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Arvixe VS iPage - WordPress Shared Hosting Comparison

Arvixe VS iPage – WordPress Shared Hosting Comparison

Having been in the industry for more than a decade, both Arvixe and iPage are reputable and popular hosting providers. Since its inception in 2004, Arvixe has hosted thousands of websites worldwide. Founded in 1998, iPage has a larger user base, serving over one million users.

From these amazing statistics, it is difficult to make a decision on which hosting provider to go. Therefore, we are going to deliver this Arvixe vs iPage comparison to help readers figure out which company offers relatively better WordPress hosting services.

This comparison focuses on the Linux shared hosting packages of the two companies and revolves around several aspects including reputation, price value, features, performance, reliability, and technical support.

Overall Rating

The Arvixe vs iPage comparison is conducted on the basis of our genuine hosting experience, real-world monitoring outcomes, and verified users’ reviews. In the sections below, we will thoroughly analyze the common points and differences of the both companies.

Before entering more detailed comparison, please check the following table to gain an overall impression of the two companies.

Rating Arvixe iPage
Reputation rating 4 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
Feature rating 4 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
Performance rating 3 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
Reliability rating 3 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
Technical Support rating 2.5 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
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What’s in the Deal?

According to our comprehensive investigations, both of the two companies provide rich-feature hosting packages with affordable prices to help users narrow their budget to a largest extent. On the other hand, however, they do not compromise on the quality of their hosting services. Besides cheap prices, they also include multiple freebies within their hosting packages, provide flexible payment methods, and offer reasonable money back guarantees.

Hosting package & price

For Linux shared web hosting, Arvixe provides two plans, namely, PersonalClass and PersonalClass Pro. To get these two plans, you need to pay more than $7 and $10 per month with the two years billing cycle. Surely, you can choose the yearly and monthly billing, but these options simply charge you much more.

iPage provides a single shared hosting plan that covers all the needs of beginners and even experienced webmasters. The price of this hosting plan, namely, Essential, is very low. It is as low as $1.99/mo with an 75% discount available through the special promotional link.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

Available freebies

Besides the low prices, both of the two companies grant each hosting plan with some beneficial freebies that are listed as follows.

  • Both companies offer free site builder, online store, $100 Google AdWords credits, and $100 Yahoo!/Bing search credits.
  • Arvixe offers a free domain name for life and free website transfer.
  • iPage provides free SiteLock security suite and a domain that is free for one year.

Billing term & payment method

Arvixe supports multiple billing terms to make users’ payment more flexible. It supports 1/6/12/24 month(s) terms. The shorter the billing term is, the higher the hosting price will be. In contrast, iPage does not offer a monthly payment option. This company bills 1/2/3 year(s) at a time.

As for the payment method, Arvixe supports both PayPal and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. iPage, however, prefers payments via credit cards.

With multiple choices of flexible billing terms and payment methods in hand, users are granted with more freedom in deciding how long they are going to host their websites on the two companies as well as in which channel they will pay the hosting fees according to their preference and needs.

Money back guarantee

Arvixe offers a 45-day money back guarantee. In other words, valid cancellation will be refunded during 45 days which are longer than most of hosting providers in the industry.

When it comes to iPage, this company provides a relatively shorter money back guarantee. However, 30 days are also long enough for users to test out whether the company’s hosting services fit them the best or not.

Conclusion: Here, it is clear that both web hosts offer budget-friendly hosting plans. However, with the great discount offered by iPage, you can get the cheaper charges. In addition, this web host offers the enough free extras, convenient payment, and the reasonable money back guarantee.

What Features Are Available?

Features available with the two companies’ hosting plans are fairly rich, which allow your WordPress website to run smoothly. Both companies provide the latest version of PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Besides, they partner with WordPress.org to offer various helpful themes and templates.

To make it clearer, we have worked out the following table that details more core features of Arvixe and iPage.

