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How to Automatically Post from WordPress to Pinterest

How to Automatically Post from WordPress to Pinterest

At present, the utilization of social networks becomes a common practice for webmasters to enrich their web contents and to drive more online traffic. Among all the popular social networks, Pinterest is really special. It is dedicated to the image sharing so as to convey your thoughts and ideas in a vivid and visually appealing way.

To integrate your website with the Pinterest platform, most of you may choose to add the Pinterest button. Actually, you can also choose to pin your blog posts directly from WordPress to your Pinterest account. If you have a large number of Pinterest followers, this practice can encourage a massive number of potential readers to your website effectively.

Here, we’d like to introduce how to automatically post from WordPress to Pinterest using the auto-pin function.

Post from WordPress to Pinterest using Next Scripts Plugin

To achieve the purpose of automatically posting from your WordPress site to your Pinterest account, we highly recommend you to use the Next Scripts plugin. This tool is an auto poster. With it, you can easily publish the posts, images and any web contents from your WordPress site to your associated social accounts, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other 18 social networking options.

After installing this auto publisher, you firstly need to add your Pinterest account from the settings page. For this, you can click the Settings > Social Networks Auto Poster button. In this page, you can find the Add New Account button. Just click it.

Add New Account

Next, you can find a pop-up window that requires you to choose the network among dozens of options. Here, you should choose Pinterest from the drop-down list.

Now, you need to finish the Pinterest settings to make your Pinterest account tightly integrated with your WordPress site. Here, you should enter the correct username and password for your Pinterest account.

This plugin will pin the featured images of your blog posts. In this case, you can upload the default image to pin if some of your posts miss the featured images. In addition, you need to remember to tick the first checkbox to activate the auto-sharing function.

Pinterest Settings

Decide Some Plugin Settings

After saving the information, now, you need to go back to the plugin settings page and to click the Settings button.

Here, you can decide how to auto post from WordPress to Pinterest. For instance, you can choose to publish right after your blog post is made online. Also, you can use the WP Cron feature to schedule the automatic posting. Here, you can choose not to auto post more than one article during some days, some hours and some minutes.

Auto Post Settings

In addition, this plugin gives you a special filter. With it, you can set up some general criteria for what kinds of posts can be pinned to Pinterest automatically. For instance, you can filter the posts based on categories, tags, content types, content formats and content authors.

Filter Posts

Now, you can edit your blog post. From the bottom section of the editing screen, you can find the special metadata box. Here, you just need to tick the checkbox of Pinterest. After publishing or updating the content, this plugin will share this post to your Pinterest platform automatically.

Pinterest Metadata Box


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