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How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to WordPress Images

How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to WordPress Images

It’s normal to see a WordPress site with multiple social sharing buttons which allow visitors to share posts to their own accounts on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, have you seen some sites that have added such buttons to images to enable people to share the images they like with one click?

If you have ever wondered why and how to add social sharing buttons to WordPress images, this tutorial should be able to clear your confusion.

When You Need to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Images

By enabling social sharing for images, the social buttons specified by you appear when people hover their mouse over the images in your posts. The viewers, then, can share the images they like to social networks with those buttons. Their followers who click on the images will be led to your original post.

Social Sharing Buttons for Images

There are various reasons for adding social sharing buttons to the images on your WordPress site. Firstly, the sharing itself gives more exposure to your site, which enables you to reach a larger audience on social networks. Besides, as images are more visually appealing than texts and links, you can expect much more traffic when your readers share them.

Making images sharable is worth a try for all WordPress sites, especially when you are in one of the following occasions.

  • If you make infographics and other quality images by yourself, and appreciate your readers’ love for them.
  • If you usually include your post title or some key content in the images used in your posts.
  • If you are working on social networks focusing on images, such as Instagram and Pinterest, and want to draw an audience from those platforms.
  • If you run a WordPress site that depends heavily on images, such as a photography site, a food blog, a travel blog, or a fashion site.

Add Social Sharing Buttons with Profitquery Image Sharer

Profitquery includes 24 marketing tools including an on hover image sharer. As this plugin comes with a tool collection, you may not need some of the tools in it. However, the image sharer included in it indeed provides the easiest way to add social sharing buttons to WordPress images, so you can still have a try. This image sharer is good for beginners and supports multiple social networks.

As soon as you get the plugin installed, you can access it in Settings > Profitquery. To use the tools in it, you will need to sign up on the Profitquery website, so click on the “Sign-In” button to visit the site.

Start with Profitquery

On the Profitquery website, enter your domain name and email to sign in.

Sign In Profitquery

Upon successful sign-in, you will get an API key.

Profitquery API Key

Going back to your WordPress dashboard, you will see a tool list in which Image Sharer has already been available. Now you can click on the configuration icon next to Image Sharer to configure it.

Profitquery Tool List

Customize the social sharing buttons

In the settings of the tool, you first need to select a theme for the social sharing buttons. There are over 10 free themes available, and you can preview them, then select one that is consistent with your site design.

Select Theme

The next step is to customize the design of the buttons. On the configuration page, you need to:

  • Select the social networks to which you will allow your readers to share images. The sharing options in the dropdowns can be kept to the default value if you don’t have a very clear understanding of what they are.
  • Select the icon form, position, space, size, shadow and animation from the pre-defined options. These decide the way the social sharing buttons appear on hover and how they look. There are various choices available, and you can test different options with the live preview on the right side of the screen.

Customize Button Design

Set up the display rules

After completing the design customization, go on to the next step in which you need to customize the display rules. This step is a little bit advanced, but with the proper settings, you can decide on which pages and images the social sharing buttons will appear.

For certain pages that you don’t want the buttons to show up, you can add their URLs to the URL rules and then define the action to “Don’t show”. In this case, your readers will not see the buttons when they hover over any image on the pages.

Display URL Rules

Scrolling the settings down, you will see an option for displaying the sharing buttons on your WordPress site’s homepage. This option is turned on by default, but we’d suggest you disable it in order to keep your homepage clean.

Besides, the plugin gives you the freedom to enable/disable the image sharing on mobile devices. The choice is completely up to you.

Set Up Display on Homepage and Mobile Devices

Below these options, you can also specify the image extensions and image addresses. If you’d like to enable social sharing for a certain group of images only, you can make good use of these settings. If nothing is specified, then social sharing applies to all images by default.

Specify Image Extensions and Addresses

After setting up all those rules, you will get an additional setting with which you are able to define the minimal image width and height. Images in smaller sizes will be bypassed for social sharing. If you want to allow readers to share any image regardless of the size, then leave the setting alone.

Specify Image Width and Height

Once the settings are saved, you are done setting up Image Sharer. As you are redirected back to the tool list automatically, you can now disable the sidebar sharing buttons which are enabled by Profitquery by default if you don’t need the feature. This could be done by clicking on the “x”.

Disable Sidebar Sharing Buttons

Test the social sharing buttons

Now visit your WordPress site and open any post that includes images which are qualified for the display of social sharing buttons. As long as Profitquery is set up properly, the buttons you have selected should appear when you hover over an image. If you don’t like the shadow, button size or button style, come back to your WordPress dashboard to make changes.

Test Social Sharing Buttons on Images

An Advanced Alternative to Profitquery – Frizzly

The Image Sharer offered in Profitquery is easy-to-use for beginners and includes most of the basic features, so it’s our first recommendation for those who want to add social sharing buttons to images in a super easy way. However, if you need more advanced control and customization options, or just don’t like the heavy feature set in Profitquery, you can turn to another plugin – Frizzly.

Frizzly is used only for adding social sharing buttons to your post content and images. It comes with rich features which enable you to:

  • Create your own button sets and use them for different purposes.
  • Create lightbox for your images and display social sharing buttons in lightbox.
  • Control on which images the social sharing buttons will show by using image size constraints or classes.
  • Disable image sharing on some certain pages like the homepage.
  • Create your own themes for social sharing buttons.
  • Add additional CSS and JavaScript settings for advanced customization.

Frizzly supports three social networks only, including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. As long as the plugin is activated, the three buttons are added to all images on your WordPress site by default. Other popular services like LinkedIn and Google+ are not covered.

Social Sharing Buttons with Frizzly

If you want to customize the display of the buttons, you can access the settings by visiting Frizzly > Frizzly > Hover. Under this tab, you are able to change the button position, orientation and theme, and disable image sharing on your homepage.

Customize Button Display

By default, lightbox is disabled. To enable this feature for your images, you have to activate the lightbox module in the plugin settings manually.

Enable Lightbox

In short, Frizzly is a great solution if you want a rich-featured yet clean plugin that adds social sharing buttons to images or any other content on your WordPress site. Those who have already had some CSS knowledge will find this plugin more useful.


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