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How to Add a Skype Share Button in WordPress?

How to Add a Skype Share Button in WordPress?

Since August 2003, Skype has gone all the way to becoming one of the most popular communication applications in the world. According to a sketchy estimation, it has maintained over 300 million active users each month at the end of August 2015.

If you are a member of these users, there stands a good chance that you know how to launch a video chat or a voice call with this wonderful application. However, if you are also a site owner or administrator, do you know how to use it to increase the readership and traffic of your site contents?

Similar to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other mainstream social media, Skype has a share button to enable easy and fast information sharing. In the coming sections, we will elaborate a simple method to help you add a Skype share button to your WordPress site.

How to Add a Skype Share Button to Your WordPress Site?

As a matter of fact, there are two solutions that can be used to add a Skype share button to your site, including using a related plugin or rewriting code. Since the latter solution is to some extent time and energy consuming, we will focus on the former one in this article.

From the WordPress plugin directory, we have carefully picked out the Skype Share plugin to help you finish the task all the way. This plugin is easy to integrate both desktop and mobile sites, enabling users to share your contents straight into their Skype grids.

Skype Share Plugin

Generally speaking, this plugin is quite easy to use without any complicated configurations. Scroll down to check for more detailed steps about how to utilize it to add a Skype share button in WordPress.

Step 1 – Install the Skype Share plugin

Before everything, you need to install the Skype Share plugin. If you are not familiar with this process, refer to our beginners’ guide on how to install WordPress plugins.

Install the Skype Share Plugin

Step 2 – Configure the plugin settings

After having installed and activated the plugin, you, in the next, can head over to “Settings” > “Skype share button”. As the following screen capture shows, you are provided with multiple options on the plugin setting page.

Plugin Setting Page

The first thing you should do is tick the checkbox next to the “Enable share button” option. By doing so, the plugin will automatically display the Skype share button for every article that you’ve published on your site.

As for the rest three options, they are offered for customizing your Skype share button. With the purpose of making it clear for you to check, we have made a list as below to explain how these options should be configured.

  • Button style – As the option name suggests, you can decide in which style the Skype share button will be displayed on your site. At present, the plugin offers four style choices, including “Large Share”, “Small Share”, “Circle Icon”, and “Square Icon”.
  • Show share button at – Totally, you can show the Skype share button at three positions, that is, “bottom of article”, “top bottom of article”, “both bottom and top”. Since most readers are apt to share an article after they have finished reading it, we suggest you choose the latter two positions.
  • Share button language – With this option, you can change the language of the Skype share button. Since the plugin is adept at detecting the language that your website is using, we recommend you set it in an “auto” mode for convenience purpose.

Step 3 – Save changes and you are done

Up to now, you are done with all the major operations mentioned above. The last but not the least thing to do is click the “Save Changes” button to store all your settings. Then, you can visit your site to see the Skype share button functioning as below.

Skype Share Button in Action


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