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Arvixe VS WebHostingPad For Hosting WordPress

Arvixe VS WebHostingPad For Hosting WordPress

Both Arvixe and WebHostingPad are affordable WordPress hosting providers that offer you top-notch hosting solutions with the rich features. Therefore, when comparing them, you have to take plenty of aspects into consideration, such as the cost-effectiveness of hosting packages, the uptime and performance of the hosting service, and the quality of technical support.

Editorial Rating of Arvixe and WebHostingPad

To ease your burden of comparing them personally, in the following, we have made a comprehensive Arvixe vs WebHostingPad comparison based on the above-mentioned aspects. The results are precise that are coming from our online testing and real hosting experiences.

Rating Arvixe WebHostingPad
Reputation 5 3
Feature 5 3
Speed 5 3
Uptime 5 2
Technical Support 5 4
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The Aspects of How Can Arvixe Win Over WebHostingPad

Arvixe is the leading web hosting provider for WordPress users. This hosting provider offers two packages that are charged starting at $4/mo regularly. But now, you can take advantage of the coupon code BWH360 to get a 30% discount, reducing the hosting prices down to $2.8/mo effectively.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

As compared with the service offered by WebHostingPad, Arvixe has done a great job in the aspects of feature offerings, hosting performance and the support service. You can scroll down to check for more detailed explanations.

More Feature Offerings

After checking their feature lists, we have found that both Arvixe and WebHostingPad can fully meet your basic hosting requirements by offering an unlimited allocation of monthly data transfer, disk space, FTP accounts, email accounts and MySQL databases. In addition, all of their plans also include the tools of cPanel control panel and 1-click WordPress installer to ensure an easy process of website building and management.

Even, both of them can guarantee the latest version of PHP, MySQL and Apache, utilize the suPHP to handle PHP, provide the mod_rewrite modules and offer at least 64 MB of PHP memory limit. All of these things can promise the 100% WordPress compatibility.

When comparing in a deeper manner, however, Arvixe is undoubtedly more generous by offering more hosting features than WebHostingPad.

  • The free domain offered by Arvixe is valid for the whole life while that of WebHostingPad is only available for the first year.
  • Arvixe provides up to $200 free marketing credits for users to promote their websites while WebHostingPad only allows $50.
  • Besides guaranteeing no hidden fee, Arvixe also provides a 60-day full money back guarantee to help users relieve the risks and worries that they may face after their purchase.
  • Arvixe includes the SSL certificate and SSH access into all of their packages but WebHostingPad only include them into the advanced Power Plan Plus package.

In order to make it more convenient for you to understand and check , we have made the feature comparison table as below. Note that the selected plans here are Arvixe Personal Class and WebHostingPad Power.

Cost-Effectiveness Arvixe WebHostingPad
Unlimited Server Resources Yes Yes
Free Domain For Life For One Year
Money Back 60 Days 30 Days
Advertising Credits $200 $50
PHP 5 & MySQL 5 Yes Yes
Perl, Python, and Ruby Yes Yes
Price $2.8/mo $1.99/mo
Discount 30% Off N/A
How to Claim Coupon BWH360 Not Recommended

Faster Page Loading Speed

The WordPress hosting offered by Arvixe is finely tuned with the optimized environment to improve the hosting speed and reliability. WebHostingPad, however, lacks behind in these two aspects.

In fact, Arvixe pays much attention to the hosting speed. Therefore, all of their web servers are of robust quality and data centers are equipped with the advanced technologies.

In addition, Arvixe rents three world-class data centers that are located at three continents of the USA, Europe and Asia. In this case, you can choose one that is near your target readers the most to locate your server machine. As the physical distance between your server and your target readers can affect your page loading, this practice can speed up your website running greatly.

Even, since the year of 2012, Arvixe announces a new partnership with CloudFlare and offers its CDN service for free. With the content delivery network of CloudFlare, your webpage loading can be boosted at least 300% faster.

After monitoring the hosting speed of these two web hosts with two identical sample sites for about three months, we have found that Arvixe is undoubtedly faster than WebHostingPad. The detailed statistics about the past 30 days can be found in the following.

Better Hosting Reliability

When it comes to the perspective of hosting reliability, both Arvixe and WebHostingPad claim to guarantee at least 99% uptime for all the hosted websites. To keep this promise, they all adopt solid web servers to ensure the smooth delivery for website contents over the internet, and rent advanced data centers to make sure that these server machines can work uninterruptedly.

On the basis of these rock solid hosting infrastructures, it is true that both companies have succeeded in following their uptime guarantee in the real world. However, but Arvixe is undoubtedly more reliable by achieving a better uptime track record.

As you can see from the following chart, Arvixe has delivered an average of 99.96% uptime in the past thirty days. To be frank, this uptime is fairly excellent when compared with other peer hosting providers in the industry.

As for WebHostingPad, this company has achieved 99.47% uptime in the previous month, which is also good yet inferior than that of Arvixe. Refer to the chart below to check more dynamic statistics about WebHostingPad uptime.

More Professional WordPress Technical Support

It is true that both Arvixe and WebHostingPad offer the 24/7 technical support that can be asked by calling the hotline number, sending the emails, clicking the live chat button and opening the ticket system. The difference is that WebHostingPad can only resolve the common web hosting issues while Arvixe offers the managed WordPress hosting support service.

Besides, we have personally sent them an email inquiring about domain transfer to test their respond efficiency. Arvixe gives us a reply within 10 minutes while WebHostingPad responds us one hour later.

In addition, the company maintains a support center, a blog, a knowledgebase, and multiple social networking platforms for users for users to find out self-help solutions, exchange views, as well as get the latest information about Arvixe products, discounts, and more.

The Aspects of How Can WebHostingPad Win Over Arvixe

From what we have explored above, it is clear that Arvixe edges over WebHostingPad in multiple aspects, such as the feature offerings, hosting performance, and customer support. However, the latter company indeed has done a slightly better job than the former company in the following aspects.

Firstly, WebHostingPad wins over Arvixe mainly in the aspect of hosting charges. This web host offers two plans that only charge you starting at $1.99/mo and $3.99/mo respectively, which are slightly cheaper than the two packages offered by Arvixe.

In addition, WebHostingPad has an exclusive website design system, with which you can determine the overall appearance of your site with much ease. Even, you can hire the experts of WebHostingPad who can give your website the unique design based on your exclusive requirements totally.

Summary – Arvixe Is Better for WordPress Hosting

Based on this Arvixe vs WebHostingPad comparison, Arvixe is undoubtedly the better WordPress hosting provider than its opponent by offering the richer features and better support service as well as achieving faster page loading speed and more excellent hosting reliability.

In this case, we sincerely recommend users ranging from inexperienced newbies to knowledgeable developers give a try to Arvixe, the one that is committed to providing a wide range of high-quality hosting services to support each step of your online journeys to success.


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