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How to Add Taxonomy Images in WordPress

How to Add Taxonomy Images in WordPress

For the better management of your posts, you will classify them into different groups on the basis of the similarities. There are some instances when you have the desire to add images to the terms of your taxonomies (categories, tags, and custom taxonomies). If you fall into troubles, you can learn how to get the job done under the guidance of this article.

Naturally, you will give high priority to a clean solution when you associate images with your taxonomies. However, you will get a headache when you mess up your website. Therefore, we stick to the idea that you should take a plugin into consideration especially if you are a beginner because things will be much easier with the help of it.

Add Taxonomy Images in WordPress

In order to achieve the goal, there are three steps you need to take. The first thing is to enable image support for taxonomies with the Taxonomy Images plugin. The next step is to select your images which will be associated with the taxonomies. In the end, you need to showcase taxonomy images in WordPress by editing your child theme. For the better understanding, you can follow our detailed steps.

Step 1: Enable Image Support for Taxonomies

During our test, the Taxonomy Images plugin leaves us a deep impression due to the ease of use. You can either upload the plugin into your WordPress site or directly install it from your WordPress Plugin Directory. Then it is necessary for you to activate it under the Plugins menu.

Upon installation and activation, you should go to the Settings > Taxonomy Images page where you can enable image support for taxonomies and save your changes. In this way, you are able to make your taxonomies have their own image.

Enable Image Support

Step 2: Associate Images with Taxonomies

At this moment, you should land on the Taxonomy page where you want to add an icon for a certain taxonomy. On the result screen of Posts > Categories, you can make your changes to the existing categories. You will be brought into a popup after a click on the plus sign.

Add Icon

When you select an image from your Media Library or upload an image from your local computer, do not forget to click on the “Set featured image” button. If you are not satisfied with the image, you are free to remove it with a click on the minus sign.

Associate Images with Taxonomies

Step 3: Showcase Taxonomy Images in Theme

Here you’d better create a child theme where you will have full freedom to edit code securely. To start with, a connection to your WordPress site needs to be made by an FTP client. At this moment, you need to find your active theme, download the theme files which are used to display taxonomy archives like tag.php, taxonomy.php, and category.php, and then add the below code to them in a text editor. When you upload the changes to your website with the FTP client, the filter will showcase the image for taxonomy on your WordPress site.

Add Code

Note: For the better design, you are advised to set a standard for your image sizes.


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