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How to Add Signature to WordPress Posts

How to Add Signature to WordPress Posts

In most cases, the signature is the hand-written or the stylish depiction of your name, your nickname or you business symbol. It is a strong and effective proof of your identity. Generally, webmasters will showcase the signature on their email messages or newsletters. This way, their message recipients and newsletter subscribers can identify them easily after opening and reading a long list of emails.

Now, many webmasters also choose to apply this great showcase to their common blog posts. By doing so, you can achieve the much more personal touches for WordPress site and emphasize the intellectual property of your web contents.

Here, you can check the below contents to learn how to add signature to WordPress posts with ease.

Utilize the WP Post Signature Plugin

The easiest way to add signature to WordPress posts is to use the WP Post Signature plugin. This simple plugin allows you to showcase the signature after each of your articles. Even, you can use the supported variables to display different kinds of signatures.

Finish the User Settings

To use this plugin, you should press the Settings > WP Post Signature button upon the plugin installation. After accessing the settings page of this plugin, you should finish the user settings as listed in the following.

  • Showcase the signature by default or not.
  • Display the signature at the top section or the bottom section of a blog post.
  • Append the signature to the post excerpts or not.
  • Append the signature to the post archives and the category lists or not.
  • Showcase the signature in which content types. The recommended options include Post and Page. If you want, you can also choose the options of Attachment, Revision and Navigation Menu Item.
  • Showcase the signature in which content categories.

WP Post Signature Settings

Now, you can enter your signature in the text area box and click the Save Changes button. Note that you can use the supported variables to customize the signature content for words, links and even dates. Also, the HTML markup is surely allowed so that you can control the signature style as you want.

Enter WP Post Signature

Utilize the SXSS Signature Plugin

As compared with the WP Post Signature plugin, the SXSS Signature plugin ensures the easy process for signature customization. With it, you can add the stylish signature under your posts, feed contents and webpages with much ease. Note that the supported languages for this plugin are English and German only.

To leverage this plugin, you only need to go through the simple setup process. Here, you can click the SXSS Signature button from the admin settings area.

Now, you simply need to tick the corresponding checkboxes to determine the showcase location of the signature. The supported locations include the website homepage, posts, pages and the RSS feed contents.

Signature Location

Enter the Signature Content

Next, you should enter the signature content. One of the great highlights of this plugin is that you can add the signature just like editing the blog post. Here, you can use the text editor and the visual editor as you want.

To be frank, this feature gives you enough freedom for signature styling. You can easily decide the font family, size, color and many more. Even, you can design your signature on the PS tool and upload the signature image by clicking the Add Media button.

Design Signature


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