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How to Add SlideShare in WordPress

How to Add SlideShare in WordPress

At present, we are in the social world where the social network is a kind of mandatory thing. In this case, if you are running a website and do not pin, tweet or post something related to your site on the social platforms, you can hardly succeed. This time, instead of talking about the popular options like Facebook and Twitter, we’d like to tell you something about SlideShare. Here, you can check the following to learn what it is and how to add SlideShare in WordPress.

In fact, SlideShare is a powerful, but yet underutilized social platform. With it, you can create and share some compelling presentations. And then, with simply a few clicks, you can show them on your site and across the Internet easily. Even, your presentation can be shared via various social media and sent through the email. Frankly speaking, if you are looking to explain the complex subjects for your visitors, this social resource can help you a lot.

Add SlideShare in WordPress Manually

Before everything, you need to upload your presentations from desktop to the SlideShare platform. Here, for the proper showcase, you can only use the file formats of PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF and OpenDocument.

The whole uploading process is easy. You only need to follow the below 6 simple steps.

  • Log in to your SlideShare account.
  • Press the Upload button. You can find the button at the top of the whole screen with the orange color.
  • Choose the file you are looking to upload from your desktop.
  • Enter the exact title, category, tag and the description for the SlideShare presentation.
  • Set up the privacy setting if you want.
  • Click the Publish button.

Now, you can make use of the built-in WordPress shortcode offered by this social media for the easy integration. Here, you firstly need to move to the My Uploads section. For this, you should click the menu bar from the right top area.

From the dropdown list, you should hit on the My Uploads button.

My Uploads

Now, you can check all the presentations you have added to your SlideShare account. Here, you simply need to tick the checkbox of your target one from the list. This way, you can check the viewing screen of your presentation, which is exactly the same as what your visitors will see on your site.

WordPress SlideShare

Next, you only need to click the Embed button from the screen to look for the shortcode. Here, you have two options of the shortcode. The first one is for your self-hosted WordPress site and the second one is for the WordPress.com blog. In addition, you have the freedom to customize the display for the size, related content showcase and the starting slide number.

Customize SlideShare Code

Add SlideShare in WordPress Using the WordPress Plugin

In fact, there are a lot of WordPress plugins you can use to add SlideShare to your website directly. Here, we’d like to introduce the SlideShare for WordPress by Yoast plugin. It allows you to embed any of your SlideShare presentations or speaking documents to your WordPress posts with much ease. Here, you simply need to copy and paste the URL of your wanted presentation to achieve the showcase.

But before the pasting, you firstly need to click the Settings > SlideShare button to decide the presentation width in pixels after the plugin installation. The value should be considered based on your overall webpage width.

SlideShare Settings

After that, you can paste the WordPress embed code for your presentation or the presentation URL from the SlideShare account on your website posts or pages.


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