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How to Approve New User Registrations Manually in WordPress to Reduce Spam?

How to Approve New User Registrations Manually in WordPress to Reduce Spam?

While enjoying the extraordinary functions of WordPress, site owners also have to tackle various types of spam, for WordPress is the hot target for almost all the hackers due to its large user base. Among all the spam, the user registration spam is becoming more and more prevalent in recent days.

Fortunately, there are practical solutions that differ in degree rather than in kind to combat this annoying issue, which mainly revolves around using plugins. Firstly, similar to the fighting of comment spam, you can use related plugins to moderate registration requests from new users to reduce the spam. Secondly, it is also possible to leverage some excellent anti-spam plugins to eradicate this problem.

In this beginners’ guide, we will focus on the first solution. As the sections below present, we carefully introduce a simple yet efficient method to help you approve new user registrations manually and in turn reduce spam in your WordPress site.

Brief Introduction to the New User Approve Plugin

To perform the operations as below, we will utilize an easy-to-use plugin named as New User Approve. Being popular with more than 10,000 users, this plugin enables you – the site administrator to approve or deny a new user registration. This is great because you can block the spammers at the front door of your site without hurting these genuine users.

How to Use the Plugin to Approve New User Registrations?

There is no complicated procedure about the using of this plugin. Scroll down to check for more detailed explanations.

Step 1: Install and activate the New User Approve Plugin

Before starting to use the plugin, you need to install and activate it at first. Head over to “Add New” > “Plugins” to download it to your dashboard. Then click the “Activate Plugin” option as below to enable it.

Install the New User Approve Plugin

Since the plugin runs out of the box, there remains no other setting or configuration. Now, you can log out of your site and visit the registration page to see the plugin in action.

As the following image displays, when users register to your site, they will see a notification message shows that their registration requests need to be approved by the site administrator.

Notification Message

Step 2: Visit the user screen to moderate the registration request

Once a user has submitted the request above, you will receive a notification email informing you of the new registration. In this case, you can decide whether to allow the user to access your site or not with the following operations.

Firstly, navigate to the “Users” page in your admin area, where all users are listed. Secondly, select a target subscriber and then approve or deny his/her registration request by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Approve or Deny Registration Request

Then, the users that you have approved will receive an email containing their login credentials. The rest, on the other side, receives an email indicating that their registrations have been denied.

Up to now, you are almost done with the whole process. However, there remain some other matters that you need to pay attention to when approving or denying a registration request.

  • Since the blog administrator experiences no restricted access, there is no need to assume approval to this user role.
  • Each existing user of your site is automatically flagged as “Approved”. Therefore, you can switch their registration status according to your needs.
  • When you deny the registration requests of certain users, these users will not be deleted from your database. Instead, they are only blocked from logging in to your site and registering again with the same username and email address.


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