Feature Arvixe iPage
Plans in Comparison PersonalClass Essential
Domains 6 Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email Addresses Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel vDeck
PHP5 yes yes
Ruby/Perl/Python yes yes
Ruby on Rails yes yes
SSI/CGI yes yes
Cron Jobs yes yes
Discounted Price $7/mo $1.99/mo
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As showed in the table, Arvixe provides a cPanel control panel for each user while iPage offers vDeck. On the market, there are plenty of control panels among which cPanel and vDeck are widely praised as the most easy-to-use ones. With the help of the two control panels, even beginners are able to build and manage their websites in a simplified way.

Moreover, the two companies integrate a 1-click installer with their control panel. With this 1-click installer, users are able to install and upgrade hundreds of the most popular open source applications over the web in a fast and effortless manner, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and much more.

Conclusion: Here, we have to admit that both of them have done great when it comes to the hosting features for each plan.

How’s the Reliability?

Arvixe has paid a close attention to ensure its users with reliable connectivity. It utilizes multiple US-based data centers which are equipped with redundant power supply, cooling, and security systems.

Also, the company partners with multiple Tier 1 telecom providers to offer a high-powered and screaming-fast network. Moreover, its technicians keep monitoring the network and servers around the clock to respond rapidly to any network problems.

However, Arvixe does not have a good uptime record during our monitoring. It even just get an average of 99.97% uptime in the past 30 days, failing have more than 99.9% uptime fulfilled. For more detailed information, please check the following Arvixe uptime chart.

Besides, we also have collected the customer reviews online for their hosting reliability. There are so many bad reviews about the frequent downtime.

Arvixe Downtime Complaints

iPage has done a better job by delivering an average of 99.95% uptime. This company utilizes two data centers that are located in the Boston, MA area. Each data center adopts 24×7 security, N+1 power supply, and top-notch network infrastructures. The following chart displays the uptime of iPage.

How’s the Performance?

Both Arvixe and iPage have done a good job in providing a fast hosting speed. On the basis of the monitoring outcomes, iPage often takes around 559 ms for the server response. Technically speaking, their server response time is pretty good in the shared hosting industry. Check the following chart for more dynamic statistics about iPage.

As for Arvixe, they also perform well, but is 4% slower than iPage.

According to our survey, the following aspects have endowed Arvixe and iPage with the power to deliver a fast speed.

  • Both companies utilize robust data centers and servers.
  • They provide multiple server locations. Users are able to choose the one that fits their target audience the best, and therefore speed up their websites.
  • Arvixe also cooperates with CloudFlare to offer free CDN service which 300% speeds up its page loading.

How About the Technical Support?

Providing responsive technical support is another important aspect that differentiates the two companies from their competitors. Both Arvixe and iPage provide US-based technical support that is available 24×7 via their phone, live chat, email, and ticket systems.

iPage, especially, hires the experienced representatives to guarantee that users are able to get professional and quality assistance whenever they encounter problems. In addition, they offer a knowledgebase on their official website. Numerous useful guides, tutorials, and other materials are ready for users to handle certain issues by themselves.

As for Arvixe, they are not bad on the technical support. When comparing these two web hosts, we have to say that iPage seems to ensure the better support based on our real experiences.

How About the Security?

Due to the importance of security, you must wonder whether the two web hosts take the issue seriously. With rich hosting experience, Arvixe and iPage have taken different measures to remove the potential security risks from your website.

Arvixe can handle DDos attacks which are a common issue for businesses of all sizes with the implement of DDos mitigation strategy. And the web servers are configured with firewall which can prevent all connections to all servers from attackers. Also, Arvixe uses Brute Force Detection Engine to protect your information security. Besides, daily R1Soft backups can improve your data security. These are a part of the security program.

iPage provides you with free SiteLock service which can protect your website against hacks, automated attacks, and being blacklisted the vulnerability scans, firewall, and more. In addition, your website will be badged to shows protection and earn trust from your users.

Conclusion & Suggestion

From this side-by-side Arvixe vs iPage comparison, both companies are reliable providers for WordPress hosting. However, iPage succeeds in doing the better job than Arvixe. They offer budget-friendly hosting packages with fairly rich features. Also, they guarantee an excellent uptime, a fast speed, and a good technical support.


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