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How to Allow Stripe Payments in WordPress

How to Allow Stripe Payments in WordPress

Regarded as one of the hot payment processors, Stripe has taken over a good deal of market share. Though most ecommerce site owners accept payments via credit cards and PayPal, they are willing to add the new method of payment. We will have a further discussion about the reasons for the popularity and then focus on how to allow stripe payments on your WordPress site.

The Benefits of Stripe Payments

There is a difference in the service fees between PayPal and Stripe. In detail, PayPal also charges you extra service fees like card authorization in the situation where both of them charge each transaction for a flat rate of 2.9% + 30 cents. From this perspective, Stripe is cheaper than PayPal.

Besides, the main difference between them is that PayPal requires your customers to load more pages to complete transactions while Stripe allows them to pay instantly without being redirected away to other pages. Therefore, Stripe is relatively more secure because it directly transfers the funds into users’ bank account with Stripe.js, not storing their credit card data.

At this moment, you can probably well explain why Stripe can be an alternative to PayPal. The main reason for the popularity is that Stripe focuses more on customers’ personal information, effectively protecting them against potential fraud. As a result, Stripe will help you shape a more reliable shopping environment, not discouraging a part of your potential customers.

In fact, more than 100,000 businesses including Twitter have adopted Stripe as the payment processor to accept payments. Do you want to be a member of that group? If so, you will benefit a lot from this article which guides you on the way to allow Stripe payments on your WordPress site.

How to Allow Stripe Payments

The first thing you need to do is to make sure whether Stripe supports your country. Since Stripe is only available for 25 countries, it is necessary for you to ensure that your country is on the list so that you won’t waste your energy.

Another thing is to make sure whether your website is using SSL/HTTPS encryption due to the requirement of Stripe. Following this guide, you will correctly answer what SSL is and how to secure your WordPress site with SSL. Indeed, some WordPress web hosts offer free SSL, which may be ignored by you.

After opening a Stripe account, you are able to find all the useful API keys in the Stripe Dashboard.

Create Stripe Account

Allow Stripe Payments with WP Simple Pay Lite

To be better at your service, we have been trying to find the easiest way for you to allow stripe payments on your WordPress site. During our survey, the WP Simple Pay Lite for Stripe plugin gives us a deep impression because of the free version and high customer satisfaction. If you are a green hand, you can follow our guide to install and activate the plugin.

WP Simple Pay Lite

Upon activation, the Simple Pay Lite tab will show up inside the Settings menu. On the result page, you need to fill out the forms with API keys. As we mentioned before, all the API keys can be found from your Stripe account. To avoid the loss of data, you need to click on the Save Changes button.

API Keys

When switching over to the Default Settings page, you are able to customize the checkout forms with your own fields including site name, currency, redirect URL, and many more. Also, do not forget to save your changes.

Default Settings

Allow Stripe Payments on Your WordPress Site

At this moment, there are different shortcodes available for you to add checkout forms into your WordPress site. You are free to put the payment forms in a place where you want on a new page or an existing page. Pay attention that you can customize your own values between the double quotation markers, such as, “name”, “description”, and more.

Shortcode Example

By default, the plugin turns off the Live Mode while you are testing. When you are ready to go live, you should go back to the WP Simple Pay Lite page and then turn on the Live Mode. As long as you click on the Save Changes button, you can accept Stripe payments on your WordPress site.

Stripe Payment


So far, we have explained what you can benefit from Stripe payments and have guided the way on how to allow Stripe payments in WordPress with the WP Simple Pay Lite plugin. We will be glad that Stripe is in support for your country and you can increase your customer base with Stripe payments.

Certainly, there is more than one method for you to accept payments with Stripe. In our experience, we finally select WP Simple Pay Lite from many Stripe plugins. If you have a better choice, just stick to that since all roads lead to Rome.


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