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How to Add Twitter Feed in WordPress

How to Add Twitter Feed in WordPress

Twitter now has become the popular and powerful social networking with an immense number of online users. If you have an account of it, you can do a lot of things easily. For instance, you can communicate with your readers and audiences, share your personal ideas, offer a hand, and the most importantly, promote your website and online business.

Yes, Twitter has become an important source for website promotion at present. To maximize the marketing effects, you can auto tweet your blog posts for web content display, add the Twitter tweet button for the better content sharing, create the Twitter timeline for showing the latest updates. This time, we’d like to share another effective method – add the Twitter feed to your site. This way, you can attract the great traffic for your website. And at the same time, enlarge your follower base of the Twitter account.

Now, you can check the below content to know how to add Twitter feed in WordPress sites.

Add Twitter Feed in WordPress Manually

The manual method only allows you to add a single Twitter feed into your website posts or pages for each time. The displayed options include your clickable account name, tweet, avatar, the time when it is tweeted, along with the buttons for following and retweeting.

To do this, you simply need to navigate to the tweet. And then, you should copy and paste its URL into your target posts or pages. That’s it! WordPress will handle the rest things for you. The Twitter feed will be displayed as below.

Twitter Feed in WordPress

Also, you can click the More button of this tweet and hit the Embed Tweet option. After that, you can get its code that can be pasted into the text editor of your pages or a text widget.

Add Twitter Feed in WordPress using Plugin

The manual method cannot help you add the whole Twitter feed into your WordPress sites, but simply a few small pieces. In this case, if you are looking to show all the feed items, the best option for you is to utilize the WordPress plugin.

Here, we’d like to showcase two plugin options for you so that you can display the Twitter feed in both website sidebar or on a specific post and page.

Option 1 – Easy Twitter Feed Widget to Show Twitter Feed in Sidebar

This is an easy option to add the Twitter feed in the sidebar of your WordPress sites. The highlight of this plugin is that you can directly leverage the power of its Twitter widget without the need to create an API that is used to showcase tweets on your site. This means you do not need to go extra steps to create a Twitter application.

In addition, this plugin does not require some complicated configurations. The only thing is to make sure whether your current theme supports the feature of Twitter Embedded Widget. If so, you need to disable the Load Twitter Script option by clicking Settings > Easy Twitter Feed Widget Options.

Load Twitter Script Option

Next, you simply need to drag the generated Easy Twitter Feed Widget into the sidebar after pressing Appearance > Widgets. Here, you need to change the title of this widget and enter the name of your Twitter account.

In addition, you have the freedom to modify how the Twitter feed to be displayed. For instance, you can determine the tweet limits, widget width, height and link color, and decide whether to show the tweet replies, widget header, footer, border and scrollbar. Even, this plugin offers two widget themes for you to choose.

Easy Twitter Feed Widget

You can check their two templates in the following.

Easy Twitter Feed Sample

Option 2 – AccessPress Twitter Feed to Show Twitter Feed in Sidebar and Posts

In addition to the display on the sidebar, this plugin also allows you to show the Twitter feed on your preferred posts and pages. However, the drawback is that you need to spend extra time to create an application on Twitter.

This process is much simple. You only need to log into this page using your login credential, and then, click the Create New App button. Next, you need to enter the application details that include the website URL, app name, introduction and callback link. After agreeing to the Developer Agreement, you can start the app creation.

Application Details

Now, you can go back to your WordPress admin and navigate to the settings page of this special plugin. Here, you need to enter the consumer key and secret, as well as the access token and secret of your Twitter application. After that, you should offer your account name and Twitter username. If you want, you can also determine the fetching time of new feeds, the number of feeds to be showed, the display template, the time format and the showcased button.

AccessPress Twitter Feed Settings

To display the feed, you can either leverage the AccessPress Twitter Feeds widget or paste the [ap-twitter-feed] shortcode into your pages.

The below sample uses the template 3.

AccessPress Twitter Feed Sample


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