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How to Allow Users to Notify Site Admin of Errors in WordPress?

How to Allow Users to Notify Site Admin of Errors in WordPress?

Errors are unavoidable evils for most websites owners, especially those bloggers who are entirely responsible for the posts, pages, and other articles that they publish. No matter how many times you have edited, checked, and proofread the articles, there will always be some unexpected errors that will very probably leave a bad impression on users and hurt their overall experience with your website.

Therefore, it is beneficial to encourage users to notify some errors to you – the site admin, making them feel helpful and increasing their interaction with your website. In the parts below, we will introduce a simple method to allow users to notify site admin of errors.

Notify Errors to the Site Admin

To perform the following operations, we are going to utilize a lightweight plugin named Mistape. This plugin will add a “press Ctrl+Enter…” caption to remind users that they are able to notify the site admin of the errors found by selecting that text and pressing “Ctrl+Enter”. Scroll down to find more detailed steps about how the plugin is used.

Step 1: Activate the Mistape Plugin

In the very beginning, what you need to do is install this plugin. If you are not familiar with this process, please refer to our guide on WordPress plugin installation. Upon activation, go to “Mistape” > “Settings” on the admin area to configure the plugin.

Activate the Mistape Plugin

Step 2: Select a Recipient of the Error Notification Email

Since the error notification is sent in an email along with the selected text, paragraph, and page URL, there is a need to select a recipient for the email. As the following screen capture shows, the plugin allows you to choose among administrators, editors, and other specified users.

Select a Recipient

Step 3: Decide Where to Display the Caption

This plugin grants you with two options to display the “press Ctrl+Enter…” caption. Firstly, you can display it on the bottom of certain post types. Simply check the post type that you want to display the caption. Secondly, you can insert the caption to anywhere by using a shortcode.

Decide Where to Display the Caption

Step 4: Customize the Format and Text Mode of the Caption

Displayed as below, it is possible to customize both the format and text mode of the caption. By default, the caption is displayed as a text message. If you want to make it more lively, you can set it as image by clicking the corresponding checkbox.

Moreover, the plugin permits you to modify the caption text that users will see on your website. Since some users may use non-English languages, we suggest you set the caption text mode as “Default”.

Customize the Caption

Step 5: Modify the Dialog Mode and Save Changes

In the final, there remains an important configuration, that is, modifying the “Dialog mode”. When users have selected the target text and pressed “Ctrl+Enter”, they will see a popup dialog, which is exactly what we are going to modify here.

Modify the Dialog Mode

As the above picture presents, Mistape sets the “Dialog mode” as “Show preview of reported text and ask confirmation” by default. In this mode, users are able to check the error report before sending it to the site admin.

Show Preview of Reported Text

However, if you enable the “Just notify of successful submission” mode, users will only see a popup page that shows them the error report is successfully sent.

Just Notify of Successful Submission

And if you enable the “Preview and comment field” mode, users are able to see a preview of the reported text along with a comment box. They can choose to comment on this error, provide some revision suggestions, or insert anything they want to notify you.

Preview and Comment Field

It is indisputable that choosing which mode entirely depends on your preferences and needs. You can click the “Preview dialog” button to see how each mode will appear on your website before making the final decision.

The last but not the least thing to do is save all your changes. After that, you can visit your website and see the caption in action as below.

Caption in Action


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