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How to Add Text Underline and Justify Buttons to WordPress Visual Editor

How to Add Text Underline and Justify Buttons to WordPress Visual Editor

As of the update of WordPress 4.7, two buttons – underline and justify – were removed from the visual editor due to the potential usability issues. The underline button was thought to lead to confusion between the underlined text and links. And for the justify feature, there might be inconsistent browser implementations. These problems potentially affect the content readability.

The removal of these two features does not bring much inconvenience to most people. But the features still have benefits to some users who like using the visual editor. For example, underlining enables you to highlight certain parts of your content. Besides, justifying makes the content orderly without causing an implementation issue in most browsers. So when used properly, both the underline and justify features can make a better content format thus increase the readability.

You can code the underline and justify buttons to the WordPress core files so that you are able to use them in the visual editor. Or you can also turn to the text editor instead of visual editor. However, there is an easier way if you’d like to stick to the visual editor – to use a plugin. Here we are going to introduce two simple plugins.

Option A: Re-Add Text Underline and Justify Plugin

This lightweight plugin holds a single goal to help you regain the underline and justify buttons. No other functionality is available. After installing the plugin and activating it, you can find its settings by going to Settings > Writing, and the “Editor style” is where you are able to make the change you want.

Editor Style

The plugin gives you four options of the visual editor styles. The default option is the WordPress 4.7 visual editor which doesn’t include the underline or justify button. However, the second option will get the two buttons back to you automatically by bringing you the visual editor of WordPress 4.6.

The third option, then, is a compromise. It adds the justify button after other style options, and moves underline after the existing text position buttons in WordPress 4.7. It doesn’t change the positions of any other button. In terms of the last option, It only adds the justify button to the default visual editor in WordPress 4.7.

After selecting an editor style, save the change, and the plugin does all the rest things. Going back to check the visual editor, you will find the button(s) you want has/have been added to the proper place.

Add Text Underline and Justify Buttons

Option B: Add Text Underline and Justify Buttons with TinyMCE Advanced

Unlike the previous plugin that makes minor changes to the built-in WordPress visual editor only, TinyMCE Advanced provides a thorough solution to customize the entire visual editor, and it even adds new features to make it easier to use. For example, it offers more options for inserting lists, and supports emoticons. This plugin is currently installed on over 2 million sites.

If you want to customize the visual editor completely to meet your own needs, you can install TinyMCE Advanced. And in the case that you are already using this plugin, adding the underline and justify buttons becomes more than easy.

In Settings > TinyMCE Advanced, you can adjust the order of any existing editing options. And in the part of “Unused Buttons”, you will find “Underline” and “Justify”.

Unused Buttons

To add them back to the visual editor, you only need to drag them one by one and then drop them anywhere you want in the toolbar. As soon as you save the change, everything is done.

Add Buttons to Toolbar


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