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How to Add a Terms of Service Agreement in WordPress upon User Registration?

How to Add a Terms of Service Agreement in WordPress upon User Registration?

WordPress allows users to create almost every type of websites, such as blogs and forums. No matter what kind of websites you are going to start or have in action, it is beneficial for you to put forward a terms of service agreement that fulfills related laws and requirements.

In this beginners’ guide, we will firstly brief the definition and significance of terms of service and then carefully describe a method to help you learn how to add a terms of service agreement in WordPress upon users registration.

What Is Terms of Service?

Terms of service, also known as terms of use or abbreviated as ToS, is a range of regulations that users should respect and follow in order to access a website’s services.

Usually constructed by Internet service providers like website owners for legal purpose, these regulations contain an extensive array of issues, such as ownership rights, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc. To simplify the expression, we will use the abbreviated form – ToS in the sections below.

A Terms of Service Agreement

Who Need to Add a Terms of Service Agreement and Why?

From the introduction above, ToS is an essential guarantee for the success of your online presence. Therefore, each provider of online services is suggested add a terms of services page and ask for users’ consent upon their registration for the following benefits.

  • Set a legitimate relationship between users and your website services for relieving your vulnerability to unnecessary problems.
  • Display limitations on the behaviors and expectations of users before they proceed to use your services.
  • Reserve the rights to restrict or even terminate certain users’ accesses to the services that you provide in case that they fail to comply with the ToS.

How to Add a Terms of Service Agreement?

Up to now, there is a good chance that you have shaped a relatively profound understanding about a ToS agreement and its meaning to your website. Then, it is high time to add one by yourself. Since there are numerous powerful plugins available with WordPress, our editors have picked a frequently-used one to help you thoroughly during this process.

What worth mentioning is that you have to make sure that you already have a ToS page in action. If yes, please feel free to proceed to the following detailed steps. If not, we sincerely suggest you to create one manually or with the help of related online tools.

Step 1 – Initialize the Agreeable Plugin

In the very beginning, you need to initialize the plugin that we are going to utilize – Agreeable. Simply download the plugin and activate it. If you are fresh to this process, refer to our detailed guidance on how to install WordPress plugins.

Initialize the Agreeable Plugin

Step 2 – Customize the General Settings

Once finishing the activation operation, go to “Agreeable” > “Settings” on the sidebar of your dashboard and you will see multiple options provided. In the “General Settings” section, you can get started by customizing the error message that will display when a user fails to agree with the ToS. Then, select a page for your ToS from the dropdown menu.

Next, edit the message that your users will see with the ToS checkbox. In the end, enable the option of “Remember agreement for 30 days” to make sure that users do not have to check it at every visiting.

Customize the General Settings

Step 3 – Select a View Method for the ToS

This plugin allows you to grant your users with two ways of viewing the ToS. If you click the “Active” checkbox, your users are able to see it via a popup lightbox. If not, they can click the link on the ToS message and view it in a new tab.

Despite the fact that which view method to choose totally depends on yourself, we recommend the lightbox one. Also, it is a good practice to change the text and background color according to your website requirements.

Select a View Method for the ToS

Step 4 – Choose a Location to Display the ToS

The last section is where to choose a display location for your ToS. This plugin permits you to display it in the following three forms, including the login, registration, and comment.

However, we sincerely suggest you check the box next to the “Registration” form only. By doing so, users need to assume their agreements when they perform the first registration operation and won’t be bothered to check the ToS during every visiting in the future.

Choose a Location to Display the ToS

Step 5 – Save Changes and You Are Done

The last but not the least step is to click the “Update Options” button to enable all your changes. After that, your custom ToS will be presented as below upon user registration.

Display the ToS Upon Registration


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