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How to Automate Affiliate Links in WordPress using Keywords

How to Automate Affiliate Links in WordPress using Keywords

Looking to make money using your blog site or your online platform? Joining a reliable affiliate program is a great and simple method. This way, you only need to place the affiliate link and information at the proper location of your website. Once your readers click that link and even make a purchase via the link, you can get the corresponding commissions easily. To choose a great affiliate program is not an easy thing. You need to think about the brand image, product quality, item charges, guaranteed commissions and many more. However, the chances are that you sometimes forget to insert your carefully-chosen links into your web content. If so, you need an automatic manner. This time, we’d like to tell you how to automate affiliate links in WordPress using keywords.

Benefits You Can Get By Doing So

It is possible that you may forget to add the affiliate links into your articles when writing down the valuable information. Especially, if your website is a multi-author one, your co-workers are more likely to forget the fact that your site has already joined an affiliate program. If so, you need to automate these special links based on some keywords. In this way, when publishing your web content, these keywords can be converted into the affiliate links automatically. This can maximize your earnings. Also, you can get more revenue from your old pages or posts.

Make Use of the Auto Affiliate Links Plugin

The Auto Affiliate Links plugin is a user-friendly plugin that allows you to add the affiliate links into your blog posts in an automatic manner. The content will not be changed and the links can be activated on your mentioned keywords. In addition, this plugin allows you to extract or display the links from some famous affiliate program providers like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank and Walmart.

Set Up for the Plugin General Settings

Here, you can click the Auto Affiliate Links > General Settings button to decide some important settings. For instance, you need to choose the link frequency from “Very Low” to “Very High”. Note that the “Very Low” level only allows a single affiliate link while the “Very High” level allows up to 5 links. Also, you can choose the Custom Value and enter the exact number of affiliate links per article based on your needs.

Auto Affiliate Links Plugin General Settings

In addition, you should decide the same keyword limit and the same link limit. These two parts determine whether the affiliate links can appear when there is more than one affiliate link or keyword appearing in the same article.

Even, you can choose the link distribution at the top location or the bottom location, add the links on your wanted pages and select the link relation between the options of nofollow link or the dofollow link.

Add the Automatic Affiliate Links

After deciding some crucial settings, now, you can add the automatic affiliate links. Here, you should click the Auto Affiliate Links button. From this page, you only need to enter the exact affiliate link and the keywords that you want to convert to be the links.

Add Automatic Affiliate Links

Note that you can add multiple automatic affiliate links. In this case, for the easy management, you can order them by date or by name.

It is possible that you are looking for the automatic links from Amazon, Shareasale, Clickbank and many other affiliate program providers. For this, you should request and enter the API key to activate the module.

Affiliate Program ID

Now, you just need to save the settings. And when your entered keywords showcase in the article, they will be converted into the affiliate links automatically.


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