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How to Add Social Media Icons for Email Signature in Outlook?

How to Add Social Media Icons for Email Signature in Outlook?

Add Social Media IconsThis is a quick tip for readers to easily add social media icons for email signature in Outlook. By including the icons in the signature line, all your addressees can link to your Facebook, Twitter, G+, and other social media accounts, to follow you, learn about your profile, link to your site, view and purchase your products, and many other possibilities. As a result, you can easily increase the followers of social media account and promote your services and products with ease.

Nowadays, many people are struggling on gaining social media followers for promoting WordPress websites. In the following, we just introduce detailed steps of how to add social media icons to outlook email signature so that all outgoing messages can be automatically added your social media account information. By this way, you can effectively promote your account and increase followers by sending emails.


Before starting the process, you should make sure you have installed outlook for email management. Instead of login into all email websites to create or receive emails, you can easily handle emails on the desktop by using outlook. If you haven’t installed it already, just to go this website to get it.

Then, you need to choose the icons you want to use in the signature. You can design them by hand or download free icons by search “social media icons” in Google.

Create Email Signature

At present, let’s guide you how to create a signature. Open Outlook, and click New to open a new message.

open new message

On the message tab, click Signature on the top, and then click Signatures. You will be linked to the Signature and Sationery.

click signature

On the Signature and Sationery window, you can see two tabs as Email Signature and Personal Sationery. Click email Signature and you can see the following settings. Click New button to add a name for the signature and then click OK.

Signature and Sationery

Now, you can design your unique signature in the Edit signature box below. Enter the text you want to include in the signature and format it. In order to add social media icons in the signature, you can click the Picture button on the upper right corner to upload your icons prepared before.

upload icons

Click the icon you uploaded, and then click the Hyperlink, which is on the right of the Picture button. It will pop-up an Address box, where you can just enter the URL for your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. Only note that the URL should correspond to the icon.

add social media account

You can upload other icons and add the corresponding link with the same operations. By this way, you simply add the main social media icons to your signature. At last, click the Ok button to complete.

However, the signature you just created won’t display on the message. Follow the next step to learn how to add a signature to messages.

Add a Signature to Messages

In the next, we guide you how to add the signature to all outgoing messages, or you can choose which messages include it but others not.

Click Signature button on the top bar again, then click signatures, Email Signature. Under the choose default signature list, you can select an email account which you want to add the signature. If you hope to include the signature when you reply or forward messages, you can select the signature in the Replies/forwards. If you don’t, select (none).

set your email account

Now, go to create a new message. After you complete the email content, you can simply click the Signature button, and there is a new option as your signature designed before. Click it to add to your email.

add Signature


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