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Arvixe Reseller Hosting Review & Rating
Arvixe 3.5 5

Arvixe Reseller Hosting Review & Rating

Established in 2003, Arvixe has always been devoting itself to offer quality hosting services for small business, personal, as well as company websites on a global level. Now, the company has been provided hosting services for thousands of people and there are more than 1,000 new customers choose Arvixe every day.

Today, in order to respond the demanding of some readers who want to know more information about Arvixe reseller hosting, our editors make an Arvixe reseller hosting review to introduce its reseller hosting service in all relevant aspects, including price, plan, offerings, hosting performance, as well as customer service. Note that the review is on the basis of our forever principle – making unbiased and objective judgment.

Arvixe Reseller Hosting Review

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Plans & Price – Not Costly But Also Not Cheap

The most distinctive feature of Arvixe reseller hosting is that the company offers both Linux and Windows reseller hosting. Therefore, webmasters can subscribe both or either services as they wish. Now, we mainly focus on its Linux reseller hosting.

The company presents two reseller hosting plans based on Linux server – Reseller Class and Reseller Class Pro that are priced at $20/mo and $50/mo regularly. To be frank, this price level is quite moderate. However, as compared with many other reseller hosting providers, their plans are not budget-friendly enough.

PriceAs for the payment, they offer multiple payment channels such as MasterCard, Express, PayPal, and more. In this way, customers have more choices.

Besides, to make the purchase secure and worry-free, Arvixe promises 60-day full money back guarantee that means people can get all their money back within 60 days if they are unsatisfied with its services.

Feature Offerings – Enough Already

Arvixe allows rich server resources, such as unlimited hosting accounts, 50-200GB disk space, and 500-2000G bandwidth, to support your online success.

With the purpose of making it easy for you to start and promote your own hosting business, Arvixe also includes the following features within each reseller hosting plan.

  • Easy-to-use WHM control panel – With the reputable WHM control panel, you can create and manage the web hosing accounts with ease.
  • Softaculous script installer – In order to help you save time and energy, Arvixe integrates the control panel with a Softaculous, with which you can install 280+ commercial and open-source applications within only a few clicks.
  • Free marketing credits – The company also makes it easy to promote your business, offering $100 Google Adwords and $100 Yahoo! Bing credits.
  • Lifetime free domain name & SSL certificate – With Arvixe, you can enjoy a free domain domain and SSL certificate that are valid for the lifetime.

As for each of the hosting accounts that you’ve created, Arvixe also provide a huge list of feature offerings, including unlimited server resources, cPanel control panel, the most commonly used programming languages, email hosting features, DDoS attack response, and many more.

Hosting Performance – Not Satisfactory

Hosting performance has a close relationship with website performance that decides whether your website can be visited and how much time it costs to load a web page. To a large scale, hosting performance depends on servers and data centers, which are two essential factors to judge a web host. In this case, Arvixe stores the customer data on 15k RPM SCSI drives in RAID 10, utilizing servers with 256 gigabytes and advanced Intel Xeon E5620 processor, and so on so forth. However, as tested, their achieved uptime is not satisfactory at all, which is 99.75% only on average.

As for hosting speed, our editors take this part seriously and set up a testing site hosted with the company and monitor its server response time periodically for half a year. Then, we make a chart in below about its hosting speed in the last month. As it shows, the average server response time of Arvixe is 697 ms that is slower than many other quality resller hosting providers we have tested.

Technical Support – Not Efficient

Arvixe claims to provide the 100% US-based technical support that is available with a variety of communication methods, including the live chat, toll-free telephone, email, and ticket systems. In this case, you can choose the one that best suits your preference and needs. Also, the company claims to hire the most experienced experts that have been in the field for at least 5 years on average with the purpose of ensuring the quality of its technical support. Therefore, whenever you have come across any problems, you can contact Arvixe support staff to get responsive and professional assistance.

In addition, if you want to find solutions or exchange views with peer users, you can take advantage of Arvixe informative knowledgebase as well as the social media and blog to get your needs satisfied.

All see to be great. However, based on our personal try and customer reviews, the technical support of Arvixe is not that amazing as they claim to be. Instead, the frequent unavailability and the slow reply are really annoying.

Conclusion – Arvixe Reseller Hosting Is Not Recommended

To come out a conclusion, Arvixe is a cost-effective reseller hosting provider that comes with reasonable prices. However, when considering the critical technical support, page loading speed and the uptime, they are not worth trying.

Here, we highly recommend you to check the following three reseller hosting providers that ensure the same level of cost-effectiveness as Arvixe, but perform and support better.


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