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How to Add A WordPress Booking System for Easy Booking Management

How to Add A WordPress Booking System for Easy Booking Management

No matter you are hosting an event site, setting up a restaurant website or starting a hotel platform, creating a professional booking system is surely important for your online business. By doing so, you and your visitors can enjoy the following benefits.

  • People can book the appointment for your offerings and check the availability directly from your site, without the need to go to the physical stores or to give you a calling.
  • You can manage all of these appointments easily on your site, without the need to record on some pieces of paper that can get lost easily.
  • A proper booking system can help you achieve an organized online business with much ease.

Actually, to achieve this goal, you can make use of the WordPress booking plugin, which is the easiest method you can try. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to add a WordPress booking system for easy booking management with the help of the Booking Calendar plugin.

Set Up the Booking Calendar Plugin

Actually, this plugin can achieve the ultimate booking system for the easy checking of available services on your site along with the fast online reservation. To use it properly, you should begin with the plugin configuration.

Decide the General Settings

Here, let’s start with the calendar appearance. After all, people will check the availability and make a booking from the booking calendar directly. In this case, you need to determine the following aspects as how this calendar can be displayed.

  • You can choose your preferred calendar skin among 6 options.
  • You need to determine the maximum number of months to display or to scroll. The 1-year option is highly recommended.
  • Also, you should choose the starting day of each week.
  • Lastly, you can decide whether allow people to choose multiple days for booking or only a single day.

Calendar Display

Next, you need to choose the available days in the calendar, which range from Monday to Sunday.

Available Days in Calendar

When it comes to the booking form, you can activate the CAPTCHA function to enhance the security, allow the auto-fill feature for the logged-in users and use the BootStrap CSS for all the form fields.

Form Settings

If people send the booking successfully, you need to decide whether to showcase a “Thank You” message to them directly or redirect them to the special “Thank You” webpage. If you choose the latter option, you should enter the page URL.

Thank You Message After Booking

Decide the Fields of the Booking Form

Now, you need to decide what can be showcased in the booking form. Surely, the default fields should include the first name and the last name for the subscribers, their email addresses and the phone number. These fields should be made active and are the required options in the form.

In addition, you can choose to add the text area and some drop-down lists for your available offerings as you like.

Fields of Booking Form

Enable the Email Notification

It is true that this plugin will give you a notification on the website dashboard if there is someone who sends the booking request on your site. However, we still highly recommend you to enable the email notification so you will not miss out any new booking and can take the action timely.

Here, you need to customize the content, subject and some other aspects for the system email sending to you.

Email Notification

Display the Booking Form and Calendar

Now, you have already set up all the required settings for you booking system, and the next step is to add the booking form along with the booking calendar on your posts, pages or the sidebar location.

Here, we highly recommend you to create a special page, with which people are allowed to send the booking. For this, you should enter the editing screen, and then, click the Insert Booking Calendar button using the visual editor.

In the displayed popup window, you can choose the number of months for showing the calendar, decide the starting month for the booking and select to display the entire booking form with the calendar or only the availability calendar.

Insert Booking Calendar

After clicking the OK button, there will be a shortcode entered automatically. Now, you can preview this page to figure out whether it looks like as you want.

Note that this plugin will tell people the available booking, pending booking and the approved booking using different colors in the calendar.

Booking Form

In addition, you can use the Booking Calendar widget to display the booking form in the sidebar location. Here, you just need to give it a title, choose to show the whole booking form or the calendar only and determine the visible month.

Also, you can enter a special link in the footer section of this widget.

Booking Calendar Widget

Manage Your Booking System

Now, you just need to wait for receiving the booking requests from people. You can check the information from the Booking Listing page. Here, you can know who send the booking at which dates and take some actions such as approve and delete.

Booking Listing

Also, in some special cases, you can add the booking in a manual way. Here, you should choose the dates and enter the information for the customers or the participants. Even, you can choose to send the email notification to people about this practice.

Add Booking


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