how to check the availability of installed WordPress plugins in WordPress directory.

What Will Happen When Installed Plugins Are Removed from Directory?

The WordPress plugin review team already has set up some principles to decide which kind of plugins can appear on the exclusive WordPress plugin directory. If the plugins break the rules, the team will remove them from the list immediately.

There are several reasons for why a plugin is hidden from the directory. And the most well-known one is the security issue. For instance, if a plugin fails to be updated for a long time to patch some loopholes, it can be removed. In the following, we have listed some common reasons.

  • The plugins are found to break the general GPL or the directory regulations.
  • Some other plugins developed by the same author are found to cause some issues or are in the pending investigation.
  • The plugin authors ask for the removal.
  • The plugins are investigated due to some complaints.

Upon the removal, the plugins will be hidden from the view. And there is no notification sent to the current users. And when you open the plugin page in the later time, the directory will showcase a message indicating that this plugin no longer exists.

Now, to prevent the security issue due to your installed plugins that are removed from the directory after the installation, you’d better check the plugin availability. In this case, once the plugin disappears from the list, you can replace an alternative option to avoid the potential online threats and vulnerabilities.

Plugins Not Available

How to Check the Availability of Installed WordPress Plugins

You surely can check the plugin availability manually by looking for the plugin page later. However, this may take your time and it is possible that you will forget the checking in the future. In this case, we sincerely suggest the utilization of the No Longer In Directory plugin. This great tool can finish the checking process for you automatically and provide the warning message in your admin panel.

One of the big highlights of this plugin is that you do not need to finish the setup process. Instead, you only need to install it on your site properly. And then, once your installed plugins are no longer in the plugin directory, you can click the Plugins > No Longer in Directory button to check the details.

No Longer In Directory

Note that besides the unavailable plugins, you can also be notified for the plugins that are not updated for more than two years. Generally, this kind of plugins is much likely to have the security concern.


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