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How to Add "Select and Tweet" Feature to WordPress

How to Add “Select and Tweet” Feature to WordPress

Social media marketing has always been important for any WordPress site that wants a success. To attract traffic from social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you can share your posts to those platforms regularly, or add sharing buttons that allow your visitors to share links to their accounts.

The options for integrating WordPress sites with Twitter are especially rich. You are able to add tweet buttons to your site, set up auto tweets for new posts, embed any tweet in your website content, etc.

With the popular tweet buttons, your users can share your post links to their accounts if they find your content is helpful, which helps promote your website. However, such links are not attractive enough because they don’t explain well what is included in them. Luckily, there is a simple solution for making the tweets more appealing – to use the “select and tweet” feature that allows your users to share quotes besides a link.

Why to Add the Feature to Your WordPress Site

Not all users who tweet your posts only want to share a link. Some of them may be fascinated by some words or sentences in a post and would like to share them with their followers. In this case, the “select and tweet” feature comes into use.

With this feature, your visitors can select and highlight any text in your posts, and then share them while reading your content. This makes it convenient and easy to quote any words in their new tweets.

Select and Tweet

Generally speaking, the “select and tweet” feature comes with the following benefits.

  • It enables you, the site admin, to schedule multiple tweets for a single post by using different texts.
  • Your users can personalize their tweets when sharing your posts.
  • Tweets shared with meaningful texts enable viewers to know more about the content, which brings more chances for re-tweets and website traffic.

Add “Select and Tweet” Feature to WordPress with a Plugin

If you like the feature introduced above, you can add it to your WordPress site easily with the use of a plugin named Highlight and Share. This plugin is designed for one dedicated goal – to allow users to highlight text and share it to Twitter, while it also comes with options for sharing the entire post to Facebook and several other social media. Besides, it works well on mobile devices.

Highlight and Share

To bring the plugin into use, the first step is to install it on your WordPress site and get it activated. If you need any help regarding this step, read our well-tailored plugin installation tutorial.

Configure the basic settings of the plugin

Upon activation, the Highlight and Share plugin starts working immediately without any additional configuration. However, we still suggest you check through its settings to make sure the features that have been enabled by default are exactly what you want.

You can find Highlight and Share under the Settings menu in WordPress admin area. On the settings page, you will see that the “select and tweet” feature is already enabled for both post content and excerpts. If you don’t want to include excerpts, simply uncheck the corresponding option.

Select and Tweet Content Settings

Another default configuration of the plugin is that both Twitter and Facebook options are displayed when any text is selected and highlighted. Still, the Facebook option can be disabled if you don’t want to allow Facebook sharing.

For the Twitter sharing option, you’d better type your Twitter username in the blank field. This helps much in increasing followers. Remember not to include the sign “@”.

Twitter Settings

After saving the changes, you can test the plugin by visiting your WordPress site and selecting any text you like. If the plugin has been set up properly, you will see the sharing buttons as long as any text is highlighted upon selection.

Sharing Buttons

Clicking on the tweet button, you should get a popup in which you can sign into your Twitter account and tweet the quote as well as the post’s permalink.

Tweet Content

Of course, clicking on the Facebook sharing button will generate a popup in which you can share the post’s permalink to your Facebook account. However, the selected text doesn’t appear unless you copy it to the new update manually. The Facebook API doesn’t allow sharing selected text.

Share Content to Facebook

Enable post sharing for LinkedIn, Pinterest and email

In addition to Twitter and Facebook, the Highlight and Share plugin also supports to share posts to LinkedIn, Pinterest, and email. By enabling any of these options, the corresponding icon will appear when text is highlighted. Note that for all these options, you can only share the post link instead of any selected text.

Share Posts to LinkedIn, Pinterest and Email

When you use two or more of the available sharing options, it is suggested to show small icons to make your website design look clean. To enable small icons, you have to install another plugin named Better Font Awesome.

Display Icons

In addition, you can enable short URLs in Highlight and Share so that your post links look good in tweets. In order to make the feature function well, the plugin suggests that Jetpack should be installed.

Enable Short URLs


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