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How to Allow the Subscription to Comment Feature in WordPress

How to Allow the Subscription to Comment Feature in WordPress

If you are comfortable in leaving the valuable words in the comment section of some hot blog posts, you must have found a special notification saying that “notify me of the follow-up comments” before you publishing you comments. If you check the box of this notification, you will receive an email when your words are replied by the website owners or some other commentators.

At present, more and more webmasters add this feature in their comment section, which is effective for getting more website comments and can tighten the relationship between website owners and readers. In this case, we’d like to showcase a simple tutorial about how to allow the “subscribe to comment” feature in WordPress sites.

How to Allow the Subscription to Comment Feature

In fact, there are a lot of useful plugins for you to do this. Among them, we simply recommend the most easy-to-use one that is named as Subscribe to Comments. After installing it on your WordPress administrative panel and activate it, you can find a new button of Subscribe to Comments from the drop-down menu of Settings. Simply click it.

Here, you mainly need to configure two aspects. The first one is the format of notification emails. Here, you should add your website title and your email address into the From Name and the From Address section. Also, we high recommend you to check the box for double opt-in, with which you can require the verification for the first time subscription.

Notification Email Settings

As for the second aspect, it is about the display of comment form. Here, you need to decide the text showcased when commentators do not subscribe and when they already have subscribed. If you do not have any special requirements, the default texts are proper to use.

Comment Form Text

Now, you simply need to click the Save Settings button. And each time your readers comment on your posts, they can find a special notification just like the following screenshot.

Subscribe to Comment


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