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How to Add WordPress Banner Ads from BuySellAds?

How to Add WordPress Banner Ads from BuySellAds?

WordPress blog is one of the most popular places to make money online, and the banner advertisement is a great way to get huge revenue. Today, we are going to introduce the process to add WordPress banner ads from BuySellAds – a powerful company that can help customers buy and sale ads effortless. In this case, readers can easily get money through their WordPress blogs no matter they are businesses or personal bloggers.

About BuySellAds

make money onlineBuySellAds is one of the largest online advertising marketplaces. It combines publishers and advertisers together, helping them get what they need with ease.

For publishers, BuySellAds offers various monetization tools to maximum their revenues. Customers are allowed to display whatever they want including ads, images, texts, tweets and many more.

For advertisers, BuySellAds collects a large number of ads opportunities so that they can fell free to find an ideal place that can target their customers and match their budgets. As well, it provides a seamless platform that makes executing ad buys easier than ever.

As a result, no matter you are a website owner who wants to get ads for money or an advertiser expects a place to show your ads, BuySellAds can greatly help you to achieve your goals. In the following, we carefully guide you to add WordPress banners from BuySellAds. With step-by-step illustration, you can finish the process with few clicks and start to make money at once.

Add WordPress Ads from BuySellAds

First of all, you are required to sign up an account at BuySellAds.com. Just as the general operations, you can simply to enter your email Address, First Name, Last Name, Password, agree the Terms, and submit the information to create your account at last.

sign up a BuySellAds account

Then, we introduce you a helpful plugin – BuySellAds – the official BuySellAds.com WordPress plugin that allows users extremely simple to insert your BSA code. Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins -> Add new to install and activate this plugin.

install and activate BuySellAds plugin

Once activated, BuySellAds is available via a menu entry. Click it and you will be bring to the settings screen like the following:

BuySellAds settings

Here, you are required to configure the Site Key, Network, RSS, Mobile, and Asynchronous Code. To identify your site key, you can back to the BuySellAds.com, click on the email address and log to the dashboard. Click the Actions dropdown next to one of the ad zones, then click Ad Settings. Your site key is the part of the STEP 2 code without the “bsap_”.

Once you entered the site key and saved settings, you can go to Appearance -> widgets, then drag and drop the BuySellAds widget into where you want to display the ad.

adjust BuySellAds widget

At present, you successfully complete the process. You can go to your website to see whether it displays the ad properly. In addition to advertising, there are still many other methods to make money online.

Other Alternatives

In additin to BuySellAds, there are also some other great tools that you can choose to insert banner ads to WordPress. In the following, we have listed some of the top options.

Custom Banners


Custom Banners is an easy to use WordPress plugin that enables users to display multiple banners on the website. It is powerful, allowing you to create a banner once and reuse it by all your partners and display it on throughout of the site. Moreover, once you update the banner, all displayed images are updated as well.

The plugin presents the functionality on WordPress Dashboard so that you can be very easy to operate with the interface. You are able to upload new banner or take down old banners as you like. As well, if you need to display a banner, just enter the shortcode into the place where you want the banner to appear, no need to edit the page or touch any code.

Custom Banners

mPress Banners


mPress is a free WordPress plugin that gives users the ability to easily create a slide-up and slide-down banner using simple shortcode. No matter you want to display persistent ads or rotate through multiple ads, this plugin enables you to fully control the ads behavior and greatly draw the attention of your visitors.

It is powerful but simple, coming with clean code and simple operation. Once installed and activated it into a WordPress site, it adds an option to the menu bar and you can use an quite easy way to display banners ads.

mPress Banners

Useful Banner Manager


With a lot of banner ads included in the website, you need a simple but effective plugin to manage and control them. The Manager is just for this case, aiming at helping you manage all banners orderly and make much money over the WordPress sites. With full compatibility for the latest WordPress software, it is also compatible with BuddyPress.

Useful Banner Manager

Banner Effect Header


Instead of displaying traditional header image, Banner Effect gives webmasters the ability to showcase dynamic banner on the header, which is helpful for attracting visitors’ sights and effective for business websites.

This plugin is lightweight, quick and simple to use. As it copies all required files for the banner image, you can have an HTML or Flash animation showcased on your site with a few clicks. The created banners are completely responsive, visible on all devices including desktop, iPad, iPhone, and other smartphones.

Banner Effect Header

WP Cookie Banner


WP Cookie is a professional banner plugin designed for creating, customizing and displaying elegant banner on WordPress websites. Its banner images are ready for mobile devices and retina, so you can display them with the best effect and catch visitors’ attention at most.

Be different from other plugins, WP Cookie includes a convenient Testing/Development mode. Besides, you can set the interval time before the banner showcase to the same visitor and configure the showing time of banners.

WP Cookie Banner

WordPress Banner


This is a regular WordPress banner plugin that allows user to manage banners ads from various affiliate programs. Eventually, this plugin supports banner rotation and Flash banners, so you can use it to display various styles of ads.

WordPress Banner

Random Banner


Random is a flexible WordPress banner plugin enabling users to showcase the banner ads randomly. You are allowed to upload 10 banners and add individual link for each banner. Don’t need any code, banners are displayed with widget so that you can add it any where you need. Besides, you can add custom title for the banner.

Random Banner

WordPress Smart APP Banner Plugin


Smart APP is a brilliant WordPress plugin that only focuses on displaying ads for iOS6 devices. As the products of Apple earn a large group of users worldwide, no one can ignore the business on iOS. This plugin is just designed for this system, helping webmasters displaying banners with the Smart APP banners, towards Apple clients.

You can install and activate the plugin, and then edit the banner image on the on-page setting box. After all, the simplicity is still one of its highlights.

WordPress Smart APP Banner Plugin


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