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How to Automate Tweets for New WordPress Posts

How to Automate Tweets for New WordPress Posts

To increase traffic and to enlarge the customer base of your website with the help of Twitter, you’d better send tweets to this social platform whenever you post a new article, informing your followers of the update effectively. Thus, people can get the most prompt information and get to this new post immediately if they are interested in the content.

To be frank, do this manually can be bored and time-consuming. You may even forget this step at some times. Therefore, we highly suggest you sending automatic tweets with the help of WP to Twitter – one of the most widely used WordPress plugins designed to auto-post tweets from website to Twitter.

WP to Twitter

Search and Install This Plugin

Without the need to search this plugin in Google or WordPress.org, you can do this simply from your WordPress admin panel.

Log into WordPress dashboard and go for the Plugin section in the left sidebar. Click the Add New button and type this plugin name in the search box like the image showed below.

search wp to twitter

After hitting the Search Plugin button, you can see a long list of related results. Pick the first one and click the Install button.

install wp to twitter

After completing the installation process, simply activate this plugin.

activate wp to twitter

Set Up a Developer Account

In order to make this plugin work out, you need to create a developer account. This process can let this platform know that your website is going to use its AIP. It will not take your much time. You only need to go to this registration page, and then start the signing in practice using your Twitter account.

sign in Twitter app

Then, click on the Create a New Application button in the next screen. After making sure that you are on the page of Create an Application, simply finish all the required information in detail, which includes the name of your application, a simple description, the URL of your website, and Callback URL. Note that simply make the last 2 parts stay the same, and never use Twitter as your application name. After finishing all of these, click on the button in the following.

create Twitter app account

Now, you can get to your Twitter app page. However, before going further, you need to configure your account with a “read and write” access, allowing this plugin to post on your Twitter page. In order do this, simply go for the Settings section, and scroll down to find the Application Type. Then, you can see 3 radio buttons, and check the one that is next to “Read and Write”.

Twitter Application Type

Then, you need to create your token. After clicking the Access Token creation button, you can see all of your information this page, such as the token keys and access level. Note that don’t close this page and keep it open, for you’ll need the information later.

Configure PLugin Settings

Now, you’d better configure the setting of this plugin. Scroll down to the Settings section in your WordPress dashboard and click the WP to Twitter button in the dropdown menu.

First of all, you need to connect your website to Twitter. To do this, hop on over to the settings page on your WordPress dashboard, and paste your Consumer Key, Secret and other needed information into the blank field. Then, click the button to verify your site.

connect to twitter

Next, go for the Basic Settings section for your tweets. According to our real experience, we highly suggest you disabling the service to shorten your URL, and checking all the boxes below the post settings and link settings.

After this basic configuration, WP to Tweet will automatically tweet your content you publish or update a new post.

basic settings

In addition, there are also some advanced settings you can change. For instance, you can whether to set up Google Analytics tracking. You just configure it based on your real situation and explicit needs.

Tweet By Yourself

Although this plugin will tweet your posts automatically, you can also disable this function temporarily for some specific articles. To do this, simply select the Don’t Tweet this Post button that is located at your New Post page.

no to tweet


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